A Quick Guide to How to Wash a Swimsuit

A Quick Guide to How to Wash a Swimsuit

A Quick Guide to How to Wash a Swimsuit

Learn how to wash a swimsuit with this quick and helpful guide.


Having heirloom-quality swim and resort wear in your wardrobe is a priceless investment and is actually a lot less involved than it sounds. Hermoza’s three diverse and versatile collections offer swimwear in materials ranging from imported Italian fabrics to textiles derived from recycled post-consumer waste collected from the Mediterranean Sea. Needless to say, meticulously crafted products constructed from exquisite materials such as these do require attentive care and cleaning to sustain them for years to come.


How you care for your wardrobe can demonstrate consideration for your environmental and social impact. Before we get into spot cleaning, we should clarify how to provide typical care of your Hermoza swimsuit.


After each use:

  1. Rinse your suit in cold tap water, even if you did not swim or get in the water. This will remove any sand particles, sweat, or initial layers of sunscreen or oils that can harm the fabric of your suit.
  2. Soak your suit in cool water for thirty minutes. This provides additional removal of harmful creams and lotions that could discolor or degrade the fabric your suit over time if not washed properly.
  3. Turn your suit inside out.
  4. Place no more than a teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent in a sink of cool water. Attention during this step of the process will ensure your suit maintains its shape and durability. Consider special detergents that are designed for delicates. Additionally, if you have purchased one of our suits in black or navy blue, you might consider a detergent especially designed for darker fabrics to preserve your suit’s divine color.
  5. Gently wash by hand.
  6. Rinse well in cool water.
  7. Gently squeeze your suit, but do not wring out the water. You could also roll your suit in a towel, pressing it to remove excess water.
  8. Lay your swimsuit flat, never in direct sunlight and never use a dryer. This will ensure your suit doesn’t stretch out over time.


To Make Your Suit Last Longer:

  1. Give your swimsuit a 24-hour rest in between wearings. This is a perfect opportunity to alternate swimsuits. Maybe consider wearing your one-piece one day, then your two-piece the next day. Or, consider a suit from a different collection to get a different feel for a diverse fabric, design, or style.
  2. Sunbathe before swimming. Catching rays after swimming can damage your suit because of the chemical reactions that can occur from chlorine and suntan lotions.
  3. Do not sit directly on rough surfaces.While many of our selected fabrics are resistant to abrasion, concrete or wood surfaces can create snags in your suit. To be safe, sit on a towel or blanket to avoid the issue altogether.
  4. Do not use lint shaverson your swimsuit. The fabrics used in Hermoza’s swimwear is resistant to pilling. A shaver could unnecessarily damage to construction and surface of your suit.

We all would like to think that an afternoon at the beach with the kiddos or lounging poolside at the resort is going to be idyllic and accident-free. But, let’s be real – snacks and drinks and all kinds of messes find their way on our swim and resort wear, but that’s no reason to wrap yourself in plastic or consider spraying yourself down with Scotchgard (not a thing, by the way).


The pieces in each of our Hermoza collections are meant to be worn; they are meant to be lived in. That is why we have invested in researching and developing exclusive swimwear that meets you where you are in your life with breakthrough innovation and construction that elevates your expectations.


The swimsuits in our collections have an above average lifecycle and are more durable and resistant than an off-the-rack swimsuit from a department store. Hermoza swimwear is designed and constructed to move, breathe, and dry quickly without losing its shape, even after repeated washing and many of our suits are eco-compatible. With that being said though, we do want you to be prepared should your swimsuit come into contact with anything other than your lovely skin, the gorgeous sand, or the exquisite water.


You can rest assured that your Hermoza swimwear will last long after all other fast fashion swimsuits. When taken care of properly (like anything), it will look stunning and just as it did when created. Take the time to honor the investment you made in Hermoza.


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