Hermoza Offers Up Ecofriendly Realness

Hermoza Offers Up Ecofriendly Realness

Hermoza Offers Up Ecofriendly Realness


Hermoza was created on the premise that our company would create change by offering conscious alternatives. The swim and resort wear industry largely ignored the needs and expectations of more discerning consumers and we knew we could fill that niche. When we started investigating what it would take to establish a brand centered around ethical practices, we knew we would have to elevate our game. We knew that fabric selection was going to be a significant decision, but once we realized what was available, we knew our fabrics had to reflect our goals as a swim and resort wear brand and a new member of the slow fashion movement.


One of the visions we have had of our customer has always been of an enthusiastic woman who is bold and beautiful. She not only sees the world around her but is willing and capable of making it better and brighter. She has a clear vision and a strong voice, and she has always been at the forefront of making waves and creating her own opportunities. She doesn’t wait for things to happen for her – she is at the helm, as captain of her own ship. The highlight in our fabric selection is ideal for our bold Hermoza. A woman who is this inspiring deserves only the finest quality fabric on the market. Women everywhere are already talking about the luxurious feel of our decadent, lined swimsuits and here’s why:


Our imported Italian fabric featured in our Shape Collection is the best in the post-consumer and industrial waste recycled textiles business. It is top tier fabric that is worth the investment. Its impressive comfort and durability is one of the few fabrics of its kind capable of offering a functional, flattering, and fashionable fit. It’s a quick-drying fabric that absorbs moisture, ensuring freshness, and protection, and lets skin breathe comfortably. It is versatile, elegant, soft, compressive, and twice as resistant to chlorine, oils, creams than other swimwear fabrics. Its shape recovery power is second to none as it remains unaltered even after intense use.


This all comes as a fortunate surprise as the innovative and advanced technology used to create regenerated, remade, and reimagined yarns is one of the first in a series of steps to reclaim marine waste, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic from landfills. That distinctive process is repeated until all waste from production is recovered, regenerated, and transformed to rejoin Step #1 in the process of making the fabrics for our heirloom-quality swimsuits.


For our vanguard Hermoza, sustainable fashion options are a must have for every season. Being socially and globally conscious is more than a choice, but a way of life for women who understand that the power and confidence they exude bears impact and influence on the world around them. We as the founders of Hermoza have always known our inherent power in this industry. Our Spring line of swimsuits is accommodating, but selective to reduce the impact of production. We are a direct-to-consumer brand, reducing the waste created by shipping through a second-party company. As described above, many of the fabrics in our collections are made from post-recycled consumer and industry waste. As part of this more present fashion space, Hermoza is committed to becoming better informed of the ethical practices possible for our new line of swim and resort wear.


Thank you for trusting us to provide you with heirloom-quality pieces that last longer, thereby reducing the impact each of us have on the environment. Isn’t that a gorgeous thought, Hermoza? Your suit might be made of something that potentially could have been harming the oceans and beaches where you feel the most at home. Talk about a full-circle moment! Tell us how you are a more conscious consumer in the comments section below or connect with us on social media with the hashtags #hermozaslowfashion, #heirloomquality, and #wellsuited.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany



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