Fabulous Teens - Future Generation of Women

Fabulous Teens - Future Generation of Women

The Future is Now

We know them. Daily, we lead, guide, nurture, and protect them. They are our sisters, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and family friends. Young women, in their teens, exploring their fashion sense with strength and creativity. They are expressive and bold. They have voices that are relevant and capable. Our Hermoza vision includes young women because we see them to be the movers and the shakers, the hard workers and the innovators. We celebrate the influence of the women in Generation Z, our 21stcentury Hermozas.


With the advent of technology and the internet, young women have been influenced by others who might challenge or validate their identities. This need for confirmation and voice has put them in precarious situations. Do they honor their family values or daringly strike out on their own? Is self-discovery always a choice of either/or?


In designing our brand, we have come to believe that trendy swimwear for young women does not always have to be gratuitous. We have shown how the timelessness and sophistication of our swim and resort wear is well-suited for women of any age, including teens! Remember my mom and I both wearing the same flattering suit?!


From vibrant prints to engaging and flattering colors, our versatile styles are age-appropriate for any woman because they provide tasteful, stylish coverage that never goes out of fashion. The young woman that inspires us is the woman just venturing out on her own. For the first time in her life, she is making her own conscious decisions that may or may not impact her future. When she has college acceptance, finals, and extra-curriculars on her mind (not to mention a social life), the last thing you think she’d be thinking about is an appropriate swimsuit, right?


For one young woman, this isn’t the case. Our sweet friend graduates from high school this June and was preparing for final exams, writing college admissions essays, and receiving scholarships notifications when she heard about Hermoza’s launch. Ever fashion-conscious and bold in her own right, she was immediately open to investigating the brand further when she heard that two female entrepreneurs sought to design a tasteful line of swimwear with appropriate, classy, coverage.


She was honest about the ideals with which she was raised and what she looks for in a swimsuit. Her expectations of finding a great fitting one-piece swimsuit whether that be a one-piece swimsuit or two-piece tankini, she is looking for something stylish that can make her look womanly, while not treating her figure like a young girl. She is a growing woman now, and wants to find a brand that can support her in her journey to finding her own voice and style without sacrificing her ideals.  


We raise them to be strong, active, and vocal so they may be self-sufficient and capable, but we don’t often realize that they need conscious, caring support as well. She needs to see her life and identity as worth the investment.


For these young women, Hermoza offers a standard of living in swim and resort wear that is heirloom-quality. From the start, young women can come to depend on a brand that is fresh, accessible, age-appropriate, and dignified. No more buying a suit appropriate for mom or auntie because it is all that will fit her body type. No more buying skimpy suits that aren't flattering. No more wasting money each year on a suit that won’t last an entire summer.


Show her the swimwear in our Movement Collection so she can live life freely, but with sophistication. Show her how our two-piece suits will offer her the beauty and distinction of separates that are stunning, not revealing. Our young women are powerful, accomplished, and enough. They are changingthe world as we speak. So, stand back. Watch her as she makes all of usproud.


So, who is that young woman in your life who deserves the class, charm, and style of Hermoza? Isn’t she worthy of beauty, well-suited? #perfectgradgift


 Besos, Marisa and Tiffany

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