Every Ounce of Style for a Fraction of the Price

Every Ounce of Style for a Fraction of the Price

From unique jewelry, to sunnies, hats, and more, Hermoza has you covered when elevating and complementing your chic summer wardrobe. For the woman who is ready to stand out instead of sticking out, we are here for you. You’ll have to get used to compliments and inquiries when wearing one of our pieces, so why not step it up a notch to pair your Hermoza swim and resort wear for women with any of these spectacular accessories.


I am a Sucker for Hermoza Brand Merch

Call me biased, but I am going to start with my absolute favorite hat in the ENTIRE collection: our Hermoza brand logo hat. I cannot tell you enough how cute this hat is. From the stunning emerald green color, to the adjustable band in the back, to the sophisticated stars of our logo, this hat is a knockout! It is also an absolute conversation starter. Every time I wear it, people want to know what team I support and where they can get one. Team Hermoza is a fashion forward swim and resort wear line that enables women to feel radiant in the skin they are in, and I will forever more be their biggest fan. My Hermoza brand logo hat helps me do that each day. If I can offer women the chance to see that they have options and dignified, on-trend, heirloom-quality swimwear is available, then my mission is accomplished.


Also available is our stunning Hermoza water bottle. I have left ice in this bottle after a quick evening pump at the gym and it is still solid the next morning when I am getting ready for my cycling class. The insulation is top notch and the bottle itself is ridiculously durable. While juggling my keys, my phone, and my earbuds, I have accidentally dropped my Hermoza water bottle and she still keeps on ticking without issue! The polished and refined matte white exterior are the perfect canvas for those of you who love customizable accessories as much as I do. I have found other businesses in my area owned and operated by women. To show my support, and to stand in solidarity, I buy decals from companies who are taking a like-minded, distinguished approach to offering discerning women more alternatives. From coffee shops to fitness studios, to bands and musicians, to social media influencers, my Hermoza bottle has become more than the means for keeping me hydrated, she’s my ever-present billboard for empowerment and strength. Not to mention, your reusable, insulated Hermoza water bottle helps you to remain socially and ecologically conscious while minimizing dependency on plastic water bottles.




Hermoza’s online catalog has a wonderful feature that I can’t help but love. ‘Complete the Look’ is listed under most of our swimwear as an option for viewing pieces in our Accessories Collections that will help you embody your inherent elegance. From here, you can take advantage of the quick links for exploring our picks for the most fashionable options for each modest swimwear, or you can scroll through the collection from the menu bar to find the pieces that call out most to you.


We can’t get enough of our acetate pieces that are easily a fraction of the price jewelry and department stores are charging for similar options. From classic white, to multicolored, to tortoise shell, to speckled, Hermoza’s collection of hoops are ideal for taking your swimwear from the beach to brunch in no time flat. We also have thick and thin gold and silver hoops ranging in size to meet the needs of every occasion and style.



Especially with the bold colors of our more classic one piece swimsuit, Hermoza’s cuff, beaded, u-shaped, stone accented, and multi-layered hoops will always make a statement. Perfect with a suit at the office, with your Hermoza one-piece at the resort, or with a maxi skirt and t-shirt at a backyard BBQ, these super affordable earrings are daring, dazzling, and distinctive, just like our favorite Hermozas.



Our necklaces are delicate and feminine and the perfect addition to showcase your gorgeous neckline. In a variety of lengths and embellishments, each of our necklaces are priced to support you in creating a striking layering effect. Equally fetching are our rings that are brilliant when stacked on adjacent fingers, or along the knuckles of the same finger. Our cuffs, bangles, or braided bracelets are perfect for any ensemble, especially when available in beautiful multilayers or with gold disc accents. Whether your style is more boho chic or southern belle, Hermoza’s accessories are perfect for adding a bit of glamour to your shoreside expression.


Sandals & Sunnies

Especially for our jet set Hermozas, the Riley Tkees Sandals are everything you need in a travel-ready pair of slip ons. A quick slide has you fashion ready in no time to make your afternoons in the sun or at the beach an absolute breeze. Comfortable and available in an adorable navy blue, these playful sandals have flown off our shelves and are only available in a limited quantity.


Every one of our muses from Jackie O to Carolina Herrera have made a sophisticated statement with a stunning pair of sunglasses. That’s how it is with a woman who is chic and refined – she can just exude a cool confidence that is second to none with a simple, well-chosen accessory. I am always partial to an oversized pair of sunnies on the weekend, but a classic approach might be more appropriate for that outdoor business mixer. From cat eye vintage, to round or square, Hermoza’s sunglasses offer distinctive protection that will have you gleaming in the sunshine.


So, Hermoza, what do you think? What are your favorite accessories for dressing up your swimwear or for taking your resort wear to everyday wear? Hermoza has everything you need to complete your look for every event and style. Show us how you accessorize your OOTDs on social media using #hermozaswim and #wellsuited.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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