All about color

All about color

That Color Looks Great on You, Hermoza.


Part of what has made women fearful of color is that they will stand out, that they will be more visible. When did this fear arise of being vibrant and bold? Aren’t we ready to see things differently? Aren’t we ready to elevate our expectations and start celebrating our femininity? Color, when well-selected for our skin tones, can enable us to exude confidence and can bring out the best version of ourselves if we are willing to let it.


Here Comes the Sun

Yellow is a power hue. It is the color of strength and independence. It is audacious and lively and everything we know our Hermoza to be, inside and out. It resonates and is stimulating, is uplifting, cheerful, and highly visible in the very best ways. Yellow is for the Hermoza who is willing to be noticed for her inherent beauty. Paired with a smile, there is nothing stopping a woman in yellow from enjoying the finest things in life. Our stunning Johanna one-piece swimsuit is perfect for any woman willing to take a chance on herself. Part of our Movement Collection, the Johanna’s glamorous silhouette is designed to be noticed. Its stunning asymmetrical neckline is adorned with a graceful single-shoulder hoop embellishment that evokes an enduring elegance that is golden. The Johanna is now available to pre-order for the summer season.


Passion is Everything

Red is more than the color of love and energy. It is the color of action and strength. It stands for bravery and intimacy while also luck, purity, focus, and determination. When dressed in red, our Hermoza stands out in a crowd. She is pleased to be the center of attention because she knows her worth. Her value is more than her appearance, it stems from her commitment to the world around her, in her willingness to take care of others, and in her inspired sense of making things happen. Our Gayle one-piece swimsuit is everything a focused Hermoza deserves. Part of our Sculpt Collection, it is polished to elevate and accentuate. The Gayle’s timeless shape and design offers refined distinction. Developed as a versatile component of any wardrobe, the Gayle can transition effortlessly from beachwear to day or eveningwear as an accessible, yet elegant bodysuit, sure to capture the passion in every Hermoza’s life.


The Color of Romance

Pink is soft and soothing. It is the color of nurturing and unconditional love. It is sweet and sensitive and sophisticated. Isn’t that everything we desire to be when reveling in what it means to be female? Pink has become a color of strength and solidarity. It is the color of hope, optimism, and acceptance. When our Hermoza wears pink, she embraces the calmness she exudes. She is ready to relax and revels in her ability to present in her surroundings. Our Genevieve one-piece swimsuit is the ideal for our romantic Hermoza. Part of our Movement Collection, the Genevieve is the epitome of polished sophistication. Its high-neck halter is balanced by a playful single-tie accent across the hips. With a high-back, this style is well-suited to provide comfort and movement without sacrificing shape or support. The Genevieve is well-suited for the Hermoza who has fallen in love with all that life has to offer.


So, what do you think, Hermoza? What color suits you best? How do use color to celebrate and to express your beauty? Let us know in the comments section below or connect with us on social media using the hashtags #beautywellsuited #thehermoza #hermozacolors


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