How Should a One-piece Swimsuit Fit?

How Should a One-piece Swimsuit Fit?

How Should a One-piece Swimsuit Fit?

The one-piece swimsuit has made a resurgence in the past few years as a style that’s equally alluring to the more commonplace two-piece. This is due to more brands delivering beautiful designs using high-quality materials with a focus on both femininity and functionality.


That’s one of the many reasons why we design our swimwear with elegant, stretchable fabrics that define and enhance a woman’s natural shape. There shouldn’t be any tugging or adjusting when wearing any swimsuit, only secured comfort. It’s important to get the fit right above all else!

So, how should a one-piece swimsuit fit? It should be comfortable, flatter your figure, and give any woman wearing it the utmost in confidence. The ideal fit results in a sleek silhouette while encouraging freedom of movement. Hermoza understands that different styles will flatter and shape different figures. That’s why we’ve created suits to flatter every body type including swimsuits for broad shoulders, fuller busts, and voluptuous curves. Consider factors such as craftsmanship, coverage options, design, and colors to find your best swimsuit fit. Choose what works well for your body type and adheres to your personal fashion sense. After all, what fun is wearing a swimsuit if there’s not fashion involved?

Craftsmanship for Your Comfort

A one-piece swimsuit doesn’t embody a one-size-fits-all situation. Our swimwear provides full coverage and breathable comfort with a feminine appeal. The fabrics are soft and stretchable. Don’t settle for a bathing suit that doesn’t allow you to move freely or is uncomfortable to wear. A baggy suit presents an unflattering shape and a too-tight swimsuit isn’t worth the wear.

Just how tight should a one-piece swimsuit be? It should feel snug but not skin tight so it’ll stay put whether you’re in the pool, playing on the beach, or walking around the resort. By using luxurious fabrics and creating accessible styles, our swimsuits are comfortable to wear on any occasion. They’re also lightweight and resistant to shrinkage.


With Hermoza swimwear, you don’t have to choose between comfort and style; you get both. It’s because we believe the craftsmanship of the swimsuit matters. There’s a noticeable difference with a suit that’s made with low-quality material or isn’t built for lasting wear. The fabric is flimsy and the colors easily fade. Invest in a well-constructed swimsuit to last you longer than only one season.

Our swimsuits are crafted to uphold the texture and vibrancy of color throughout the years. We found fabrics that ensure a smooth, soft fit. The Sensitive®SCULPT line of fabrics embrace a woman’s natural shape and provide maximum support and wearability. Whereas the VITA fabric by Carvico® has a high elasticity to help enhance various body types without being restrictive or uncomfortable. Comfort is key and doesn’t have to be compromised.

By starting with high-end materials, it sets a good foundation for swimsuits that fit the needs of today’s modern woman. We also elevate the craftsmanship of our swimwear by introducing a mix of vivid colors, classic cuts, and interesting details that make standard pieces stand out in a new way. Adding in details like full lining, removable molding cups, and an attached shelf bra to each of our swimsuits help women prioritize support and provide them with coverage that makes them feel comfortable. Our swimwear is meant for water aerobics and activities of all kinds: swimming, paddleboarding, and snorkeling to name a few. A Hermoza swimsuit moves with you and stays in place wherever the day may lead. 

Straps to Fit All Styles

Straps can change the aesthetic of a one-piece bathing suit when thoughtful details are applied. They also provide a functional benefit when loosened and tightened to secure a better fit, a detail especially important for active women. Well-designed straps prevent pinching, spillage, or accidental exposure that often comes with poorly constructed suits. 

With the use of high-quality materials, thinner straps still provide plenty of coverage and support for one-piece swimsuits. There are multiple variations available with this traditional strap, such as the Gayle, the Joyce, and the Cecilia one-piece swimsuits. For a thicker option, the Rebecca One-Piece Swimsuit delivers a flirty vibe with straps that are slightly off the shoulder for a fun, yet modest feel. Combined with a distinctive, geometric print and a partial back cutout, it offers the shape and appeal of a standard one-piece swimsuit but with a modern twist.  


