How Many Swimsuits Should I Take On Vacation?

How Many Swimsuits Should I Take On Vacation?

Start planning your trip with this quick guide.


Alright, Hermozas – I’m gonna be real here: I SERIOUSLY geek out over packing. Like, I TOTALLY nerd out over THE. WHOLE. PROCESS. The compartmentalizing and organizing and coordinating brings so much joy to my little soul. I LIVE for the chance to travel somewhere not to see the sights (ridiculous) but to pack and I’m not apologizing.


Don’t get me wrong. I love building memories and all that – sharing time and space with my loved ones, networking and getting to meet new friends, but what I LONG FOR is a chance to see all the possibilities, to envision the potential, to construct in my mind all the hypothetical situations I will be in from the perspective of my OOTD. Um, still not apologizing.


Fashion has always been my gateway to the world around me. It has been my creative expression for a sense of self I have cultivated over time. I have been open to the influence of muses, past and present, and edit my wardrobe constantly to suit my values and goals. Fashion has me excited from the moment I wake up in the morning all because I have the power to build a life worth living and the opportunity to build a closet that can keep up with me.


On vacation, as much as I am researching restaurants, attractions, cafés, and entertainment, I am investigating climate, culture, and other impactful conditions of my destination to maximize the fun of my trip. I’m not “doing it for the ‘gram” here either. While it helps to be camera-ready, what I really aim for is to pack clothes that are inspiring and flattering. If I am comfortable in the skin I am in, I am game for anything and that is exactly the type of attitude I need to bring with me. Everything looks great on a confident Hermoza woman whether that’s her sophisticated swimwear, unique jewelry, or gorgeous resort wear.


So, here are our best tips for planning a trip in stunning Hermoza style:

  1. Start With Your LBS

You need a foundation that can be your solution for anything your vacay throws at you. Unexpected excursions, spontaneous getaways, on-the-whim rezzies with new friends – that’s the excitement of traveling; you get to live this amazing life where anything goes. However, we all know that certain situations, events, and activities require specific attire, not because you’re stuffy, but because you are practical. Hermozas improve the quality of the room just by walking into it. Their style is what keeps them there. You never want to be caught off guard, so pack a little black swimsuit that is as versatile, adventurous, and as polished as you are. We recommend the Luciana one piece swimsuit from our Movement Collection. Perfect for an entire day relishing the waves and rays and ideal as a bodysuit under a divine maxi skirt, the Luciana is your BFF for the win. Accessorize with your favorite unique jewelry and show off the sophisticated, confident woman that you are! Check out our other LBS faves.


  1. Invest In Heirloom-Quality

Typically, you want to pack a third as many swimsuits for the total number of days you’ll be on vacation. Giving your swimwear their obligatory beauty rest by alternating your options preserves their quality and fit. If you choose swimwear that is luxurious on the outside and powerful on the inside, you’ll feel exactly the same. We use next-generation, high-tech fabrics that work for youto contour, shape, and enhance your gorgeous physique. The last thing you want is to bring swimwear that looks like you’ll have to toss it after a few marathon days at the beach. Fabric and fit needs to hold up for the duration of your trip to offer you comfort, confidence, and protection. Considerthe best style for your figureand maximize the versatility of your swimwearand you’ll be a knock out.


  1. Get Crazy With Color

You booked your vacation to “get away from it all”. That means you should do everything you can to put yourself out there. Take risks, be bold, dare to stand out. No one wants to be a wallflower on vacation. I mean, I am all for vegging shoreside with a book, minding my own business, savoring the sound of the sumptuous surf breaking against the sand, but I want to make a statement. I am here. I am gorgeous. Get used to it. I think many of us feel like we want to avoid sticking out, so we get used to blending in. Not our Hermozas. Find your best shade by understanding the palettes that best suit you. You either have cool, neutral, or warm undertones. If you burn easily in the sun, you’re cool. If your skin tends to get darker after catching some rays, you’re warm. If it’s a little bit of both, you’re neutral. For our cool Hermozas, we recommend blues, greens, and whites. For our warm Hermozas, we suggest yellows, oranges, and reds. For our neutral Hermozas...girl, you do what you want! Wear bold textures or graphic prints– you’ll be smashing in anything! Modest Swimwear that offers a fit that is flattering and functional and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!


At the end of the day, you should pack what makes you feel your best. I err on the side of overpacking because I like having more and not needing it rather than needing it and not having enough. Especially since I am used to checking my bags (“carrying on” is for hiking), I am not worried about taking more swimsuits than I actually use. You can never be too sure how your body will feel in a new environment, so pack suits that will encourage you to move, or that smooth out your shape, or give you a bit of sculpting (especially after your impromptu tour of the nighttime food scene, my fave). Do you. We are with you.


Besos, Hermoza

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