If you've been thinking that a strapless swimsuit might be too bold for your body, we're here to ask you to think again — we pour hours into designing the perfect swimsuits to fit, flatter, and dazzle every beautiful body type, and that includes our strapless swimsuit designs.

A timeless standout, the strapless swimsuit is a style with a lot of fashion herstory. We've taken the design and added our own Hermoza twist for the modern woman, because we think bathing suits can be as comfortable and functional as they are luxurious. What an idea, right? A bathing suit that's as multifaceted as you are.

Flattering and Fashion Forward

Choosing a strapless bathing suit one-piece or a bandeau-style strapless swimsuit top is the perfect addition to your summer wear.  Our Hermoza strapless bathing suit tops allow you to acquire a beautiful glow on your upper body without forming tan lines across your back. This means that while you’re enjoying your summer in a white strapless bathing suit from one of our 3 fabric collections, you won’t need to worry about tan lines on your shoulders. With a Hermoza strapless swim top, you never have to worry about accidental slips or mishaps keeping you from being active and having fun, as the built-in shapewear will provide the support you deserve. 

You have the freedom you need to move and play in your suit, but keep in mind that a strapless swimsuit made from fine, luxurious Italian fabrics is also a great look for lounging around and soaking in the sun. If you’re looking for an elegant black strapless bathing suit that offers ample coverage, we've definitely got the suit for you. You have your choice of different cuts, styles, and accents that all offer amazing flexibility while complimenting every figure.

We know that style and comfort are the pillars of a truly great strapless swimsuit. So whether you’re looking for a black strapless swimsuit or bandeau top, you know that we’ve labored to create an immaculate strapless swimsuit.

Our swimsuits take into consideration the varied diversity between women’s bodies and the different lifestyles that each woman leads. Other companies simply use the same fabric between their different lines, hoping that the cut and color will serve as enough variety. But we think you deserve a swimsuit that goes above and beyond, just like you do — we make sure that we use different fabrics in each of our suits that are strong, durable, flexible, and of course comfortable. This way, you're free to simply choose the fit, support, and style that’s best for you.

Strapless Swimsuit Buying Guide

When first choosing the right strapless swimsuit, you want to make sure you’re getting one whose style matches and reflects your winning personality. Hermoza offers a variety of cuts, styles, and fabrics to make sure you have the perfect swimsuit.

Bold and Powerful

Are you looking for a suit that shows the world your fun and fashion-forward sensibilities? We feel like just because modest swimwear gives you the coverage you need, that doesn't mean it has to be boring or overdone. The Hermoza team creates original concepts for prints and designs so that you can rock a patterned suit that shows off your unique brand of beauty.

Suits with bright color-blocking or with striking patterns aren't for the faint of heart, and we know that's you, Hermoza. Let the world know that you're here to command attention with a bold and powerful style of strapless swimsuit.

Classic Chic

A monochrome strapless bathing suit is a timeless staple in the world of swimwear. While solid whites and blacks are classic chic choices, they aren’t the only option to provide feminine appeal and class.

Look into colorful details for a playful twist, or opt for a vintage inspired pattern: have a look at our gingham novelty fabrics that never go out of style. 

Throw on a wide brim hat, and you’re ready for a southern summer.

Ruffles and Frills

Dainty and darling, ruffles and frills will automatically put you into a vacation mindset. 

Absolutely fab ruffles that cascade along sleek, elegant lines create a Latin feel. A standard monotone strapless swimsuit can be significantly enhanced with a gentle frill or jazzy ruffle. 

A flirty ruffle, coupled with a sleek silhouette, will turn any beach into paradise.

History of Strapless Swimsuit

While the strapless swimsuit comes from time immemorial, with Greek and Roman frescos showcasing bandeau tops, it’s easy to recall a period where women’s swimwear was highly regulated. This period of heavily covered swimwear continued through the turn of the 20th century. That is, until women threw off the restraints of skirts and long sleeves, adopting more revealing (yet still modest) swimming suits that actually allowed the wearer to swim. 

The trend continued, with each generation adopting bathing suits that would highlight their frames while still enabling them to feel confident and comfortable. 

By the end of the 1930s, strapless sweetheart necklines started gaining popularity. Women began accepting their bodies, and this ball gown neckline eventually made its way over the bathing suit. Style and fashion increased its hold over swimwear as women became bolder. 

This style was adopted by famous celebrities such as the hilarious red-head, Lucille Ball, who had the ability to look delightful, even when stuffing bonbons in her mouth.

In the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe, renowned for her parts in Some Like it Hot, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, was frequently photographed in a strapless swimsuit. She can be seen sporting an all-white strapless two-piece with contrasting buttons, as well as a ruched one-piece swimsuit with a sweetheart neckline.

The strapless swimsuit has continued to evolve over the decades, solidifying its place in swimsuit history.