A Woman Above Everything Else

A Woman Above Everything Else

The most amazing thing I ever read about Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was there was a consensus that she instantly improved the quality and atmosphere of a room just by entering it. How stunning is that? The idea that your very presence commands that level of assertive sophistication without being overbearing is astounding to me.


And yet, that is exactly what we have aimed to establish with Hermoza swim and resort wear.


Our vision boards have long been crowded with photos of who could do it all and who did it well. We see our Hermozas as women of the world who are not consumed by it. Our women are incredible and strong, and they needed to be represented by muses whose lasting legacies are smart, relatable, and dignified. With Jackie’s trademark effortless class and elegance, women everywhere were inspired to live with a greater sense of instinctive courage. She was grace under pressure defined and an extraordinary example of how a provocative personality never needs to be gratuitous or cheap. 


As a woman of distinction, her aesthetic was impeccable. She never settled or compromised as she negotiated a space for herself in a powerful world that fixated on her appearance. She established herself as a woman of substance who was convicted, competitive, and not to be pushed over. She was a woman of means who had access to all that she desired, yet her loveliness and humility kept her accessible and practical. She was curious and captivating and driven. She was observant and adaptive in a time that was rapidly changing around her and her family. 


Called “The First Lady of Fashion,” Jackie was an articulate visionary who was conscious of the connections she was able to make through an appreciation of global culture. She was eager to contribute to building her nation’s positive and endearing reputation. Her sublime palettes and her gravitation to crisp, clean lines were always the foundation of the most popular trends. Her stately presence was always governed by a posh independence that had much of the nation reeling when it came to what many believed a first lady should be and do. She was hardworking and passionate, and as such, her extraordinary beauty and majestic character forever established her as “America’s Queen.” 


Jackie was attracted to simple luxury. Her style was never audacious or vulgar and was always sensible. Her “look” quickly became the go-to fashion plate for discerning women and we believe she would have loved Hermoza. With classic options that are meticulously constructed with innovative designs, Hermoza swim and resort wear is ideal for women who are serious about setting standards and exceeding expectations. 


So, who do you love, Hermozas? Who are the muses on your vision boards who can do it all and who can do it well? Share your inspirations in the comments section below or with us on social media using #thehermoza #beautywellsuited


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Coming soon in the blog: Jackie’s and Hermoza’s shared love of all things Carolina Herrera


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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