Hermoza Direct-to-consumer swimwear brand

Hermoza Direct-to-consumer swimwear brand

Hermoza Direct-to-consumer swimwear brand

In the past few weeks, Hermoza has heard from so many women excited to finally see and experience our brand. We have seen live unboxings, looped videos featuring our beautiful logo, and even vacation packing layouts featuring our swim and resort wear!


We knew what we made for you is special, but it never occurred to us that our brand would gain so much attention so soon after the launch. To be honest, we were prepared for every possible contingency, but your feedback and comments have been overwhelmingly positive and gracious.


When starting Hermoza, we believed at our core that we were providing a service and brand to women who were ready to stop settling. We could see these women: on vacation, at the beach, on a cruise, at a resort, in the pool. One part of that vision never wavered – we knew women would look stylish, chic, and timeless in our products.


As much as we envisioned you as our muses for each design, fabric, color, and style, we could see how our company could meet you where you were. Maybe you were tired of settling for swimwear that was costly and unflattering or cheap and tasteless. Perhaps you were looking a suit that was well-crafted and provided better coverage. At the end of the day, we knew there was only one way to meet all of your needs and expectations.

We need to be a direct-to-consumer brand.


While we may pursue opportunities for our products to be present on other channels such as Amazon,  we have made a conscious decision to sell our line on our site . Our products will be available for purchase from you (not mass-markets), without any middlemen. Your purchases will carry no hidden fees or cost outside of a price we feel honors the time and investment our team has put into offering you heirloom-quality pieces.


This exclusivity enables us to manage the outlets through which we express the ideals important to us.

  • We aim to celebrate femininity. Our goal at Hermoza is to encourage and empower you to dress and live in confidence and capability. We have achieved this by creating three distinctive collections that can Shape, Sculpt or Move according to your needs and expectations.
  • We endeavor to elevate expectations. The swim and resort wear industry lacked tasteful, age-appropriate, fashionable, functional swimwear at an affordable price. We have created a line that fills this niche, and does so with quality fabrics, imported from Italy and recycled from post-consumer materials. This is innovation at its finest.
  • We strive to embody elegance. Women have long inspired us to be the best versions of ourselves. In knowing them in our families or in seeing the work they do in their respective industries, women have shown us how to live and dress with a refined consciousness. When deciding what to wear, we always knew we were polishing our senses of style as much as we were shaping our characters.

Even as a new brand, Hermoza is conscious of the history, background, heritage, and culture of its customers. We work tirelessly to ensure we are meeting your needs directly. This line matters to us because you matter to us. Our company fulfills all orders made through our site, without rerouting or second-party involvement. Our direct-to-consumer philosophy echoes the visions we had in the early stages of creating Hermoza: the elevated elegance of femininity is and should always be accessible and affordable. Let us offer that to you, directly.


What else can we bring you, Hermozas? What have you always wished you could pack or take with you on vacation? Tell us in the comments section below.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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Me encanta, me encanta y me encanta! Son unos trajes de baño preciosos, elegantes, bonitos, que empoderan verdaderamente a la mujer sin que sea un escaparate de carne…
Por fin alguien que entiende que se puede ser elegante, estar guapa, sentirte bien y comoda en bañador, sin tener que estar molesta por si se sube de aqui o se baja de allá …
La unica pega que estoy en España y resultan un poquito caros

Isabel Yagüe Ballester

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