Quick Guide: How Tight Should a One-Piece Swimsuit Be?

Quick Guide: How Tight Should a One-Piece Swimsuit Be?

Summer officially marks swimsuit season but finding the right swimwear may be a necessity year-round. There’s always a beach vacation, spa day, or pool party right around the corner. Regardless of reason or season, we can all agree on one thing: swimsuits should be comfortable. Nothing is worse than a suit that sags because it’s too loose or one that pinches because it’s too tight. Like most things, it’s best to find a happy middle ground.


To ensure your swimsuit fits just right, consider at least these three things: fabric quality, sizing that flatters, and how confident you feel while wearing it. Does it move with you or does it feel restricting? After wearing it, does the swimsuit leave marks or indentions in the skin? If so, it’s likely tighter than necessary or it might not be the best style for your body type. Another possibility is that the material shrunk or has limited elasticity, which is common when the fabric is less quality.


When on the hunt for your new, favorite swimsuit, is one of your questions: how tight should a one-piece swimsuit be? We believe you’ll know you’ve found the right fit when it genuinely feels good. Our quick guide can help you narrow down your choices so that you can buy a swimsuit with the perfect fit for you.


Start with Quality Fabrics

First, start with a good foundation when swimsuit shopping. The fit of a suit is determined by how it’s made. Brands that take pride in the quality of their fabrics and materials will deliver on maximum comfort. Opting for a cheaper choice usually means flimsy fabrics that don’t hold up for more than a couple of seasons. They can irritate and scratch the skin and shrink over time. Invest in an elegant, classic swimsuit made of durable, breathable, and comfortable materials that sculpt and shape the body.


Shape Collection 

With the Sensitive SCULPT® line of fabrics, you can feel secure engaging in all beach- and pool-friendly activities without worrying if your swimsuit will slip or dig into your skin. The fabrics have the elasticity and support to provide freedom of movement wherever the day takes you. The Shape Collection is made of abrasion- and snag-resistant imported Italian fabrics that are durable, comfortable, and feel oh-so-good against the skin. One-piece swimsuit styles from this line include:

  • The Joan
  • The Charlotte
  • The Rebecca
  • The Josie


Sculpt Collection 

The stretchable, sustainable fabrics in the Sculpt Collection offer a level of comfort many swimsuits on the market simply don't have. Any style from either of these two collections keeps the look both timeless and on-trend with gorgeous prints and colors available. Styles from this swimwear line include:

  • The Gayle
  • The Joyce
  • The Sarah
  • The Adriana


Movement Collection 

Alternatively, as the name suggestions, the Movement Collection is designed for women on-the-move who want a suit that works with them throughout a day full of outdoor activity. These swimsuits are made from a durable, four-way stretch fabric that absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the skin. It’s stylish, soft, and full of stretch, which is accommodating for any beach or pool excursion you have planned. There are several one-piece swimsuits in this collection including:


Protect Collection 

Last but not least, the Protect Collection is uniquely made up of advanced, recycled fabrics that result in a swimsuit that is smooth, soft, and offers a UPF 50+ sun protection. The strong material is resistant to chlorine and holds its own against other elements that normally cause damage to swimsuits. You don’t have to choose between practical and fashionable, this collection has it all. Choose from:

  • The Cristina
  • The Eleanor
  • The Caroline Tankini Top and Bottom 


When you start with a well-crafted swimsuit made of quality, high-end fabrics, everything else like distinctive prints and eye-catching colors seems like a bonus. Select a swimsuit that can easily move with you and embodies a sense of modern elegance and unbeatable style.

Focus on a Flattering Fit

Second, after you find a swimsuit made with quality fabrics, focus on the fit that flatters your body type. Swimsuits are not one-size-fits-all and different cuts are specifically designed for certain shapes. Fortunately, the one-piece swimsuit is as versatile as a mix-and-match bikini. Choosing the ideal one depends on which areas you want to highlight and which you’d like to minimize.


