Quick Dry Swimsuits

Quick Dry Swimsuits

Until a few years ago, it never occurred to me how essential a quick-dry swimsuit is to a complete wardrobe. Like many of you, I bought off-the-rack and endured whatever chafing, pinching, and bunching occurred because of cheap fabrics used in fast fashion. Most swim and resort wear you find in stores (unless designed, constructed, and noted as such) is not meant for all-day wear. It’s meant for a single activity, a single moment, a single location, a single mood – and who’s got time for that?!

Quick-dry bathing suits ensure you have a swimsuit you can depend on, day to night, rain or shine, board meeting or brunch. It doesn’t matter if you are drip-drying while soaking up some rays or cooling off after a quick sprint to catch the train, a fast-drying swimsuit is essential for your ultimate comfort and confidence in what you’ve got going on in your closet.


Hermoza has luxuriously designed swimming bodysuits that are effortlessly adaptive, in the surf and sand, or out of it. Meticulously and consciously crafted to be the heirloom-quality piece missing from all our wardrobes, our elegant and modest swimwear doubles down. Wear your fashionable one-piece as a fast-drying bathing suit or as a beautiful bodysuit under a maxi skirt. With this versatility in mind, we couldn’t afford to cut any corners.

Our novelty, ecofriendly, imported Italian fabrics are top of the line, offering sensational 4-way stretch that is second to none. Soft as a second skin so you don’t have to worry about yours, our fabrics serve up some serious coverage so you can rest easy in trans-seasonal peace of mind. Your Hermoza swimsuit from this summer will be there for you in the fall during sweater weather and again next swim season, without fail. We promise.

A dry swimsuit is the make or break of your workweek and the hit or miss on your trip to Hawaii. Why gamble with the precious time you get to invest in being out and about? We are all giving extra thought to where, how, when, and why we are safely gathering together. The last thing on your mind should be whether your swimsuit/bodysuit is going to show up for you on your trip to the sea or in your meeting with management.

Hermoza knows your swim and resort wear needs to keep up and must work as hard as you do. Selecting luxurious, well-crafted pieces to complement your already stunning closet is easier than you think with the flexibility and timelessness our collections have to offer.

Starting with a quick-dry swimsuit, then building your wardrobe out from there is a cinch with a few easy steps.

  1. Select a size that ensures day (and night) long comfort and coverage. Find your measurements and keep your shape in mind so your flattering fit stays fashionable Friday through Thursday.
  2. Search for a style that speaks your language. Are you all about that vintage vibe? Do you serve up that muted pastel mood? Can you see yourself lyin’ around in a chic animal print? No matter what pattern or style, Hermoza’s got you covered with high-neck swimsuits, high-waisted bottoms, single-shoulder one-piece swimsuits, and so much more.
  3. What’s your function? Fast-drying women’s bathing suits are meant to be lived in. Is your swimsuit up to the task? I’ve forgotten that I was even wearing my Cristina one-piece until the end of the day. Can your current swimsuit keep you safe, comfortable, and protected all day long? Phenomenal fast-drying fabrics obliterate any discomfort you might be used to in cheap swimsuits. Because who wants to deal with shifting and itching when there’s fun to be had in the sun and sand?
  4. Take care of your swimsuit by washing and cleaning it properly. A lightweight swimsuit will offer you endless options all year long if it is mindfully cared for.

Need to see how a quick-dry swimsuit features in your fabulous life? Check out some of our best-sellers that will have you elevating your expectations of what your swimsuit can do for you.

Our Katie is our best quick-dry bathing suit, IMHO because she serves up way more than you could ever imagine. Ultra-chic from our Shape Collection, you get the best of all imaginable worlds in this spectacular superhero swimsuit. The Katie is leaps and bounds ahead of any other swimsuit on the market because:

  • its shapewear in swimwear smooths your silhouette like no one’s business.
  • it’s a quick dry swimsuit.
  • the single-shoulder Latin-inspired high-contrast ruffle is classy and fun as all get out.
  • it’s a quick dry swimsuit.
  • it’s distinctive and certain to be a conversation starter.
  • did we mention, it’s a quick-dry swimsuit.

