High-Waisted Separates? – Yes, Thank You!

High-Waisted Separates? – Yes, Thank You!

High-Waisted Separates? – Yes, Thank You!

We love changing our minds. To have options, to see all possibilities… We LIVE our best life when we can make choices to our heart’s content. Every now and then, actually all the time, we have to use our heads (which is slightly less spontaneous and fun), but on the whole, our hearts and intuition guide every decision we make. We love creating, designing, producing, and reflecting. When we have a selection of things in front of us, we get excited!


A world of alternatives is where we long to be, and yet, the traditionalist in us is screaming. We LOVE the classics. We love consistency and being able to trust what has always been available. We are also creatures of habit; we gravitate to what we know and find comfort in our ability to predict all outcomes.


When beach, Summer, and vacation season approaches, we get excited AND fearful. What is trending? Who is doing it best? What will it look like on me? We love swim and resort style because it embodies freedom, fashion, and femininity. But, at time we feel like the trends have not been serving our best interests.


At times, social media celebrates femininity in all its shapes, sizes, and styles, but often, trending tags celebrate everything that is gratuitous and not so much what is elegant or tasteful. #swimsuits can yield all kinds of content that doesn’t necessarily align with your values or standards for beauty. For women, our time resting and relaxing usually involves liberation of some kind, but it does not necessarily mean a break from taste and class that should serve our character.


The swim and resort wear industry often forces women to vacillate between fashion, function, OR fit. We are often caught searching for a suit that serves one purpose and not much else. Women need options. #highwaistedbikini yields scores of women who are looking for swimwear that is classy and feminine, not skimpy or tacky. There has never been a time where one size/style has ever fit all and we deserve to know there are designers and brands who are style and life conscious.


Hermoza is and will always be committed to designing well-crafted, heirloom-quality swimwear that offers complete, dignified, flattering coverage. The excitement for saving money on swimwear lasts a season, but a sophisticated, satisfying fit that raises your confidence and your expectations lasts forever. It should move with you and keep you stylish from afternoons at the beach to chic evening event. A Hermoza woman will never be asked to sacrifice her standards for a swimsuit that celebrates her shape.


To support and encourage Hermozas after our own hearts, we’ve designed a collection of bold two piece swimsuits that are sophisticated and versatile. These sleek, adaptable, eye-catching pieces are certain to shift your perspective on your options for this season and beyond.


The Caroline two-piece tankini swimsuit is our personal favorite. Similar to, yet distinctive from our Cristina one-piece, the Caroline offers elegant coverage that moves and breathes. Its fully-lined full-coverage top is an absolute dream for women who are looking for a separate that offers support and protection without looking matronly. The Caroline was designed to ensure you could spend all day swimming at the pool or playing on location at the beach without shifting, tucking, hoisting, or adjusting your body in a swimsuit that isn’t doing you any favors.


The Tiffany tankini bottoms complete the look and will set your heart at ease. Its high-waisted silhouette is adorned with an adjustable tie across the hips that enhances a subtle, dignified style. Perfect in one of the complementary prints or in a distinctive solid, the Tiffany is sure to be your go-to standard for every vacation and every experience.


As part of our Shape and Protect Collections, the Caroline’s and the Tiffany’s conscious, full-coverage translates to eco-friendly, performance-quality swimwear that offers durable, enhanced UPF protection. Available in navy and our exclusive Sword Lilly and Flos Carmeli prints, high-waisted separates are absolutely a thing. No more settling or sacrificing, Hermozas. The tankini is 100% here to enable your inherent confidence to ensure you live your best life wherever you are.  


 Besos, Marisa and Tiffany

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