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Postpartum Bathing Suits

Made for new Moms.

How to Choose a Post-Baby Swimsuit 

Becoming a mom is one of life’s greatest adventures, but finding a fabulous mom swimsuit can be one of its biggest challenges.

Not only can pregnancy and childbirth influence your figure, but factors like breastfeeding or an energetic toddler mean that you need a post-baby bathing suit that is not only flattering but also functional.

Hermoza’s collection of postpartum bathing suits combines stylish designs with extra support so you feel comfortable and confident enough to relax and enjoy playtime with your baby on the beach or at the pool!

Tips for Buying a Post-Pregnancy Bathing Suit

With a newborn on your hands, you may not have a lot of time to update your summer wardrobe, but choosing a post-baby bathing suit will be a breeze if you focus on just two important questions: 

  1. Is it flattering? Just because it’s a mom swimsuit doesn’t mean it has to look frumpy! With subtle shapewear, a contoured cut, and clever details like ruching and layering, the right design can downplay the areas of your figure you are self-conscious about and instead make you feel your stylish best.
  2. Is it practical? Your post-baby swimsuit should meet all your needs as a new mom. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll want a suit that allows for easy access and extra support. Moms of active babies and toddlers should opt for a style that stays put no matter how much you splash in the water. Keep in mind, a sore C-section scar can be irritated by bathing suits you have to pull over your head. 

Post-Baby Swimsuits: Flattering Styles 

New moms come in all shapes and sizes.  Choosing a style and cut that compliments your figure makes slipping back into a swimsuit after baby arrives just a little easier. Here are the most flattering types of postpartum bathing suits


With a forgiving cut on top that skims the midsection to downplay a postpartum belly or stretch marks and a high-waisted bottom for extra tummy support, tankinis make an excellent option for many new moms.  Tankinis offer the comfort of a bikini with the slimming coverage of a one-piece. If you’re breastfeeding, choose a tankini with a built-in bra for extra support. Bold prints are also a fun and flattering choice for your new-mom body.  

Ruched One Piece 

Ruching is one of the best design tricks for bathing suits after baby comes. The gathered fabric not only camouflages a post-baby tummy but also works to accentuate your waistline and create an hourglass figure. Choose ruching that stretches across the width of your suit or a design with a ruched central panel in a contrasting color.

Belted One Piece

You may think that a belted swimsuit would draw attention to your midsection. However, a pretty side-tie sash actually distracts from the tummy area and creates the illusion of a contoured silhouette, making it one of the best bathing suits for mom belly. Solid colors are timeless, but pairing a bold print above the belt or sash with a black or neutral bottom gives the slimming illusion an extra boost.

Zippered One Piece

A zippered one piece is the perfect solution for a breastfeeding mom who wants to balance full coverage with easy access. With its sporty scuba style and high zippered neckline, this style elongates your figure and draws the eye up and away from the midsection. 

The Best Bathing Suits for Moms with Stretch Marks 

The new mom’s badge of honor—stretch marks—can also be one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to choosing a post-baby swimsuit. This is especially true because the affected area should always be protected from the sun. With that in mind, here are the best bathing suit choices if you have postpartum stretch marks.

  • Stretch marks on the bust: Choose a high neckline to protect this delicate area. Classic tank styles with a high-cut scoop neck, boatneck cuts, or zippered one pieces work well.
  • Belly stretch marks: The most common spot for stretch marks, the tummy, should be covered postpartum to protect the skin. Choose a one-piece suit or tankini with a high-waisted bottom to avoid accidentally exposing your midsection.
  • Stretch marks on the hips and thighs: A skirted suit is an ideal solution for keeping lower stretch marks out of the direct sun. Opt for a tankini with a skirt bottom in a bright print to keep it trendy.

How to Feel Confident in a Post-Baby Swimsuit

Choose a bathing suit that minimizes that postpartum belly, stretch marks, or other mom-bod quirks, so you can forget about feeling self-conscious and instead focus on your family this summer. Try a number of different styles, from a versatile tankini to a feminine belted one piece, to find what makes you look and feel your best. 

Finding the Right Style of Post-Baby Bathing Suit

At Hermoza, we know that happy, confident moms make for happy, confident babies. Shop our selection of flattering postpartum bathing suits today to find designs that compliment your figure and personal style for stress-free fun in the sun.