Spring Flowers >Gloomy Showers

Spring Flowers >Gloomy Showers

Spring Flowers >Gloomy Showers


The first day of Spring has come and gone, but we are LIVING for this fabulous sunshine. Wildflowers blooming everywhere, bird singing in the trees, parks and beaches full of families enjoying time together. It has been a glorious week of refreshing air that renews our hearts and spirits.


For many of us, Spring ushers in thoughts of fertility and grace. Soft colors and muted tones that remind us that Winter and its harsh weather are far behind us. We think of Spring Break and vacations and time to unplug and unwind from the hectic day-to-day.


What better way to welcome all that Mother Nature holds for you than to grab one of our gorgeous pieces in any of our vibrant prints? Hermoza’s commitment to tasteful, timeless elegance extends to the fabrics we’ve created to represent the beauty of Spring. Whether you choose an elegant one-piece or a tasteful two-piece, Hermoza’s designs are well-crafted and well-suited to show you how to celebrate your inherent and beautiful femininity.


Inspired by our faith and the heavenly beaches that we’ve visited, our Spring prints are decadent, yet playful. Evocative of the luxurious flora and fauna surrounding our favorite resorts, Hermoza’s fabrics are ideal for elevating your expectations of what is flattering and stylish.


Our bold Flos Carmeli graphic floral print was created to highlight the eternal youthfulness of our Hermoza. This lively collaged fabric is a gorgeous balance of a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. Constructed from luxurious imported Italian nylon, the Flos Carmeli offers breathable UV protection and soft, comfortable, complete coverage. Suitable for the Hermoza who isn’t willing to sacrifice style for function, the Flos Carmeli delivers a durable, color-fast design that will always be on-trend. Exquisite in our Caroline two-piece tankini separates, our stunning Cristina and Eleanor one-piece swimsuits, and our short and long resort wear for women, this print is sure to be a topic of conversation while on vacation.


Our Sword Lily print has a captivating retro-inspired geometric design that is feminine and fun. Suitable for any woman, this vibrant and innovative fabric was created as a versatile option for any season, location, event, or activity. The flattering diagonal design complements your natural figure, enabling you to exude effortless elegance and confidence. Available in the Cecelia, Marisa, Genevieve one-piece swimsuits, our short and long sarongs, and the Tiffany two-piece tankini, our Sword Lily print was created to complement every skin tone and every body type. Distinctive in fabric that feels like a soft second skin, this print is made for movement and for UV protection.


Our Stella Maris fabric is a work of art in its own right. Gorgeous shapes in red, orange, blue, and white are offset by a hip vertical line trim. Warm tones balanced by cool shades make this one engaging and versatile print. This fabric hearkens back to a time where beauty was simple and understated while fashion was bold and vibrant. This delicate balance is gracefully offered in the Stella Maris print. Capable of transitioning from season to season, this fabric is vacation ready right out of your luggage. Constructed of a performance fabric that smooths your fabulous figure, this print really does it all. Available in the Rebecca, Josie, and the Charlotte one piece swimsuits and the long and short sarong, this print is sure to get other women asking where you bought your suit.


So, Hermoza – instead of gravitating towards those boring dark shades and shapeless suits in an attempt to hide those problems areas, why not choose a Springtime print? Showcase the joy you can find with Hermoza as we celebrate your femininity with you everywhere you go. While you are here, why not select a few pieces from Hermoza’s accessories collection? Each print is stunning with a pair of statement shades and a wide-brimmed hat. And while you’re at it, why not a set of bangle bracelets just for fun?

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Besos, Marisa and Tiffany

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