All silliness aside, the Katie sets standards and turns heads because it’s a stand out amongst so many swimsuits that just settle when it comes to design, craft, and fit. Even for Hermozas who feel they can’t pull off a one-shoulder, take our friend Katy’s word for it when she says:

“I can LIVE in the Katie for the rest of my life! I have a larger bust, so I wasn’t sure what I was in for with the single-shoulder, but the shelf bra gives me peace of mind and the full coverage is STUNNING! I am curvy and it’s hard to find a one-piece swimsuit that fits me all around, but the Katie (great name, by the way) is SO comfortable in AND out of the water.”

Our Cecilia one-piece swimsuit is an awesome option as quick-dry swimwear for women’s closets. Available from our Shape Collection and recently updated with adjustable shoulder straps, this swimsuit is a dream! This classic maillot is fully lined, giving you all the quick-dry benefits without appearing too sporty. Thoughtfully constructed from luxurious imported Italian fabric that is top shelf, you can easily lounge poolside then hop straight in a Lyft to the wharf for lunch, all because the Cecilia delivers the most fabulous fit for a fast-drying swimsuit that keeps you covered and confidently comfortable.   Coming soon in gingham (pre-order now)!

Our Marisa staple is now available in our exclusive Las Islas animal print. An absolute knockout in chartreuse, gray, and teal, this new print offers up trend-setting realness without duplication. Perfect as one of the best quick dry women’s bathing suits out there, the Marisa’s fully lined full coverage and wide straps provide the most luxurious light support for active Hermozas on the go. With a universally flattering square neckline and new classic cut bottom, this gorgeous one-piece is also great for long torsos and available in extended sizes through 18.

Our Hermoza, Nona K. calls it:

“comfortable and flattering! [A] fantastic suit! Best I’ve worn in ages. Stays put when chasing toddlers and looks good poolside.”

Having a quick-dry swimsuit is an absolute must for the Hermoza who is game for anything and the Rosanna doesn’t disappoint. Brand new from our Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, this refined one-piece swimsuit is available from our Sculpt Collection, delivering the highest level of support in shapewear directly in your swimsuit! With an ever so elegant empire waist and scoop neck, this classic style is similar to our Cecilia with its custom fit adjustable back bow tie. Where else can you get the best one-piece swimsuit that is perfect for vacation beachwear with a corseted effect that sculpts your frame with an hourglass silhouette? Done in the sun? Don a long sarong or some denim cutoffs and call it a day when this fast-drying swimsuit doubles easily as a bodysuit with the cutest cut-outs. No need to find a cabana or changing room to shuffle into streetwear when the Rosanna’s already got you comfortably covered.

Fast-drying women’s bathing suits are the best thing to hit the industry since dress and jumpsuit pockets, take our word for it. When you have the freedom to go about your day without having to pack in a beach bag filled with extra clothes and towels, you can give yourself over to truly enjoying time with your friends and family. A quick-dry swimsuit is your self-sufficient BFF who can fend for herself and doesn’t need any special considerations. You bring her along with you for the best time ever. Speaking of best ever, our Leonor is vintage meets vivacious in a graceful and glamorous one-piece swimsuit. Fully customizable as a strapless or halter, the Leonor is one fast-drying swimsuit you’ll be eager to pack. My favorite features are the wide crisscross panels on the mid-back that offer chic support without leaving you feeling restricted. And there’s more! Our eco-luxe movement fabric (reimagined from sea waste) helps you do your part to minimize your carbon footprint while feeling stylish.  

And if you prefer separates when searching for the best quick-dry bathing suit, the Tiffany two-piece is a complete dream. Made from the same fabric and offering fully lined full-coverage, the Tiffany is well-suited for the Hermoza who loves options and wants to further minimize the time spent drying off.

Consciously constructed from sensational novelty, ecofriendly, and imported Italian fabrics, Hermoza swimwear is ideal if you need a quick-drying bathing suit for your next get together, for your backyard, or for Bali in the Fall (fingers crossed). While these are our top faves for the season, each piece in our collections is well-suited for serving you up some supreme fast-drying swimsuit realness. Just pick your favorite color or print and pack it in.


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Besos, Hermoza

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