how to rock a one piece swimsuit

5 Tips on How to Rock a One-Piece Swimsuit

One piece swimsuit are back and better than ever or maybe they were never really gone to begin with? For years, the bikini has taken the spotlight as the must-have suit, but one-piece swimwear has really stepped up its fashion game and is a staple for any beach vacation or poolside event. Now, more than ever, there is a consistent array of beautiful options, which means women don’t have to compromise comfort for style or vice-versa.


What used to be thought of as the more simple style of the swimsuit has evolved into different cuts, colors, and prints that each deliver a distinctive appeal. There are ways to change the look of a one-piece swimsuit with straps, waist-ties, vibrant hues, and other embellishments and details. Despite the trendy options, the one-piece always carries a timeless appeal. Go for the fit and style ideally suited for you.


You deserve a swimsuit that’s sophisticated and stylish, classic and comfortable. Want to know how to rock a one-piece swimsuit? We have a few tips on what to consider to feel your absolute best.


Opt for a Timeless Style

Timeless doesn’t mean outdated or dull. A timeless style means it can transcend any trend, most of which never last more than a few seasons. You can incorporate tasteful coverage without the frump by choosing a one-piece swimsuit that creates a striking silhouette. Rich colors and one-of-a-kind prints are also key if you want swimsuit longevity.


Swimsuits from the Protect Collection mix all-day comfort with effortless style. The fabrics are resistant to chemicals and fading from the sun to maintain “like-new” hues. Favorite one-piece swimsuits from this collection include the:


  • Charlotte in the color, Guadalupe Sunrise, for a look that’s feminine and modern
  • Rebecca in the line’s signature Stella Maris print, which makes it unique and memorable
  • Joan in classic black to embody a sleek and polished sophistication at its finest


This swimwear collection is focused on clean lines and luxury materials, which are designed to preserve the swimsuit itself, as well as the skin of the person wearing it. The advanced, recycled fabrics are soft, durable and provide UPF 50+ sun protection, a “trend” that’s always in. Each style is fully lined with full chest and bottom coverage to complement the curves of the body and create a fashionable look that will hold up over time.


A timeless style is universally flattering. Fresh, fun, and feminine is the way to go for a swimsuit that can be worn anywhere at any time. Go for a classic cut that you can feel comfortable in season after season.


Find the Right Fit for Your Body Type

Personal style is one thing, but finding the perfect fit with a one-piece swimsuit can be a whole other challenge. It doesn’t have to be a headache, though, if you select a swimsuit designed for your body type. It will you help you choose the one that’s the most favorable to your figure. The Shape Collection is ideal for accentuating curves and is accessible for all shapes.


Apple Body Type

A curvier, Apple body type usually calls for fuller coverage on the hips and bottom. The Cecilia One-Piece Swimsuit is ideal for this shape because of how the fabric smooths and slims in a comfortable way. This trendy swimsuit moves with the body and embraces a fuller shape rather than constricts it. The beautiful, back-tie detail offers an extra feminine flair with flawless coverage.


Apple body types and hour-glass figures often require more support on the top, which is when an attached shelf bra is important. Having the extra security built into the suit creates a seamless look and helps to shape the body. All the fully-lined one-piece styles include this feature to embrace flatter a woman’s natural curves.


Triangle or Pear Body Type

A Triangle or Pear body type is characterized by slimmer arms and shoulders with more weight distributed to the bottom half of the body. To highlight a delicate collarbone area and provide ample coverage for the hips and bottom at the same time, the Joan is the go-to one-piece swimsuit for pear-shaped figures. It can be worn as a halter or strapless for a versatile look that’s appropriate for any pool or beach-friendly activities.


The Charlotte is also an optimal option for a Triangle body shape with a halter tie to reveal an open back. This gives the one-piece swimsuit a feminine appeal but still plenty of coverage. The gorgeous prints and colors make a stylish statement that’s both modern and elegant.


