In-Betweening with Sweater Weather

In-Betweening with Sweater Weather

In-Betweening with Sweater Weather

It’s all or it’s nothing. It’s here or it’s not. It’s that simple. I want the first days of September to usher in Fall, and pronto. I am so over triple-digit heat. Daily, I catch myself daydreaming about cute cardigans and boots quicker than you can say, “Pumpkin Spice anything.” I think with the expectation that I can’t spend all day at the beach, I need my environment to match my obligations. If there’s work to be done, I am going to dress for it without looking back. But, with Labor Day and looming three-day weekends and holidays, dressing for comfort and function is getting harder and harder. So, here’s our best tips for layering like a pro to get through that non-committal with the weather.


  1. Fall in Love with Layers

This goes without saying and it’s hardly a revolutionary idea: layers save lives. No one wants to be caught sweating up a storm due to a sudden temp shift, so skip the short sleeve and opt for a tank and button up combo. We love a good retro inspired blouse that can French tuck or tie at the hip line. Especially if you find yourself ducking in and out of traffic, then in and out of buildings, this is the best-case scenario for our Hermozas on-the-go.


  1. Give ‘Em the Cold Shoulder

There’s nothing more romantic or delicate than a simple off the shoulder number. The best news with this seasonal fave is that you can catch the breeze along your collar bone and still enjoy every length of sleeve. From a billowy peasant-style, to a fitted tunic, to a super cute maxi or mini, taking it back to classy will always have you looking super chic without limiting your options. You can take on soft linens, bold prints and patterns, a casual crop or a sophisticated LBD – baring your shoulders has never been easier or more elegant with so many styles to choose from.


  1. Wait it Out

Today I wore a cardigan to work and didn’t need it. I was hot the minute I got into the building, even in the air-conditioning. I felt a mess just trying to get fresh air circulating around me ASAP. Going full-fledged with full sleeves just feels like too much too soon right now and I can’t even. The best course of action for me (just so I can breathe) is just to keep going with my breezy blouses that saved me from the intense heat all summer. I’d rather be too cold than too warm, but we know that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Wearing my summertime OOTDs with fall-inspired statement accessories is a complete cinch when you know what works. Play up the past season’s standards by choosing warm tones that complement your skin tone.


  1. Take a Chance

Switching up your textiles will give you hope that the world and climate change aren’t out to get you. Even considering a tailored long sleeve top right now seems bonkers, but it’s totally doable if you find pieces in breathable fabrics. Linens lay lightly on your figure and are durable enough to wear through multiple seasons. And speaking of weightless, silk is a no-brainer for in-betweening seasons because it adjusts to your body temperature, making it perfect for those in the office, leaving the office, waiting in traffic, making a coffee run, then picking up your boss’s dry cleaning kind of days. Finding a short sleeve dress or tailored tank top in plaid will give you the comfort of fall fabric, while allowing you to remain free and clear in the oppressive heat. We are living in knits because of their versatility with all textures and styles and because we are all about a “fake it ‘til you make it” moment. If wearing knits helps us dream Fall into existence, then we are for it.


  1. Make a Choice

While the seasons aren’t stable, your wardrobe can be with distinctive layers, designs, accessories, and fabrics. Shop smart – gravitate to chic pieces you can find on and off the rack that speak to the level of sophistication we post-summer Hermozas must take on. Avoid cheap, fleeting trends that circle back around to decades none of us wish to repeat. Embodying elegance is all about counting on timeless fashion with a flattering fit that offers you confident comfort. Choose your outfits based on pieces that pair well with your shape and help you transfer your energies to life beyond the beach and resort. Get hyper-passionate about vibrant colors, inventive textures, and inspiring styles that motivate you to take a risk on something new (without investing in fast fashion) or (even better) to reimagine and repurpose your current closet until you can go full-on committed to Fall.


So, Hermozas, what are your pre-sweater weather combos? How are you living in the seasonal in-between? Show us your tips and tricks on social media with the hashtag #thehermoza and #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza


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