A Quick Guide: How to Measure Your Torso for a Swimsuit

A Quick Guide: How to Measure Your Torso for a Swimsuit

I’ve adjusted my fitness regimen and, I’ll have to be honest with you, I am in love with my waistline and hips. It has become more pronounced and clearer and seeing more of it makes me feel more feminine. Visibly noticing my natural shape is exciting especially when I realize that my effort and focus have paid off. I feel strong and capable and centered. My torso has become a space of pride and presence instead of a place of discouragement and worry.


This Spring season, I celebrated once the Hermoza line was out of production. Our swimwear was exactly as I had envisioned – elevated, feminine, flattering, functional, and elegant. These swimsuits are a work of art. Our exclusive prints and designs perfectly showcase and enhance a woman’s inherent grace and beauty. They have become innovative solutions to the timeless women’s issue of getting “beach ready”.


For us, Hermoza swim and resort wear is liberating, not limiting. We have invested time and energy into creating pieces that ensure a woman’s comfort and confidence. Our collections offer heirloom-quality coverage and protection in options that are distinctive and flattering for every body type.


The important thing to know and understand when selecting a bathing suit is,

  • First, identify your body type and size. Hermoza is made for every woman to embrace her natural shape and enjoy swimwear that comfortably flatters her. Whether she’s looking for bathing suits made to accentuate her curves, suits to keep up with her active lifestyle, postpartum bathing suits, or anything in between, Hermoza has swim collections for every woman. 
  • Next, use a cloth measuring tape to effectively measure your bust, waist, and hips
  • Finally, measure your torso. Place your measuring tape at your shoulder blades, trail it between your legs, and back up to the start of your shoulder.

*All measurements should be taken in inches to secure appropriate sizing.


Linked in the description of every Hermoza swimsuit, you will find a size chart that will inform you on the appropriate sizing for the style you have selected. Make sure to read the product descriptions of each style. We often make recommendations for women who have particular body types, indicating whether they should size themselves differently. This could be due to fabric, style, or features and is usually a suggestion based on appropriate fit for coverage and protection. Once you have taken your true suit size measurements, you might consider shopping our collections based on your particular needs.


Using your torso as the pivotal point that you would like to highlight, consider:

  • Selecting a two-piece tankini might be more accessible if you are hesitant to wear a one-piece bathing suit or if you would like to stylize the prints and colors of our fabulous high-waisted bottoms.
  • Try a pattern on top and a solid on bottom to give off a playful vibe that draws attention to your upper torso.
  • Try an asymmetrical style like our Johanna that is flattering and feminine and directs the eye along a smooth and refined silhouette.
  • Lighter shades and patterns might work best for figures that are toned, while darker colors might enhance and showcase a fuller figure.
  • All our suits offer full coverage on the leg. This supports your torso in appearing longer instead of highlighting a longer leg or a shorter torso.
  • Our styles like the Sarah, the Marisa, the Genevieve, the Joyce, the Gayle, or the Charlotte that feature playful yet functional belts, ruching, textures, prints, and detailing that help elongate and highlight your torso and chest.


So, Hermoza, what do you think? Are you ready to celebrate your center? How can we help you find your perfect fit that is flattering and functional? Connect with us on social media or in the comments section below using #hermozaswim and #beautywellsuited.


 Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 


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