Breaking Down the Most Popular Swimsuit Designs

Breaking Down the Most Popular Swimsuit Designs

We’re sharing a guide to all the most popular new swimwear designs and style trends that had us showing up all Summer. Get shopping today!


Colors Are What Keep Us Alive

The summer season got us high key addicted to living that vibrant life. So many of our Hermozas were absolute knockouts in our one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. Picked to be as vivid as our Hermozas, our kaleidoscope of colors brought out some confident realness on all their social media feeds which gives us serious inspo for the end of summer:

  • The red could have you looking fire on the boardwalk right before a beachside movie.
  • The chartreuse could have you serving up power moves at the poolside work mixer.
  • The aqua could bring out your inner mermaid lounging poolside with a drink at the resort.
  • The pink could motivate your inner romantic to take a moonlight swim with your main squeeze.
  • The oltremare blue could have you getting adventurous on a white water rafting trip with your besties.
  • The yellow could have you mellowing out at the spa, refreshing your spirit after a busy week.
  • The basil could have you channeling the forest sprite in you as you take a hike through the mountains to take a dip in a hidden natural spring.
  • And don’t get us started on color-blocking. Who wouldn’t want to be a mod goddess in an ultra-hip pink and red combo?

We See You, World

Early on, we made it our commitment to work hard to minimize waste during the construction process. We invest in cutting out the middleman to reduce redundant shipping and processing systems. As part of the slow fashion movement, we only use quick-drying, next-generation, high-tech fabrics that have a durable four-way stretch. Our swimwear is destined from conception to last longer than any swimming suit you’ll find on the rack at a department store. And with 85% of clothes we throw away ending up in landfills, there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose swim and resort wear that is built to last, not toss. And especially when most things can be regenerated or remade into something purposeful, there is no reason to waste time, money, or energy on fast fashion that pollutes our environment. Hermoza’s here to help you be part of the solution. Our post-consumer recycled fabrics are created using repurposed and reimagined waste from the Mediterranean Sea. So, the next time you hear someone say “trash,” if you’re wearing Hermoza, you can take it as a compliment.

Check out one of our eco friendly favorites, the Cristina which is part of our Shape and Protect Collections and offers UPF 50+ protection. This gorgeous one-piece swimsuit is our take on a reimaged classic maillot. With fully lined full-coverage, we are certain even our most discerning Hermozas will fall in love.

Every Hermoza Loves A Great Print

You know that feeling when you are loving life and can’t stop smiling? Yeah, we caught that in the exclusive prints we designed in-house. Our vibrant, one-of-a-kind patterns give a trompe l’oeil effect to distract from problem areas and create a slimmer silhouette which we think is a win-win. Here are our top fave head-turning one-piece and two-piece stunners available in halter, boatneck, and classic styles.

  • The Flos Carmeli is an extra cool graphic print that is an awesome nod to pop art.
  • The Stella Maris’s awesome and eye-catching geometric design is everything you need to ensure you always show up in style.
  • The Morning Star comes in divine aqua and chartreuse that will offer up a day-long chill mood.
  • The Sword Lily gives you a gorgeous silhouette with flattering and playful sprays of color.
  • The Domus Aurea is a super cute leafy print that’ll have you bringing that resort vibe back home to and to the office.
  • The Guadalupe Sunrise’s bold palm frond graphic will take you to that tropical paradise you’ve had on your vision board all year.

Regardless of your palette or preference, we’ve got you covered with swimwear created exclusively with our bold Hermozas in mind.  


Effortless Icons

Glamour is always on trend and our muses have shown us how it’s done. We’ve always turned to women like Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, Carolina Herrera, and Audrey Hepburn to see how important dignified style is for modern women. These Hermozas found their power in simple, understated elegance that spoke for itself. Nothing was over-styled. Everything had its place. They were always just so…polished. Who isn’t here for that? Here’s our picks for keeping that fabulous classic, vintage-inspired look fabulous year-round:

  • The Grace two-piece tankini is a sculpted marvel with its structured bodice and high-waisted bottoms.
  • The Joyce one-piece swimsuit with a beautiful structure enhances a sculpted Grecian silhouette with its full-coverage and ruching detail.
  • The Halle two-piece tankini with its adorable cap shoulder and cross back bodice will have you exploring all day long while on your own Roman Holiday.


Hermoza’s timeless aesthetic will have you embracing your inner maven without being provocative.


Beauty is in the Details

We’ve got you covered this Summer when it comes to swimming suits that celebrate your femininity. Follow our feed and stories on Instagram (@thehermoza) to see the community of Hermozas open to eco friendly opportunities and living for color, prints, and their inner-big screen starlet.


Besos, Hermoza


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