How Should Swimwear Fit?

How Should Swimwear Fit?

How Should Swimwear Fit?
Get started with this helpful guide.


We’re going to keep this simple, Hermozas – focus on your figure, the fit, then function, and finally fashion, in that order. No reason to complicate a process that already gives many of us the heebie jeebies. Wear a swimsuit that flatters your natural shape – one that allows you to move freely. Above all, seek a style that suits your intentions. No one wants to be seen in a barely there bikini if they are building sand castles with the kiddos. Shop smart. We’re here to help.

  1. Go Figure


Natural beauty is timeless and best enhanced by chic, effortless style. Our Hermozas never need to twist, tuck, or manipulate their gorgeous bodies to get into our swimsuits. With our three distinctive collections, you are sure to find swimwear that enables you to move, smooths out your shape, or gives you sculpted support if you desire.


Your swimsuit should:

  • rest snugly and comfortably, but not restrictively on your skin.
  • highlight your shape without making you uncomfortable.
  • enhance your best features without requiring you to constantly readjust.


Hermoza is not a OSFA-type of retailer. We offer a variety of swimwear styles to suit the needs of women of various sizes (extended sizes coming soon!). Understand your shape FIRST, then follow our next steps below to ensure you are showing up in style.

  1. Get Fit


We don’t mind being all hands-on deck when it comes to helping you find the best fit for your figure. Now that you know your shape is distinctive, let’s decide what sizes will help you look and feel like the knockout we know you are. There’s a reason why we all attempt to “take it back to center.” Your core/torso is the best place to start when getting grounded and for finding the swimwear that is well-suited for your body. Measure your torso appropriately, find your size, then work around your best features. Hermoza swim and resort wear is designed and meticulously constructed to offer your best fit, so consider what you like most about your body and showcase it without being provocative. Class is inherent – you shouldn’t have to make a spectacle of yourself to love your body. Dignified coverage can enhance your figure without being dowdy. Take a look at our line of one piece swimsuit and two piece swimsuits to see what we mean.

Figure out if your swimsuit is too small.

  1. What’s Your Function?


You gotta think it through, Hermozas. We like being spontaneous, but with swimwear, you should plan ahead. Consider what activities you have scheduled or would like to schedule. Be prepared to have multiple suits available for a variety of occasions that might present themselves. Consider your needs first. Do you need to move freely, without restriction? Do you need to smooth out areas in your figure to refine your shape? Do you prefer shapewear in your swimwear to give you that sculpted look? It doesn’t matter where you are living – we got you! The last thing we want for you is for you to ever feel discomfort in the skin you are in. You should rarely (if ever) have to adjust your suit, so pay attention to how much time you spend tucking it all back in or covering it all back up. If that amount of time is morethan the amount of time you are actually present and enjoying yourself, then your fit is off. Revisit our sizing guide to ensure your suit stays in place when you don’t. Our designs and styles are well-crafted to promote how fearless and strong you are (or want to be), so get yourself out there! We are huge fans of our one-pieces that are anything but basic. Our Cristina, our Genevieve, and our Adriana are all ideal for our on-the-go jetsetters as they are perfect for pairing with a sarong OR a cute pair of denims. Don’t be restricted to the surf and sun with our swimwear. Check out our IG (@the_hermoza) stories, highlights, and feed for PLENTY of styling suggestions.



…is fleeting and fickle. Stop reducing yourself to play homage to it. Trends come and go faster than you can say, “Is that a scrunchie?” From day one, Hermoza’s aesthetic has been inspired by classic, timeless fashion. That is NEVER off-trend. A true Hermoza knows what looks best on her natural figure and finds a wardrobe that is well-suited to her taste and sophistication. Her style is rarely questioned because she is poised and deliberate. No one ever shakes their head in confusion at the way a Hermoza accessorizes her OOTD. Audrey Hepburn never had to justify why she was wearing anything. Neither did Jackie O. I mean, come on! Who would even?! Bottom line: wear pieces that enhance your personality without diminishing your reputation.


Read more about Hermoza’s inspo and vision.


To sum up, fit is more than just taking measurements. If it were that simple, we wouldn’t all struggle with selecting swimwear to feel beach and resort ready, year after year. Give yourself that time and space to try on multiple sizes and styles to ensure you’ve flattered your figure with a fit that is functional and fashionable. As your BFF, we’ve got all bases covered.


Besos, Hermoza

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