Fashion is a Dream, But You Have to Be Realistic

Fashion is a Dream, But You Have to Be Realistic

Latin sophistication IS Carolina Herrera. Her drive, her passion, her commitment to fashion inspired us to create a brand that spoke to the needs of all women. Carolina elevated our standards and helped us develop the vision for Hermoza. An artist above all, she was conscious of the world around her and saw opportunities in all things. Her integrity and class are never sacrificed, and her keen eye enabled her to fully engage in every stage of the design process before she retired last year.


With nearly forty years in the industry, Herrera remained fearless in presenting classic elegance for the 21st-century global woman. Flattering, feminine, and functional, her collections remained relevant and celebrated for decades. A long-time favorite of our Jackie O (and every other First Lady since), Carolina’s polish was distinctive, ideal, and beautiful for every woman.


Both progressive and conservative, Carolina’s work demonstrated harmony while offering clarity for women seeking a style of their own. Holistic, meticulous, and distinguished in her approaches to constructing a line, her belief in “less is more” was the definition of effortless grace and taste. While she appreciated the right accessories, she drew the line at excess and cautioned women to dress for their bodies, not for predominant trends.


As such, Carolina and her work encouraged us at Hermoza to invest in ourselves and in the clothes we wear. Our commitment to offering heirloom-quality swim and resort wear started with designers like Carolina who maintain elevated standards for timeless elegance. With an innovative aesthetic that maximized the potential of all textures, shapes, and styles, her vision was always dramatic yet refined.  


Herrera made elegance radical as her work challenged women to think for themselves – to invest in dazzling silhouettes that were sleek and effervescent, yet practical. Her pieces were both avante garde and accessible and always the epitome of feminine power and gentle confidence. Her stunning attention to detail proved that there is never a need to force timeless elegance – it is, and always should be natural and inherent in every woman. Her crisp, tailored white button-up blouse became her trademark because it works so well for every woman. Like Coco Chanel’s little black dress, Carolina’s clean lines set out to meet the needs of women where they are so they can celebrate the bodies and skin they are in.


At Hermoza, we are grateful for icons like Carolina Herrera who have built legacieson their investment in dignified style. We aspire to create options for discerning women without asking them to settle or compromise. We know our women are active, energetic, refined, purposeful, and sensible. They deserve a wardrobe that enables them to stand out without sticking out in a crowd.


Take our two piece swimsuits, for example. Featured in our most recent Instagram post, these bold pieces enable the artist in all of us to create unlimited suit styles that are ideal for every occasion and every shape. Available in a variety of exclusive prints and vibrant colors, our Halle tankini, our tailored Grace, our polished Caroline tankini, and our classy Tiffany boatneck all offer fun, flattering options for your best day as your best self.


So, who are your icons, Hermozas? Who made those trademark pieces that have become the foundation of your Summer wardrobes? Share your inspirations in the comments section below or with us on social media using #hermozaicons #thehermoza


Read more about Hermoza’s muse, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis in our previous blog post, “A Woman Above Everything Else.”


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