How to Get Sand Out of a Bathing Suit

How to Get Sand Out of a Bathing Suit

How to Get Sand Out of a Bathing Suit


Discover the best tips and tricks to washing and removing sand from your bathing suit so you always have a clean suit!

Imagine this: you are on possibly the MOST PERFECT date of your life (even if it is low-key). He shows up on time. He smiles a lot (and it’s genuine). He holds your hand and touches your back when he lets you go through doors in front of him. Dinner is amazing (and he was willing to share with you). You walk on the beach at sunset. You take a GORGEOUS nighttime swim (for which you were ready b/c you were already wearing the Cecilia as a bodysuit). You sit on the shore and just watch the boat lights twinkle. You listen to sea lions and seagulls crooning in the distance. You feel the water gently massaging the sand in front of you.

And. Then. You. Stand. Up.

He offers his hand of course, but in that horrific moment, you realize, inside your swimsuit, you are not alone. Millions upon millions of tiny grains of sand hijack your adorable tankini two-piece and are settling down for an irritating journey between the inner lining of your swimsuit and the gorgeous skin you spent HOURS buffing, polishing, and moisturizing just for this date!

No way are you going to be able to pull off a natural, romantic saunter back to your hotel. You are going to have to do that way awkward shimmy and slide to ensure none of those little granules make it anywhere near your thighs. And when he asks you if you are alright, you are going to say, “of course” with a sweet smile just like a champ because he can’t know you are experiencing discomfort that measures 1,000 on a scale of 1 to 10.

We all know sand gets EVERYWHERE, but it should never keep you from getting that callback or scoring that second date. In life and in a world where we could all use a great deal more kindness and romance, it’s clear we need a few tips and tricks for getting rid of those aggravations that attempt to sabotage our perfect days and nights.



If Sand Gets in Your Suit:

  1. Shake off your swimwear as soon as you leave the shore.
  2. Turn it inside out and shake off again.
  3. When partially dry, repeat steps 1 and 2 as some of the granules are easier to remove if not still wet.
  4. Give your swimsuit a good rinse under cool water in the sink for about 10 minutes, turning right side out and rinsing again.
  5. Do an optional cold water wash if large amounts of sand are still visible.
  6. Lay your suit flat on a towel, out of the sun.
  7. Turn your swimsuit inside out and shake it, paying close attention to hemlines where sand can stubbornly hang on for dear life.
  8. If necessary, use a soft cloth or towel to nudge the grains of sand along (and out of your life forever)
  9. You could also turn your blow dryer on a cool, low setting to dry and send sand off in a breeze.

No one can even deal with a swimsuit that looks dirty, peppered, or flaky. We are keeping our fingers crossed for you, but if sand gets inside of your luxurious, buttery lining, we got you. While we aren’t fans of altering swimwear, some Hermozas have had luck with cutting a very small slit next to an inner, hidden seam where granules can be nudged out with a steady, but gentle stream of cool water. This is a drastic solution that we ask you to turn to only as a last resort (and with full disclosure that you might affect the fit of your swimwear if you make too large a snip).

Others have had awesome luck with small puffs of baby powder to gather and remove granules (make sure it is fully dry before contact with powder and shaken out completely before rinsing). At the end of the day, who wants to wear heirloom-quality swimwear that is adversely affected by contact with those little pearl polishers? We will try anything to ensure we all can wear those stunning one- and two-piece swimsuits that serve up stunning silhouettes, no matter the conditions.

So, what are your best tips and tricks for learning how to get sand out of a bathing suit (and your lives)? Check out our blog for more information and learn the answers to all your questions like, "how should a tankini top fit?" and "what bathing suit color is right for me?". Even if you need a guide on how to buy a swimsuit online, we got you. Join the conversation in the comments section below or on social media with #hermozawoman and #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza

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