What to Wear Over a Bodysuit

What to Wear Over a Bodysuit

What to Wear Over a Bodysuit

Hermozas, I am finally out here living my best life after pushing through the most awkward summer to fall transition. California weather can be the best AND the worst of all worlds, but TBH, I am absolutely here for a bodysuit. Rethinking and reimagining my wardrobe with this 90s staple had me feeling all kinds of nostalgia, so I’ve been cautious about styling. ‘Cause seriously -- no one likes a try-hard.


Fashion should be classic and effortless. We think bodysuits are everything you need to fulfill every fashion daydream you’ve ever had. So much more divine than a basic cami and infinitely more feminine than a plain white tee, the bodysuit’s comeback is due to its versatility as a beautiful base layer. Capable of elevating any outfit, the bodysuit’ll have you embracing your cute while keeping it classy.


We know our Hermozas are beautiful inside + out, so our bodysuits must be as well. Made of three separate tiers of fabric and shapewear, your one-piece will make you glad and graceful to layer it up. For those who are sporty or who like to keep it simple, our Movement Collection offers suits that’ll have you feeling free as a bird and loving fabric that is soft as a second skin. And for those who like to smooth out their natural figures without restriction, our Shape Collection gives medium support. Our Sculpt Collection is the best of the best with maximum support in shape wear that is just out of this world.


Regardless of your choice of styling, body suits are here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier. We like to switch things up and that couldn’t be easier when you have a go to in your closet around which you can boldly explore.


Here’s our best styling choices for what to wear over your favorite bodysuit.


  1. A Kimono


A simple, sheer or silk kimono is a fun and sophisticated option for most events and activities. I can go from a work meeting, to a lunch date, to drinks with friends (after a quick trouser change) without batting a lash. Prints, florals, solids -- the sky’s the limit when rejuvenating my closet. Switching up the lengths is so much fun too. If I am headed out with the girls, I might go for a hip length with waist ties to highlight a cute pair of fitted tuxedo pants. I also love a thigh length over comfy leggings for a quick trip to the supermarket. My super fave though is a statement stunner like an ankle length duster with distressed denims and a pair of strappy heels. Nothing says sleek and svelte better than satin and stiletto. Trust.


  1. A Cardigan


I can’t help but channel my inner librarian with a stylish cardigan. I’ll even embrace grandma crossed with ski chalet chic and opt for a chunky cable knit and a beanie. Just because you want to be warm and comfy doesn’t mean you have to look like an absolute slob though. Elevate your OOTD with gorgeous heeled booties or a stellar wedge mule. Cardigan’s pair perfectly with bodysuits as they add next to no additional weight, allowing you to fully welcome the fitted feel of your one-piece. Just in case, I always have a quick cardigan fix in my car or bag (‘cause who could really survive a room that blasts the A/C?).


  1. A Sports Coat


We know you are more than one thing, so our bodysuits are exactly what you need for all those luxurious on the outside and powerful on the inside vibes. So, why not get it all out there with the dynamic duo of a sports coat + bodysuit? A well-fitted blazer will help you channel your inner boss babe while serving up all kinds of showstopping statements. Suitable for brunch with Nana, a video conference call, or a five-course meal with your main squeeze, great sports coats are worth the investment. Available in satin, plaid, tweed, leather, and velvet to mention a few, blazers are simple, yet sophisticated pieces that’ll take a bodysuit from the surf to the street, season to season in no time flat.


  1. A Jean Jacket


I still hold out hopes for making it as a rock star. There is just something in a jean jacket that makes me feel like I have made it. Or maybe it’s just the utility of having a ridiculous number of pockets that gets me all excited for denim. An epic solution for nights when your bodysuit needs another layer, a jean jacket won’t get you feeling all huffy and breathless from being out and about. From a solid shade, to a printed pattern, to a sleek dark, edgy black or blue, a jean jacket is both edgy and polished and can be both casual and glamorous. Don’t even get me started with a Sherpa or hoodie combo. [Cue star-eyed emoji].


  1. A Wrap or Maxi Skirt


Getting ready in a cinch is the real deal, especially with the holidays emerging. A body suit underneath a floor length skirt is totally going to be my favorite fashion moment of this festive season to come. I love a good maxi since its high-waist is super flattering and forgiving all at once. Imagine having that extra helping of sweet potatoes without having to forcibly push yourself away from the table. Together, bodysuits and skirts are an epic win and a seamless match that highlights an elegant silhouette without restriction.


Swimsuits turned bodysuits have given us all the reasons for loving layers. We are all about an OOTD that is carefully curated, and nothing says mindful better than a fitted, inspired canvas. Shoes, accessories, and outerwear have more than a fighting chance when a bodysuit ties it all together with class. Satisfy your search for a signature styling move with a bodysuit that can take your wardrobe to the next level. 


Besos, Hermoza

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