One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

A One and a Two and a Ready, Set, Go! 

Using fashion to make a statement is a means of self-expression that is timeless and empowering. Long have women aimed to establish a sense of femininity and strength in a wardrobe that speaks for itself. Trademark pieces from every fashion house create identity and relatability. All too often, women who seek dignified swim and resort wear settle for matronly one-pieces that leave them feeling dowdy and unattractive. Well, ladies, sacrifice no more.  

At Hermoza, we’ve not only established exclusive styles, prints, and collections, we’ve created a brand that is distinctive in its abilities to elevate expectations and offer tasteful, conscious alternatives to unflattering fast fashion. As discerning women, we are in a place to demand swim and resort wear that helps us love the skin we are in, not hide it from the world. While lounging poolside at the club or spending an afternoon at the beach with the fam, you should feel comfortable knowing that the swimsuit you selected will be everything you need.   

The best news about Hermoza swim and resort wear is that YOU. HAVE. OPTIONS. We will never ask you to overlook your values to wear a swimsuit that is ill-fitting just so you can be on trend. With Hermoza, you will never be expected to buy another swimsuit, year after year, wasting resources on cheap construction that lacks quality and durability. Hermoza ensures you will always find swim and resort wear in our collections that meet (if not exceed) your expectations.  

Now, we have never set out to be a “one-size fits all” type of company. In our direct-to-consumer approach to the industry, we are forming lasting relationships with our Hermozas. We are learning more about what makes them tic and what kinds of lives they lead. We know our customers are bold, active, sensational, and resilient. Because of this, we have made it our goal to offer women tasteful, flattering options so they can choose how to comfortably and confidently live their best lives. 

In creating our own niche in the industry, we have found that we are adjusting the perceptions of what swimwear must be. Many people think one-pieces are only for women with athletic builds or who have small figures. Many people also believe that two pieces are always revealing or immodest or only for women under 30. Women nationwide are finding that our one-pieces are perfect for the post-partum or fuller figure. Additionally, they are perfect for the recent graduate, ready to celebrate on vacation. How can we explain this ability to meet all women where they are? The answer is simple – meticulous design. 

Hermoza has created exclusive styles and prints to enhance and uplift any woman’s inherent grace and beauty while also offering top-of-the-line UPF protection. Our company strives to be your BFF who will tell you like it is, while offering consistent strength and presence. What this translates into is a line of heirloom-quality swim and resort wear that is timelessly chic and effortlessly elegant. 

Our classic and exclusive one-pieces are ideal for the active woman or for the woman needing additional support or coverage, which essentially means, every woman. In the recent issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, our Genevieve was featured as an “eco-opportunity” suitable for discerning women. One of our favorite fully lined swimsuits, the Genevieve is constructed of recycled post-consumer materials gathered from the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a regular cut on the leg and full chest and bottom coverage. With removable cups and an attached shelf bra, this suit is perfect for an afternoon on the beach playing with the kids or worn under jeans while enjoying a gorgeous brunch with friends. An adjustable belt at the hips offers a fun, yet functional feature to cover your tummy (if concerned) or to complement the playful and exclusive Morning Star Aqua or Sword Lily prints. Available in divine aqua, navy blue, and fuchsia, the Genevieve is going to be your next favorite thing. Doesn’t hurt that you and Oprah now have something in common. 

If you still aren’t completely sold on a one-piece, we urge you to consider one of our tankini styles. Our Halle has a gorgeous off-shoulder, vintage-inspired design that will have you fully supported and fully covered like no one’s business. Available in navy blue, black, and our exclusive Domus Aurea, this suit is as versatile as it is heavenly. The top can be effectively worn as a fashionable companion to a tailored pair of linen pants or to a cute pair of cut offs or lace shorts.  

The great thing about our tankinis is that they come in a variety of choices so you can create the perfect style all on your own. Our Tiffany two-piece is available in four different colors and prints that enable you to express yourself through selection. With its playful tie at the waist, the Tiffany wears like a one-piece through its dependable full coverage and high-waisted bottoms. The classic high-neck top provides protection and an effortless elegance that is fun, yet practical. Hermoza is committed to redefining sensible options and, as such, gone are the days where a two-piece equates to a barely there bikini.  

Let’s be real – whatever suit you choose, you need to feel great in it. If your chin is up and your best accessory is your beaming smile, nothing else will matter. Hermoza is here to help you realize that the risks you take in your summer wardrobe shouldn’t reduce your commitment to your values. Your suit should fit your fashion sense and your natural figure. It should support you and should enable you to live well in the skin you are in. If your suit is restrictive or unflattering, why force yourself to pull it off year after year? Our Hermozas do not need to settle when socially conscious options are available.  

So, Hermoza, what will it take for you to step out in faith? Our MovementShapeSculpt, and Protect Collections provide options for women who are looking for more. Aren’t you ready for something new? Let go of your perceptions of swim and resort wear based on what you’ve had to wear and get ready for what you can wear. Discover our heirloom-quality, responsibly sourced swimwear now. 


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