What is a Shelf Bra in a Swimsuit?

What is a Shelf Bra in a Swimsuit?

Summer is upon us, which means swimsuit season is here! Of course, you don’t have to wait until summer to shop for swimwear tops; any time is a good time to try something new. Once you find a style and color you like, the next thing you probably check for are special features or details in products. Many women's swimsuits boast a “shelf bra” which sounds, well, supportive - and it is. But what is a shelf bra in a swimsuit exactly?


As you may guess, a shelf bra is basically a built-in bra woven into the fabric of the swimsuit products. It provides additional bust support for your tops and creates a more slimming silhouette. This is especially alluring for women with curvier figures who want fuller coverage on the top without it looking bulky. This is especially desired by women with large busts who are also are looking for added support. The benefit of a shelf bra is it keeps you feeling confident whether you’re pool lounging, participating in beach activities, or would like to gift it to a friend. 


A shelf bra detail is often complemented by removable moldable bra cups to use when necessary. These swimsuit details help to shape a woman's body while still providing long-lasting comfort. That way you can stay and play for as long as you want and not feel restricted by what items you wear. You will never want to cover up your swimsuit with tank tops. Other brands may add underwire or excessive padding which can be uncomfortable and unflattering in women's swimsuit tops. There’s no need to suffer for bra support when it comes to swimsuits. You have options, such as shelf bras, that give you the coverage and shape you want.


What Else to Consider for Swimsuit Support?

An built-in shelf bra and moldable cups are great details to look for in a woman's swimsuit. Shelf bras are built seamlessly into a swimsuit product design rather than drawing attention to functional item details and taking away from the fashionable aesthetic. Other features like shoulder straps on the tops and fabric quality make a difference as well. When considering what style suits you best in terms of bust support, consider the following:


  • Thicker shoulder straps may make you feel more secure, but if the fit is right, any bra strap should stay in place and help with support regardless of width.
  • Select a swimsuit size that is snug to the body but isn’t too tight. It shouldn’t feel constricting or limiting when worn.
  • Check the quality of the fabric of the swimsuit. Cheaper priced swimsuits often have flimsier (and possibly not fully-lined) fabric tops which can leave you feeling less secure about the fit. 
  • Also, an elastic band should not be flimsy or too tight and dig into your stomach, arms, or breasts. 


    The construction of a swimsuit makes a big difference. A well-crafted swimsuit product item starts with a design that provides tasteful coverage while still being stylish and sophisticated. The use of breathable, stretchable fabrics move with the curves of your body rather than restricting them. This helps you to feel less “strapped in” and simply secure in a comfortable way. The added support that a built-in shelf bra provides also allows for comfortable movement all day long. Hermoza’s luxurious line of fabrics enhance, support, and define the natural body shape and encourages freedom of movement.


    To test the dependability of the built-in shelf bra on any swimsuit, move around in it. While you may be spending most of your time lounging by the pool, there are going to be busy beach days and other out-of-the-water activities where you’ll want to feel fully secure when you wear your swimsuit. Fortunately, there are multiple styles in various prints, colors, and sizes, all of which provide excellent support through a built-in shelf bra swimsuit for an elegant, modern look.


    Swimsuit Styles Flattering for Curvier Figures

    You’ll be stylish in any one of our one-piece swimsuit styles, all of which are made with soft, smoothing fabrics that feel good on the skin. However, different body types require specific details to maintain full coverage without sacrificing style. Women with curvier figures appreciate the flattering addition of a built-in shelf bra because it creates a look that shapes and scuplts the body.


    There are several one-piece swimsuits that are specifically crafted and well-suited for a fuller figure. The Cristina is a classic selection with a cross-back detail, in addition to the built-inshelf bra swimsuit and removable moldable cups, to offer extra bust support. The silky soft fabric combined with an alluring print is a go-to selection to shape curvier body types. Check this product off the list for your perfect summer beach vacation. 


    The Sarah One-Piece Swimsuit also sculpts and enhances the body’s natural curves to feel confident as you go from beach to boardwalk or pool to patio. The black piping high details draw the eyes in and up to create a stunning silhouette. Like all other Hermoza swimsuits, it is fully lined with full chest and bottom coverage and the built-in shelf bra offers extra support. Its timeless appeal will last from season to season and always stay in style.


    Another popular choice from the Shape Collection is the Joan One-Piece Swimsuit that comes with an optional halter top strap as a bonus detail. Classic colors like black and blue exude sophistication and the fun, multi-color leaf prints add a tropical appeal that makes it feel like a vacation whenever you’re wearing it. It puts a fresh spin on a swimsuit staple and is appealing to all body types including curvier shapes.


    What is a shelf bra in swimsuits? It’s one of those “secret” features that isn’t apparent from the outside. It adds to the overall appeal of a suit because of how it helps to sculpt the body and provide support at the same time. Functional or full coverage doesn’t have to mean frumpy. Why compromise and get only part of what you’re looking for when you can have style, function, and a fresh look all with one swimsuit? So now when others ask you "what is a shelf bra?" you can explain with your new Hermoza swimsuit with a built-in shelf bra. Shop our modest swimwear today!


    Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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    Please do a deeper V neck with a full coverage bottom! No gimmicks or criss-crossed straps or odd colorations – just a flattering neck, simple colors and a covered bottom!


    I wear an 36 H underwire bra. I also have narrow shoulders. I have resorted to suits with built in underwire bras. Do yo think yours will support? BTW I am 64 years young.

    Deb Witham

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