With certain styles, you can customize the fit to your body with adjustable straps or other built-in features like an attached shelf bra and removable moldable bra cups. A curvier shape benefits from this kind of full chest, as well as complete bottom, coverage. Combined with a low back like on the Anna, the result is a fresh look and beautiful silhouette. Added hoop accents on the shoulder are a modern twist on a classic style of swimsuit.


A Pear body shape looks beautiful with a halter strap to draw the eyes up to the neckline. The Eleanor one-shoulder, one-piece swimsuit shows off an elegant collarbone and shoulders and slims other areas. For a more rectangular body shape, a design like the Gaby One-Piece Swimsuit is a flirty style that subtly exposes a beautiful neckline and partially-open back to keep the look simple yet stunning.


A swimsuit should flow with your natural curves and be able to hold up to the activities of the day whether that’s in the pool, lying on the beach, or participating in activities in or out of the water. It should also be fully lined with a well-crafted cut without sacrificing shape regardless of body type. Overall, you want a swimsuit that feels like a second skin and provides you freedom of movement.


Find a fit that enhances the silhouette in an effortless way. The fabric shouldn’t dig into your skin or leave marks because it’s too tight. It’s possible to get everything you want out of one swimsuit when you have a good base to start with and know what will flatter your body type best.


Feel Confident and Carefree

Once you find a swimsuit that’s made with quality fabric and has a favorable fit, comfort, and confidence comes down to your individual style. Put simply, what kind of swimwear is going to make you feel good? It’s likely not one that makes you feel restricted. No need to tug at strings that cut tightly into the skin or a swimsuit bottom that doesn’t stay in place. You’ll find what you need among any of the (Sculpt, Shape, Movement, Protect) collections.


Additionally, a swimsuit reflects your personality like any other fashion choice. Every season, there’s a broad spectrum between classic swimsuit staples meant for all body types and off-the-charts trends that only a select few can pull off. With this range, there’s plenty of room for styles that are timeless but not dated and fashionable without trying too hard. Straps, no straps, solids, prints, whatever you like, you can find a polished swimsuit look that will have you looking your best.


Lastly, consider how well the swimsuit moves with you and if you feel secure in it for all-day wear. If you want to narrow down your choices to only one, think about where you'll wear your swimsuit most. Will you constantly be in the water or engaging in outdoor activities? A swimsuit style from the Movement Collection may be the choice for you. Or, is the plan mostly poolside lounging and suntanning on the beach? There are several fabrics and designs to choose from to best fit your main needs.


Trends come and go but effortless style is long-lasting. Luxurious fabrics that are breathable are ideal for any occasion and a classy cut and perfect fit is the look and feel you’ll want year after year.


Secure Your Go-To Swimsuit

One of the last factors to consider when swimsuit shopping is sizing. Follow the sizing chart available to best match your measurements. Fortunately, due to the quality of our one-piece swimsuits, the fabrics won’t shrink over time. It will stay true to the size you initially select. Again, swimsuits aren’t meant to be loose or baggy but skintight is not a look that’s good for most. Find a comfortable in-between.


There are swimsuits that go unworn every season because they no longer fit, feel dated, or they simply aren’t considered a go-to anymore. Once you narrow down your choices and find the swimsuit styles (yes, we think you’ll find more than one) that you like best, stick with what works. Like a favorite pair of jeans or a signature jacket, you’ll want multiples of the same or similar to add to your collection. That way you’ll always be ready for when the occasion calls for swimwear.


The next time the question comes up of how tight should a one-piece swimsuit be, think about if the one you have is still comfortably suited for you. It may be time to upgrade to one that’s more flattering and freeing in the way it moves. Focus on securing a swimsuit that’s well-crafted, designed for your body type, and makes you feel confident. Then, you’ll never worry again about if it’s too loose or too tight. You’ll have a suit that fits just right. Shop our modest swimwear today to find your perfect fit!


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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