How to Tell If Your Swimsuit Is Too Small

How to Tell If Your Swimsuit Is Too Small

Much of what makes “bikini season” such a stressor for women is centered in a fear based on old precepts. Women everywhere are not confined to a single style of suit and, as such, aren’t limited to barely there swimwear.


At Hermoza, we have made it our mission to help women everywhere redefine their expectations of the swim and resort wear industry, of style and sophistication, of femininity, and truly, what it means to love the skin they are in.


The issue of coverage motivated us to establish Hermoza as we were searching for dignified, age-appropriate styles for ourselves that didn’t force us to sacrifice the perfect fit for trends. We believe in a woman’s right to be a discerning, responsible, well-informed consumer. She should never settle, and her priorities should be considered by the companies who serve her needs.


We set out to establish distinctive collections that meet women where there are and fulfill expectations they have for swim and resort wear. Our Movement, Shape, Sculpt, and Protection collections all offer specific features to support women in being comfortable and confident in living their best lives ever.


To find swimwear that is well-suited for you, consider the following:

  1. Your style: Swim and resort wear is not simply for lounging poolside. Slow fashion enables women to make conscious investments in quality, well-constructed pieces that integrate well into an established wardrobe. Your swimsuit should be practical and functional, but beyond the beach, it should become a dependable item in ensembles that spotlight your beauty and innovation.
  2. Your shape: Swimwear should be flattering and feminine. A woman’s shape is distinctive and powerful and should be well-supported by high-quality materials. Consider which of the suits in our collections are ideal for your body type. Select a suit that refines your silhouette and allows you to radiate whether you need a swimsuit for athletic body types, curves, a long torso, broad shoulders or anything in between.
  3. Your needs: Each of our suits are ideal for women with specific intentions, events, occasions, or activities in mind. Your swimsuit should make the day accessible for you. Whether you are playing all day with the kiddos, participating in a competition, or attending a swanky poolside soiree at the club, Hermoza has elegant and sophisticated options that enable you to radiate in swim and resort wear that offers appropriate and comfortable coverage and protection that can also feel comfortable.


Our lives are complicated and there is much to consider when making decisions about how to best express your take on summer fashion. For advice on how to secure the best fit in a swimsuit take a peek at:


Additionally, your wardrobe is an extension of the identity and reputation you wish to convey. It’s a performative process where you make choices based on the information you receive from the world around you. Beyond measurement, here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if your selected swimwear is suitable for you.



If your suit is too snug or tight, you will find yourself repositioning it constantlythroughout the day. A skimpy swimsuit might be enticing after a long winter season, but it is a matter of maintaining sophisticated values. Your swimwear should be well-suited to offering you coverage not for the sake of hiding your figure, but for enhancing it. Your suit should be stylish but shouldn’t reveal more skin than is appropriate for showcasing your inherent grace and beauty. Your swimsuit should lay comfortably on top of your skin without shifting with movement and activity. Before your try on or select another suit, find your perfect swimsuit size by measuring effectively. Regardless of whether you choose a one-piece or a two-piece, you should know your bust, waist, hip, and torso measurements.


Liberation & Resistance

If your suit is too small, you will feel limited in your abilities. An ill-fitting swimsuit requires us to sacrifice experiences for trends. You might find yourself wearing a style or design that you have seen flooding social media or the beach and want to jump on the style train along with everyone else. The issue with this concession is that not every trend is ideal for every body type or for every woman. Style changes on a whim, but timeless elegance never goes out of fashion. Select a suit that offers appropriate coverage so you protect your skin from harmful environmental and social factors beyond your control. Resist the urge to wear an unappealing suit that does little to highlight your best features. Select a style that effortlessly polishes your natural figure in a dignified manner.


The Future is Female

If your suit is too small, you take unnecessary risks that compromise your reputation and your ability to motivate others. Your swimsuit should be well-constructed, well-suited, and practical. Our Hermoza is charming and beautiful. She is graceful and inspiring. As a woman, society and the media set standards that are often unfair or unrealistic. If we, as women, are to establish legacies, create solutions, and leave the world in better shape than we found it, we need to embody the best versions of ourselves. Making a statement never requires wearing revealing clothing. If our senses of fashion send messages of intention, your best bet is to select a swimsuit that is flattering and feminine and functional. Typically, we select swimwear that enables us to feel confident. Consider if your choice meets you where you are or pushes you into a space that is meeting the needs and expectations of others who might not have your best interests at heart. Your strength is amplified in your clarity and resilience. Be brave enough to reconsider if your sense of self is determined by others who reduce or simplify your allure. Select a wardrobe that honors the beliefs and values that elevate your status and class to be the woman you are meant to be.


Celebrate the Skin You Are In

If your suit is too small, you find yourself worrying more about the approval and acceptance of others. There is a reason why being underdressed has always haunted us. There are social expectations and etiquette that are healthy and positive -- standards that help you create an identity that can be trusted and of which you can be proud. Your self-esteem is your responsibility. If you are wearing clothes that are ill-fitting and don't fit perfectly, you are doing little to improve the quality of comfort and confidence you exude. As such, you will seek affirmation from others which is never worth your time or effort. If you live a dignified life, your presence and example are everything you need to gain the respect and attention from people in your life who matter. Be stylish. Be driven. Be focused. That is our Hermoza.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany  

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