White Isn’t Just For Weddings

White Isn’t Just For Weddings

White Isn’t Just For Weddings

Recently, I spoke with a friend about Spring fashion. The first thing she stated is that she can never wear anything white, because kids… and because life. Every time she sees women in striking white skinny slacks and jeans she cringes. How long until it gets stained? Is it see-through? What happens when it gets wet? So much fear surrounding my sweet friend and her space in the amazing Spring sunshine. She wasn’t even fully present just thinking and worrying about how she had settled for brighter colors and textures that were durable and functional. She admittedly loved the crisp look of a sleeveless sundress or a tailored pair of linen slacks, but absolutely refused to purchase them if only available in white.


Hermozas do not live life scared of taking risks – we are adventurous, daring, and optimistic. When and why did we ever let a single color limit our choices and lifestyles? Our wide selection of modest swimwear and resort wear for women comes in a variety of styles, shades, and prints to meet the needs and expectations of every woman. But, isn’t it time to stop living by “oh, I never…” and start existing in “yes, I would love to…”?


So many traditions and cultural expectations surround the color white. Never to a wedding so you don’t upstage the bride… Never before Memorial Day… Never after Labor Day… But times and trends are changing. Hermoza has been honored to create collections that enable women to cultivate confidence in the skin they are in. The swim and resort wear we have designed are well-constructed, heirloom-quality pieces that are strong and practical without having to sacrifice style or fit.


White is fresh and polished. It is clean and vibrant. It does not always have to be delicate or inaccessible. Our Joyce one-piece swimsuit is a beautiful vintage-inspired maillot that flatters your natural figure. As part of our Sculpt Collection, this suit is heavenly. It is well-crafted to offer extra support and coverage for women who are fuller figured or who desire to have more of an hourglass shape. Ruching and phenomenal seamed details complement your body to classically highlight your curves without being undignified or gratuitous. The low cut on the leg offers coverage without being matronly and evokes a timeless 1940s-1950s elegance. The Joyce is fully-lined with full chest and bottom coverage and removable moldable cups to assuage concerns about the shade and fit. Walking on to the beach or lounging at the resort in this piece, paired with a wide-brimmed hat and cat eye shades, you are destined to make a statement.


Our Hermozas are multifaceted and have eventful lives. The last thing on their minds should be whether or not their OOTD will make it from 9 to 5 without bearing stains or smudges. Hermoza’s fabrics are exceptional, quality imported and/or repurposed Italian fabrics. Their resistance to chemicals, oils, and lotions are second to none, enabling you to breathe, work, or play in comfort. Worn under a skirt and blazer, the Joyce is the perfect structured piece to bring the beach to the office. While white has always been reserved for the warmer, more lax vacation months, innovative styling could showcase your wardrobe’s versatility. If you are still not completely convinced, the Joyce vintage-inspired one-piece is also available in black.


The Johanna one-piece is another of our swimsuits that is as dynamic as our consumers. Its glamorous Grecian-inspired single-shoulder silhouette evokes an enduring elegance. This suit, available to pre-order in white, is divine. Its graceful neckline is flirty and playful while offering complete coverage, ensuring you can move, breathe, play, and relax in comfort and confidence. Available in two of our distinctive collections, the Johanna feels like a second skin while offering a transformative fit that flatters. Designed to highlight athletic body types, the Johanna’s style is perfect for women who require less support, but prefer a smoother, more refined figure.


Paired with a gorgeous pair of denim or tailored shorts, a light jacket, a pair of wedges, and some statement jewelry, this swimsuit is ideal for the minimalist in all of us. The suit’s brilliant transition from afternoon at the beach to dinner plans with your girlfriends is stunning and enables you to pack lighter for our more conscious travelers. Offered in fabrics that add a bit of polish, this suit is comfortable from day to evening. The Johanna one-piece is available in yellow and navy blue from our Movement Collectionand in white and our exclusive Domus Aurea floral print from our Shape Collection.


It’s time to redefine fashion trends and standards that no longer serve our values. White is a spectacular, sophisticated shade that allows us to celebrate our femininity. It is effortless and stylish – suitable and flattering for any woman. So, what do you think, Hermoza? Are you ready and willing to take risks? Let us show you how white as a classic shade can help you acknowledge your own inherent beauty and grace.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 


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