Breaking Down the Best One-Piece Swimsuit by Body Type

Breaking Down the Best One-Piece Swimsuit by Body Type

The Best One-piece Swimsuits By Body Type 


Finding the perfect swimsuit can be fun, especially when there are options designed with women’s different body types in mind. We offer four collections of swimwear that are flattering for all body types: Sculpt, Shape, Movement, and Protect. All of our suits provide clean lines that accentuate all figures. They are created to make women feel confident and comfortable, whether you have a body shape that is Apple, Pear, Hourglass, or a shape that is uniquely your own.

Everything from the luxurious fabric we use to our eye for detail ensures you’ll find “the one.” It’s not about fitting into a suit but finding a suit that’s a true fit for you. We’ve highlighted a few of our best one-piece swimsuits by body type to help you narrow down the choices on what to wear this swimsuit season, whether you’re looking to highlight your curves in a bathing suit made for hourglass figures, or you’re a brand new mom looking to show off your glow in a postpartum bathing suit.

Best Swimsuits for Apple Body Type

The Apple body type is characterized by being slightly wider around the waistline than the bust or legs. Regardless of body type, it’s not uncommon for women to look for suit that camouflages the stomach and hip areas and creates a more slimming look. Sounds pretty great, right? Design details like bold patterns and ruching help to draw attention away from the mid-section in two of our playful, but polished styles.

The Clare is an ideal choice for a woman who doesn’t shy away from bright colors. The red and fuschia, two-tone design draws attention to the one-of-a-kind look. It’s a swimsuit that exudes retro chic and is perfect for showcasing true body confidence.


Another optimal option for Apple body types is the Gayle thanks to the flattering ruching detail. The gathered fabric helps to draw attention away from the stomach and elongate the torso. Additionally, the bow in the back can be adjusted for fit and can easily cover any side or mid-section areas as well. It’s a timeless piece that transcends seasonal trends whether you go for classic black or vibrant red. The comfort and accessibility of this suit will make it a swimwear staple for years to come!

Best Swimsuits for Pear Body Type

Women who are a little curvier on the bottom, who wish to draw the eyes up, love the shoulder strap options available in our different collections. The Johanna is part of the Movement Collection. These flattering and feminine swimsuits for pear-shaped figures have a sporty edge with styles that can take you from the pool to a walk along the boardwalk, and then onto a day of shopping.


The Johanna, specifically, is ideal for a Pear shape body due to the combination of full coverage around the hips and bottom and the elegant one-shoulder suit design. The cut draws attention to the upper body where women can feel confident showing off their shoulders. No need to constantly adjust the straps or suit or feel self-conscious about too much skin exposure. The suit is made to move in!

Alternatively, the Joan One-Piece Swimsuit is a form-fitting, go-to option as well, providing ample coverage and streamlined appeal. As always, black is slimming and chic for any body type and is a great color choice for this suit. When wearing the Joan, women can choose to go strapless or use the thinner straps to create an effortless halter look. Either way, it allows for bare shoulders and complements a Pear body shape rather than hiding it!

Best Swimsuits for Hourglass Body Type

Women who have a fuller bust often want coverage to make them feel secure as they move in their swimwear. Thicker straps and a built-in bra shelf are two suit details that give an extra boost of support while maintaining an hourglass body shape. Both the Marisa and the Charlotte are distinctive styles that create smooth coverage and modern sophistication. These one-piece suits are part of the Shape Collection, which provide a compressed fit that draws attention to curves in a flattering way. They are comfortable and classy, feminine and form-fitting.


Consider also the Rebecca. The subtle scoop of the Rebecca neckline is an eye-catching detail that differentiates it from your standard, one-piece swimsuit. The attached shelf bra is a functional detail for hourglass figures, while the back cutout lends a flirty edge to the design. The Charlotte is available in the same Stella Maris design as the Rebecca, which is stunning on its own. The exposed back of this suit with the high neck and tie straps creates a feminine fit. This look allows women to accentuate their figure and support a natural, hourglass shape.

Best Swimsuits for Different Body Types

The versatility of our swimwear is meant to embrace all body types and focus on femininity! When searching for the best one-piece swimsuits by body type, women want a bathing suit that brings attention to their best qualities. We’re searching for a suit that’s modern and classy, but also has enough coverage. Because of this, we’re purposeful with each suit we create. The design details matter as much to us as the quality of fabric used for all of our swimwear. No matter what body type you identify with most, there is a swimsuit style that will perfectly fit you and make you feel beautiful! Shop our one piece swimsuit online today!


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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I am interested in your swimsuits. I like the thought that has gone into them and the explanation of the various body types. I like swimming but am having a hard time finding a good swimsuit. I was wondering if you make a suit with a shelf bra that a prosthesis could slip into for those of us who have had a mastectomy?

Judy Smith

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