Ecofriendly What Now? How’s That?

Ecofriendly What Now? How’s That?

Our swimwear, accessories, and resort wear offer consumers durability, dependability, and consistency while remaining on trend and compelling. Through social media, we are on a mission to bring you exclusive, diverse content that is informed and encouraging so you can see we are more than just a swimsuit company – we are a lifestyle brand.


Hermoza has established a presence. She is the best friend you can count on to be relatable, motivating, and fun. She is the first person you call when you have an issue or need a solution. You can rely on Hermoza to help you develop mindfulness that serves your best interests. When we created this company, we knew we had to develop products that met the expectations of more discerning women – and here you are! Being on this journey with you means we are constantly learning and growing in our consciousness of who you are and how you live. This means our line will always be well-constructed, meticulously designed, and consciously sourced so you can feel relaxed in a company that is well-suited to meet your needs. This is more than swimwear and fashion for us; we want to make your life easier by helping you elevate your expectations.


We know every Hermoza desires to be confident, sophisticated, and refined. We want lives of purpose and meaning. We want to leave legacies that honor our families and our values. To do that, Hermoza knows we must endeavor to make lasting change on this planet. Our efforts to be socially and ecologically conscious must be more than carefully curated content designed to appease our followers and customers. We believe in our ability to change the perception of swim and resort wear, and at the same time, we aim to help our consumers make responsible choices that bring them peace of mind.


Aren’t We Ready For Options? 

For our Hermozas who desire to live in a world that leaves a legacy, we would like to introduce you to our Protect Collection that includes suits made from post-consumer recycled materials. We selected VITA by Carvico, an econylon that has been regenerated, remade, and reimagined rescued waste. Fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic from landfills and the Mediterranean Sea. It is first purified, then crafted into yarn, then used in textiles until is cannot be rejoined in the beginning stages of the process and is no longer useful.


When researching viable production options that reduced our company’s carbon footprint, Carvico’s involvement with the Healthy Seas Project helped us realize the issue of waste in the fashion industry was much larger than we had imagined. We learned there are things called “ghost nets” that have been abandoned or discarded in the ocean and are no longer being used for fishing but are still catching fish and marine life despite a lack of human involvement. 


And So, Our Mission Was Born

As a company, we knew we had to do better. Our brand was founded on the premise that women are more discerning and are ready for a change that is conscious and empowered. The transformation process for our outrageously delicate sustainable techno fabric saves 70,000 barrels of crude oil, avoids 57,000 tons of CO2 emissions, and reduces its impact on global warming by 80%. Those are numbers we were willing to bank on. In consideration of our mission of offering heirloom-quality swim and resort wear, Hermoza believed in the power, versatility, and durability of recovered and regenerated post-consumer materials. That’s why three of our most favorite pieces come in a series of styles perfect for more discerning women.


Affordable, Ecofriendly Swimsuits That Enhance Your Timeless Elegance

Take our Cristina, for example: this girl is arguably THE. BEST. SUIT. OF. THE. SUMMER. A traditional silhouette that offers full chest and bottom coverage, the Cristina could easily be the only suit you pack, EVER. Part of our Shape and Protect Collections, this swimsuit offers the most comprehensive smoothing effect for a flattering fit. Made from the transformative VITA by Carvico, the Cristina revives our faith in the belief that being conscious doesn’t suggest we must sacrifice our commitment to effortless elegance. Available in decadent navy blue or our exclusive graphic Flos Carmeli floral print.


For a more striking style, consider our Eleanor one-piece swimsuit. Evocative of our Cristina, this flirty, asymmetrical neckline and single strap detail is enough to make you feel like a complete goddess. Offered with the same stylish construction of the Cristina, the Eleanor is everything you ever wanted and everything you never knew you needed. It’s bold and vibrant, just like our Hermozas. The Eleanor’s use of post-consumer recycled fabrics to enhance a woman’s inherent beauty is legendary. Honestly. Flattering and empowering with a boy cut on the leg and full chest and bottom coverage, this swimsuit is the piece in your wardrobe that could easily “launch a thousand ships.” Available in our Shape and Protect Collections, the Eleanor comes in our Flos Carmeli graphic floral print and


And for even more of an option for our ever-conscious ladies, we have the Caroline two-piece tankini swimsuit. Perfect for the active Hermoza, the Caroline is a two-piece we’ve been dying to create. Distinctive in its ability to provide full coverage and refinement without restriction, these separates are ideal for the Hermoza who likes to change her mind and to stylize her vacation options. The shoulder embellishment that is present in the Cristina, the Eleanor, and the Caroline is subtle, yet sophisticated. Available from our Shape and Protect Collections, the Caroline separates come in navy blue or our Flos Carmeli graphic floral print.


So, what do you think, Hermoza?

Is it possible that being ecologically conscious is more than a passing statement we make to people asking for our signatures outside grocery stores? Isn’t it time we start prioritizing ourselves and invest in products, content, and companies that enhance our lifestyles and our common sense? Hermoza strives to help you make your body and the skin you are in something worth believing in again.


Let us know what recent life-changing choices you’ve made to inspire others to be more aware and more responsible. Join the discussion in the comments section below or with us on social media.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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