Fish-Proof Swimsuits

Fish-Proof Swimsuits

A Fit That Flatters

The first time Tiffany and I traveled together, was back in 2009 to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida. Once I arrived at the beach house, I immediately knew why it held such a special place in Tiffany’s heart. The serene blue sky, crystal clear blue water, white beachy sand – it was all out of a book. The serenity and peace you felt there is unforgettable. For us, it was a break from the stress of the normal life back in San Diego. A bit of an escape from reality where it really gets to be just us focusing on relaxing and renewing our spirits. We don’t get that all the time. The beach holds a lot of special moments and memories for both of us in our lives. From catching crawdads at night, to fishing in the lake, my first trip with Tiffany was filled with many southern joys – it was all about what truly matters to both of us -- good times and family!


One evening, I was so excited to go out to the sand bank – you can swim out rather far and then out of nowhere, there is a little area you can stand on, lay out on sometimes, and catch a breath. Some of Tiffany’s children and I went out, and while we were swimming to the bank, we encountered a large school of small fish. They were EVERYWHERE! We had to swim through them to get to the sand bank and so they completely surrounded us!


When we got home later, I went in the shower and took off my swimsuit and some of the fishes were stuck in my swimsuit and came out in the shower! It was SOOO gross! I came out and told Tiffany and she died laughing! We knew I should never wear that swimsuit again… it was tight in some places but saggy where I needed the most coverage. Needless to say, and as Tiffany put it so well, our swimsuits WILL BE fish-proof!


The last time I was at the beach, I was overly conscious about my swimsuit because it had no real support and I was fearful I wouldn’t be able to be too active. I’m rather petite but also busty. So, when it comes to chest support, my back width is small but my chest is large. And so, my swimsuits ALWAYS fit funny. If I order a small, companies assume you’re small everywhere. Out of not wanting to spill out of my swimsuit I always size up so my chest won’t be popping out. And that’s how the fishes got in!


Hermoza swimwear ensures your coverage will be complete and well-suited to your body type. Let us help you find the swimwear that is perfect for you.


To accentuate or enhance your curves or for women with long torsos, consider any of our belted swimsuits. Our one-piece Genevieve in the Sword Lilly print is ideal for its open-back halter that showcases your upper torso and elongates your waistline. Along with complementary full bottom coverage, the Genevieve is perfect for making you feel comfortable in your own skin. Part of our Movement Collection, the Genevieve is soft and breathable, yet fitted and flattering, allowing you to feel free while being active.


To showcase a long, lean frame, try the Charlotte one-piece in our playful Stella Maris print. With a higher cut on the leg that accentuates lines leading to a flattering halter and a classy open upper-back, this suit is designed to smooth heavier midsections. Part of our Shape Collection that smooths and supports without limitation.


To celebrate your shape, consider our Gayle one-piece, available in red or black. With a flattering tie at the mid-back and ruching, this suit minimizes heavier midsections, offers complete, supportive coverage, and polishes the appearance of fuller backsides. Part of our compressive Sculpt Collection that contours without being restrictive.


For bodies with an athletic build, try our Tiffany two-piece tankini swimsuit in navy. A shapely, graceful boat neck offers a flirty highlight to broad shoulders while high-waisted vintage inspired bottoms with a knotted belt suggest a feminine hourglass shape. Part of our Movement Collection, this suit is fully lined and offers protection to keep you doing all the things you love. Looking for more sun exposure on the skin, our Caroline two-piece tankini is a great option. It's simple tank style is a form fitting top paired with high-waisted tankini bottom smooths out your curves and helps protect your skin. This material is from our Shape Collection and feels amazing on the skin.


To highlight a fit body, consider our Johanna one-piece. This suit has a fun, asymmetrical neckline that creates a sophisticated silhouette for the body you have worked hard to maintain and strengthen. Available in our gorgeous Domus Aurea print or a stunning yellow, you are sure to stand out. Part of our Shape Collection that offers moderate support and polish without restraint.


Looking for a body suit you can just throw jeans over, try the Marisa. It's thick straps also offer great support and it's soft fabric and sleek design will leave you looking flawless. It's versatility is amazing and you will look so chic. You deserve to have it all! Stylish swimwear and luxurious comfort, well-suited for women (and wallets). 


So, what do you think, Hermoza? Do we have you covered? We strive to ensure we are well-suited for every woman, so share with us your thoughts and concerns as you prepare to be beach-ready this season.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany

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