A Guide to How to Buy a Swimsuit Online

A Guide to How to Buy a Swimsuit Online

A Guide to How to Buy a Swimsuit Online

Learning how to buy a swimsuit online that helps you have the time of your life shouldn’t be excruciating. It’s easier than you might think to find your perfect swimsuit online.  Learn more!


I Have a Dream: Sizing

We’ve all had those mortifying moments where what works for the mannequin, model, or photo just has us shaking our heads. The absolute win of dignified coverage is that your modest swimwear will give you a flattering fit that is fashionable and just what you need to dance and jive. Read through our fit guide to consider your shape, your size, your level of activity, and above all, STYLE. What works for what’s on trend is not necessarily what is suitable for you. Select a super cute piece that’s got you wearing confidence as a statement accessory.


Lay All Your Love on Me: Read Feedback

I trust our Hermozas to give it to us straight. The women who wear our line are bold, innovative, adventurous, chic, and honest. Some of our most recent design adjustments came from their willingness to tell us how they felt about our brand, our swimwear, and our fabric. Nothing else gives us greater pride than to get to know these women, how they live, and above all, what they need. Take a look at all your options until you find something that just takes your breath away. Cycle through all the colors, patterns, and styling opportunities our fit and brand models have to show you. Then, scroll through the description of what makes each bathing suit fabulous until you see comments from all our Hermozas who told us all about how Hermoza has changed the way they see swim and resort wear. We think you’ll be happy to take their word for it.


The Name of the Game: Dig into Social Media

Our Facebook page and Instagram feed are chock full of post-worthy ideas, on-location inspo, and daily motivation that’ll have you stepping out in serious style. We are crazy for all our Hermoza women who offer up all the looks with radiant glamour that is just captivating! Read through comments and conversations that give you some insight on what makes these Hermozas so happy with their lives in luxurious swimwear that doubles as fashionable pieces that complement your already chic and trendy closet. Following our feeds and stories will have you at the front of the line for all our exclusive shopping events in the SoCal area and first to see all that Hermoza has in the works for our upcoming Fall line!


Knowing Me, Knowing You: Explore the Blog

Nothing’ll help you get to know us better than to wander through our blog. Some of the topics that matter the absolute most to us are all there to help you understand our vision of and mission in the swim and resort wear industry. We even give tips and tricks on topics like "how to get sand out of a bathing suit." Since last year, we’ve curated content that lets you in on the design room floor and alongside us at photo shoots to see all that Hermoza has to offer. Check out some of our fave posts:


S.O.S: Ask Questions

The best part about being a direct-to-consumer brand is our ability to speak personally with each of our Hermozas. If you have questions or concerns before, during, or after shopping with us, feel absolutely free to give us a call (760.814.2039) or drop us a line. Alternately, zoom through our FAQs that cover all the bases to ensure you’ve thought of all the things.


Money, Money, Money: Investment Worthy + Heirloom Quality

Even if you have never heard of post-consumer recycled fabrics, or have never worn luxurious imported Italian realness, Hermoza is confident you will pick up everything we are putting down. We just couldn’t even anymore with the wastefulness of fast fashion, especially in swim and resort wear. We are over it with ‘one and down’ seasonal suits that barely make it through the summer months. Our willingness to learn more about the benefits and global consciousness of the slow fashion movement brings us closer to being everything that we ever wanted in our own closets. While many of our Hermozas have expressed a knee-jerk reaction at some of our price points, we are certain you will understand and appreciate the meticulous design and construction of our one- and two-pieces that double to help you stop settling for less when you can have so much more.


Take a Chance on Me: Make a Few Choices

With free shipping on orders of $100 or more, there is no reason not to select all the swimsuits you’d like to make part of your everyday life. We suggest making selections that let you explore colors, prints, and styles that’ll meet a wide variety of your needs. Find a fit that helps you elevate your gorgeous frame and flatter your figure. Search for a style that has you collecting all the compliments on a daily. If you want to know "what bathing suit color is right for me?", take a risk on a shade that is more than the typical. Step out to select something(s) that’ll have you eager to get out of the house this Fall just to live in that beautiful swimsuit/bodysuit base layer. While Hermoza is an inclusive line that aims to meet the needs of all women, you will need to jump in the deep end of our catalog to find the right fit for you. You may even want to know things like, "how should a tankini top fit?". While each of our bathing suit pieces are designed to fit most body types, some silhouettes look better on some. Select a few trendy pieces that resonate with you. Get you a stunning floor-length mirror. Find some bomb lighting and give it a go! We know you’ll fall in love with at least one of our cute pieces.


The Winner Takes It All: Return What Doesn’t Work for You

…and with free returns always, there is no reason not to simply through everything back through the mail to us so we can give you just what you need. Drop us a line too to ensure we hear your concerns about the fit and construction of our suits. We’ve got goals to keep everything sophisticated, liberating, and feminine, so we stand behind our flattering pieces. We won’t take it personally if what we have to offer just isn’t for you. Inclusivity means we have something for everyone, not all things for all women. But we are getting there. With new extended sizes, adjustable shoulder straps, higher cuts on the leg, and better fit and support, Hermoza is where it’s at. But if it’s not for you, we get it. We like a bold and adventurous Hermoza. Let us come along with you for the ride.


Bottom line: the fear around shopping online is a thing of the past when Hermoza provides risk-free purchasing options. Let us know how it all works out for you. We can’t wait to hear all about it. #hermozawoman #hermozaswim #wellsuited

Besos, Hermoza

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