I wish they all could be California girls

I wish they all could be California girls

A Splendid Playlist for a California Summer

The minute I hear a Beach Boys song, I immediately think of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California. There is something so classically appealing about surrounding yourself in all the kitsch balanced by complete immersion in the stunning Pacific Ocean. Dodging seagulls, chasing people with long strings of sea kelp, watching surfers, playing frisbee and volleyball, sinking your toes in the sand while taking in the brilliant sunshine, making sand castles – Santa Cruz is ideal for unplugging from the 21stcentury.


At the beach, you get to enjoy the warm, soft sand and the bright sun. The mix of shouts and screams from the boardwalk and the music playing over the loud speakers sets the intention for fun vibes only. The sweet gooey smells of candy apples and churros mingle with the voices of the crowds and blend seamlessly with the nostalgia floating in the air. There is something for everyone there whether you find joy in lounging on the beach or exploring the caves and cliffs for the chance to see seals, sea lions, and dolphins.


Time stands still on that beach and in that city. The weather is perfect for sunbathing or playfully dodging the waves. You can indulge in a ridiculous amount of fried food from any of the restaurants and vendors on the fairway or you can venture into town to explore dynamite menus from places like Hula’s or more low-key casual icons like Pizza My Heart or Woodstock’s Pizza. There are so many options which is ideal when on vacation. The last thing you want to be forced to do on your time off is deliberate.


“Going with the flow” is very much a Santa Cruz, California-kind of vibe. There’s no need to internalize or stress. There is never any pressure to be perfect. Families, teenagers, young couples, everyone is there to ride ancient rides, bask in the terrific sunshine, and to have a fantastic meal, preferably with fresh-caught fare from the wharf. All your cares and frustrations feel like they are a complete world away when you are shoreside.


Hermoza has curated the perfect vintage California Summer playlist for you. Next time you are lounging at the beach or playing in the surf, take these songs along with you to celebrate and embrace the day while wearing your Hermoza swim and resort wear:

  • “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys – This track is absolute gem. A heartwarming nod to summer romance and to the common feelings about being nervous and being enough for your partner and the rest of the world. Its central message that all it takes to beat the odds is love and commitment is soothing and so romantic. This song makes us think of one of our favorite pieces in our Spring Collection, the Tiffany two-piece tankini. This vintage-inspired beauty is ideal for those retro feelings that lead you back to timeless elegance. With a wide-brimmed hat and over-sized sunglasses, you’d be set for long afternoons in the sand. A fully lined, full coverage piece, the Tiffany top’s boat neck and high-waisted, low fit on the leg bottoms are perfectly on trend and classically stylish. Part of our Movement Collection, the Tiffany is suitable for women who need less support and are interested in a free range of unrestricted motion while swimming, playing, or relaxing. Constructed with imported fabrics that are hyper-resistant to oils, creams, lotions, and UV rays, the Tiffany is a fitted and flattering swimsuit that feels like a second skin. Available now in navy blue or our exclusive Sword Lilly graphic print, the Tiffany is fully interchangeable with our Caroline (available now) or Halle (preorder now) separates.


  • “Venus” by Frankie Avalon – This quintessential 1950s bop will have you appreciating the goddess in you in no time. Frankie’s classic sound begs and pleads to be sent a girl he can love. It is adorable and sweet and simple. He pledges his undying commitment if his wish would only come true. How cute is that? This track totally reminds us of our Grecian-inspired one-piece, the Johanna. Perfectly suitable to highlight your divine figure, the Johanna flatters and smooths for an hourglass shape. This swimsuit is available to preorder in navy blue and yellow from our Movement Collection for women who require less support. It is also offered in white and our exclusive Domus Aurea graphic print from our Shape Collection for women who would like more shape refinement.


  • “Mystery Train” by Elvis Presley– The King’s upbeat, dynamic tone and extended guitar solos, fused with mournful lyrics almost make you forget this song is about losing and finding the love of your life. The perfect track for those old-fashioned barbeques, clam bakes, or bonfires, this is totally the record you would dance to to get right into a beachside type of mood. It’s perky and fun, exactly what the vision of our summertime Hermoza is for us. We see her in our gorgeous and exclusive Clare one-piece swimsuit. A super cool, retro-inspired design, this suit is evocative of a groovier time where the magic of summer was all-encompassing and seemed to last forever. Imagine spending an entire day and night relaxing, dancing, playing volleyball, and building sand castles in this beauty. As part of our Movement Collection, you’ll get the benefit of a classic, breathable fit that enables complete freedom of movement. Fully lined with complete, full-body coverage, the Clare’s ability to protect you from harmful UV rays offers you solid peace of mind while enjoying time in the sun.


  • “Echo of Love” by The Chordettes– This track is ideal for capturing the delicate, timeless magic of a perfect sunset. Imagine listening to perfectly blended harmonies from the gals who sang “Mr. Sandman” and snuggling close to your loved ones as you round out the end of a perfect day at the beach. The weather was perfect, you rode all the rides, won ridiculously huge prizes from the boardwalk games (shouted and screamed when you lost), ate delicious food, had refreshing drinks, and now, are starting to think of packing it all up and heading back to the hotel. But first, The Chordettes sing a sweet serenade that reminds you to take a minute, breathe, and sink into the simple and sweet moments you’ve had with your friends and family. And what about the time you have taken to celebrate your own presence and sense of self? Nothing says self-love better than confidence and comfort in the skin you are in. Many women have admitted to not enjoying time outdoors because they weren’t wearing something that made them feel beautiful. Hermoza’s swim and resort wear is well-crafted and specifically designed to inspire women to celebrate their femininity and embrace their inherent elegance. A special part of our Swim Wear Collection is the Anna one-piece swimsuit, now available for preorder in navy blue, yellow, or our exclusive graphic Domus Aurea print. The Anna is ideal for day long celebrations on the coast. Its versatility enables you to wear it as a fully-functional and practical swimsuit while also has the potential for being a flawless bodysuit under a pair of high-waisted shorts or a maxi skirt. This beautiful piece allows you to minimize the room you take up in your luggage and maximizes the time you spend making memories.


So, Hermoza, what are your favorite Summertime tracks? What are those bops that get you moving? Tell us in the comments section below or tag us in on Facebook and Instagram.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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