Collection: Long Torso

Long Torso

Swimsuits designed for long torsos offer a tailored fit that accommodates the unique proportions of those with elongated midsections, ensuring both comfort and confidence by the water. These swimsuits feature extended torso lengths and strategic design elements such as higher-cut leg openings and adjustable straps to provide optimal coverage and support. With a focus on proportion and balance, designers offer a range of styles from classic one-pieces to chic tankinis, allowing individuals to express their personal style while enjoying a flattering fit. The incorporation of stretchy, supportive fabrics ensures flexibility and ease of movement, allowing wearers to feel comfortable and unrestricted as they soak up the sun. Whether lounging poolside or diving into the waves, swimwear for long torsos offers a stylish and functional solution for those seeking a perfectly proportioned silhouette for their aquatic adventures.