Collection: Ruffle Swimsuits

Ruffle Swimsuits

Sensible swimwear for women and girls

All of our ruffle swimsuits are fully lined, hand washable, and supportive, making them practical and durable for any beach outing, pool party, or vacation getaway. Whether it’s you splashing around in the pool or your little one chasing waves you both will look amazing in ruffles!

Feminine fun for girls of all ages

Whether you are looking for something a little more modest that covers more of your body or want something more playful like our off-the-shoulder pieces, ruffles are definitely the answer! Ruffles aren’t just fun, they also add a particularly delicate and ladylike touch.

We took a few pages from vintage Vogue

There is a reason trends tend to pull from fashions of the past, they are steadfast in style and grace. From modest one-piece swimsuits that were inspired by the iconic designs of 1930’s Hollywood to the bold silhouettes and textured elements of the 1960s this swimwear is what dreams are made of.