Rectangular Body Type

Athletic body types are commonly defined as rectangular shapes and require a swimsuit with fabrics that are stretchable and breathable. Styles from the Movement Collection are suitable for women who require less support but still want an appropriate look that will carry them through the day. The durable stretch and comfort of the one-piece swimsuits in this collection are perfect to accommodate any activity in or out of the water.


The Marisa is a highly popular style for active women. The boy cut on the legs provides more complete coverage to help boost confidence no matter what kind of activities are planned. No one wants to be slowed down by a swimsuit that doesn’t provide the comfort and security to move freely. This one-piece swimsuit is vibrant and beautiful and will make you feel the same when wearing it. Every swimwear collection embraces all body types but there’s likely one more specifically suited for you.


Choose Fabrics That Sculpt

The craftsmanship of any clothing makes a difference. It’s no different when it comes to swimwear. It’s easier to know how to rock a one-piece swimsuit when you don’t skimp on good quality. Nothing calls for a wardrobe malfunction more than flimsy material. When the quality isn’t there, you can tell with every wear. The fabric fades, becomes easily snagged, and doesn’t have the same kind of appeal as a more luxurious line of fabrics.


You want a fabric that has stretch, durability, and is easy to wear, which is what the Sensitive®SCULPT line of fabrics offer. They enhance the body’s natural shape and empower you to move freely without restraint. The addition of the advanced technology found in the VITA fabric by Carvico® is another level of comfort that works well for active styles. It wicks away sweat and keeps the fabric soft against the skin.


Say good-bye to fabrics that suffocate you and aren’t conducive to all-day wear. Choose fabrics that are both functional and fashionable. Starting with swimsuits crafted with high-end fabrics builds a strong foundation. Then, you can focus on alluring details like ruching, which helps to shape the body, found on the Gayle or Joyce one-piece swimsuits. Or, the piping details of the Sarah which draws the eyes in and enhances the silhouette. Style and shape factor into how a swimsuit will look, but it’s the fabric that matters when considering how it feels.


Accessorize Without Going Overboard


Speaking of details, one way to amp up the look of a one-piece swimsuit is to accessorize. This can be found in the design features of the swimsuit itself or by adding your own chosen pieces. Details like a single-shoulder hoop strap, found on the Johanna, can be considered an accessory all its own. It’s a twist on a classic tank suit and elevates it to a more glamorous level. Then again, the colorful, Stella Maris print on the Rebecca or the red and pink block colors of the Clare may mean you don’t need any extras at all.


To accessorize your look, opt for delicate pieces like a gold hoop earrings or multi-layered bangles. These staples pair well with any style or color of swimsuit. Add your favorite pair of resort-ready sandals and sunglasses and you have a complete look that’s still minimalistic. It’s fun to play with a variety of different looks by swapping out accessories and seeing what works best for each swimsuit. Show off your personal style by adding a few extras here and there in a sophisticated way.


Let Your Confidence Shine Through

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to rockin’ what you wear, confidence is what matters most. That comes with finding a swimsuit that’s flattering to the body and is timeless enough for any occasion. Consider multiple swimsuits to find the one that makes you happy. Is a classy black or white one-piece what you’re after or do you want colors that pop with personality? Both perhaps?


It’s the versatility of a swimsuit that’s a must-have. There are times when you’ll be active in the water all day and want something that can easily transition to shopping or stopping for lunch. Then, there are the more relaxed outings when all you need is a towel and sunscreen to spend a relaxing day in the sun. Whatever the occasion, there’s a one-piece swimsuit that’s made to match.


When you have a swimsuit that delivers timeless style, tasteful coverage, and feel-good fabrics, it’s easy to rock any look. Be selective when it comes to choosing your next one-piece swimsuit. Once you have the one that leaves you feeling empowered, take a look in the mirror, and don’t be afraid to admit just how good you look. Shop our modest swimwear today to find your perfect fit!


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