The Anna is also designed with a thicker strap option and incorporates a keyhole detailing and a colorful, leaf-print option, Domus Aurea, to up the trend factor. Then, for even more variety, the Johanna offers a one-shoulder strap option. It’s an elegant take on a basic tank swimsuit that still provides full coverage. It’s great on its own or paired with a sarong and sandals for a full beachwear, day-to-evening outfit.


One-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, halter, strapless - who knew how it easy it was to switch a look with simply a strap? Fortunately, we have several choices when it comes to women’s swimwear straps. Everything from thinner, tank straps to one-shoulder options to strapless one-piece suits. Part of the fun with fashion swimwear is it doesn’t have to always be the same from season to season or for every occasion. It can evolve without losing the lasting appeal a one-piece swimsuit offers. We think options are key when it comes to swimwear design so our suits are accessible for everyone. Pick a swimsuit style that fits your personality.

Colors Ranging from Classic to Bold

Once you find a swimsuit that feels good and has the right strap support, it’s time to play around with the design. We offer a spectrum of bold colors, bright patterns, and simple sophistication with black and white solids. When you find a fit you love, the design options seem like a bonus.


Colors such as black, white, and navy will always be in fashion. They are staples that never get old and are reinvented from season to season. These color choices are also flattering on all body types. They are available for many of our suits because we know they equal effortless refinement. However, if you want to mix things up but still stick with a solid color, choose from our vivid red or a sunny yellow based on what makes you feel your best.


Additionally, as a colorful alternative, the Cristina in Flos Carmeli is a wonderful choice for those who want to explore new patterns. It’s a statement swimwear piece maintains its trendiness due to the use of primary colors. Plus, the cross-back detail offers support for full coverage. Another polished, standout selection is the Genevieve in Sword Lilly. The halter and hip ties add to the uniqueness of the design without compromising shape. The color makes it a stunner for a one-piece swimsuit that fits just right.

How Should a One-Piece Swimsuit Fit Different Body Types?

Dressing for body type is another factor in choosing the most flattering fit. For example, an apple-shaped body type is often rounder in the stomach and hip area with smaller legs and upper body. The key here is to minimize the midsection by concealing it with a design detail like ruching or drawing attention away from the area by introducing a bright color or pattern. The Gayle Swimsuit is a fantastic option for this body type. As part of the Sculpt Collection, it’s designed to smooth areas with gathered fabric to create a slimming illusion and provide ample coverage. The back-tie detail also makes it a favorite piece to transition wear from day to night. 

For a pear-shaped body type, the first focus may be to secure full coverage for the bottom. The beauty with Hermoza swimsuits is that all one-piece styles offer full chest and bottom coverage. There’s never a concern over suits that won’t stay in place. The Joyce One-Piece Swimsuit is a popular swimsuit for pear-shaped women because it provides added coverage while exuding a stylish, timeless appeal. Additionally, the ruching and black and white color options make this a core piece to any swimsuit collection. 

Both the Gayle and the Joyce are part of the Sculpt Collection, which was designed for women who want to refine their figure. The chic cuts and clean lines create the sleek appearance every woman wants regardless of body type. As the name suggests, the suits help to “sculpt” the body and complement its natural shape. Rather than being restricted by curves, one-piece swimsuits in this collection embrace finding the perfect fit to accommodate all body types.

Confidence Suits Everyone

Quality and comfort go hand-in-hand when deciding what kind of swimsuit you want to add to your collection. Make sure it’s an optimal fit by considering the craftsmanship quality and your preferred coverage, design, and color. We’ve created flattering swimsuits that are meant to make all women feel comfortable in their own skin. From the swimsuit straps to the silhouettes they create, the one thing that never goes out of style is confidence.

Our suits are designed to be form-fitting and flattering for anyone who wears them. We want women to feel like they can move, dance, and play when wearing one of our swimsuits because of the coverage it provides and the comfort of the fit. The beauty is in the details. In the end, how should a one-piece swimsuit fit? We say, like it was made especially for you. 

Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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