Loving and Protecting the Skin You Are In

Loving and Protecting the Skin You Are In

Loving and Protecting the Skin You Are In

With the weather warming up, many of us are stampeding out of doors to breathe the fresh air of Springtime. But in our zeal, many of us forget that skincare is not only a summertime priority. Most of us will flock to stores to find products with the highest SPF ratings on their packages, skincare and skin protection has always been an investment worth taking. As a consumer, being conscious matters as much now as it ever has due to the increasing risks and dangers posed by environmental factors beyond our control. What is within our power is to be more selective of the products and companies we utilize to protect ourselves and our families.


Studies and consensus suggest that skin protection requires multiple solutions to be effective at saving your skin from the sun. Many of us strive to reduce our risk of sunburn, but skincare and protection also includes minimizing impact from UV rays that produce wrinkles, pigmentation, and irritated, uneven skin texture.


Because our Hermozas mean the world to us, consider the following when choosing to bask in all the glory Mother Nature has in store for you. Take charge this vacation season to be proactive at preventing harmful skin conditions or increasing your risk of skin cancers.

  1. All day, every day: Appropriate and consistent skin protection should be a part of your daily skincare routine. To reflect the sun’s rays, physicians, dermatologists, and specialists suggest utilizing a mineral-based topical sunscreen that includes either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Chemical-based sunscreens absorb UV rays become quickly saturated, causing you to have to reapply, especially when active, sweating, or wet. Additionally, SPF is available in many moisturizers, foundations, primers, and setting sprays.
  2. UPF – SPF’s BFF: Lotions, creams, and oils with SPF ratings on the packaging have traditionally been our primary go-to for skin protection, but UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is another tool in your arsenal for ensuring your time outdoors is enjoyable and memorable. While SPF measures the amount of time your skin can be exposed to sun before being adversely affected, UPF indicates the amount of radiation exposure that will reach your skin through the fabric.
  3. Best fit for your bod: Appropriate swimwear should not be straining or stretched to fit your form. Make certain the fabric rests on your body without restriction or irritation to ensure the UPF maintains its protective qualities and strength. For more info on appropriate fit, see our previous feature, “How Should A One-Piece Swimsuit Fit?”
  4. Be responsible, always: Your skin should be as covered as possible while maintaining comfort and, of course, fashion. No one wants to pack for the resort planning to wear a track suit and a bucket hat. But be sensible. A skimpy two-piece might be a jaunty, youthful throwback, but is it worth putting your health in jeopardy? Elevated chances of skin cancer and damage can come as a result of poorly applied sunscreens. More fabric coverage equals reduced risk. It’s that simple. Hermoza offers an extensive line of age-appropriate, on-trend, heirloom-quality swimsuits and resort wear that never require you to sacrifice sensibility for style or vice versa. You can, and should, have both. Protect yourself and feel confident and chic while doing it.


Hermoza’s swim and resort wear is well-crafted around the belief that women should always feel comfortable and confident in the skin they are in and in the outfit they’ve chosen to express themselves. Being a conscious and discerning consumer starts with your ability to be logical, rational, and practical. This seems way more serious than fashion ever needs to be, but shopping has become more involved. When investing in your wardrobes, the pieces you select should enhance your inherent beauty, should be responsibly sourced, and should offer you options for living your best life, whatever that might look like.


To make your decisions easier, Hermoza has constructed exclusive swimwear available through its direct-to-consumer shopping experience. We selected fabrics that offer the most impressive, eco-friendly sun protection available in the textiles industry. The swimsuits from our Protect Collection are fully lined and offer full coverage that brings you the UV protection your skin deserves.


Our gorgeous Cristina one-piece in navy blue or our graphic Flos Carmeli print is this vacation season’s must-have. As part of our Shape and Protect Collections, the Cristina’s versatility is staggering. While it is designed to offer a slightly compressive fit that smooths your figure, its full coverage keeps your skin protected. With an elevated UPF of 50+, most of the UV rays you experience will barely penetrate its fabric. Its durability as performance swimwear is exceptionally chic and practical. To additionally support you in protect your stunning skin, the Cristina’s fabric is sunscreen oil and lotion resistant, enabling you to double up on your efforts to stay safe and elegant, simultaneously. As a bonus, the Cristina and many of our other suits (including our sensational Eleanor) are constructed from post-consumer recycled and regenerated nylon. How’s that? You get to protect yourself AND the environment? Winning.


For our Hermozas who desire options, our Shape and Protect Collections include the Caroline two-piece swimsuit. Also available in navy blue and our Flos Carmeli print, the Caroline’s sophisticated silhouette is reminiscent of the Cristina while enabling you the chance to change your mind on the prints or colors of your separates. The Caroline presents the same benefits as the Cristina and Eleanor while being distinctive in its own right. The Caroline bottoms are high-waisted with a regular cut on the leg, giving them a vintage-inspired feel that is very much on trend. The open back style of the top enables you to feel well-supported while ensuring nothing gets in the way of proper sunscreen application.


When all is said and done, your skin, body, and health deserve your greatest investment and attention. Your spirit and energy are a gift to those around you and your beauty should be celebrated, never hidden or in harm’s way. Additionally, taking the best care of yourself ensures you can be of greater service to others. Hermoza is here to enable you to make conscious, informed choices that last forever.

To make sure your gorgeous skin lasts just as long, stay informed and aware with the latest information on sunburn safety and protection from this detailed guide.

What do you think, Hermozas? Do you have any tips, tricks, or hacks to keeping your skin safe and protected? Let us know in the comments section below.


[For more on Hermoza’s commitment to sustainable and conscious design, see our blog feature, “Hermoza Offers up Ecofriendly Realness.”]


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 



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