How to Spot Clean a Swimsuit

How to Spot Clean a Swimsuit

How to Spot Clean a Swimsuit

Learn how to spot clean a swimsuit with this quick, easy, and helpful guide.

Don’t know about you, but we live in our swim and resort wear which means our fabrics come into constant contact with the usual suspects (oils, creams, lotions, UV rays, chlorine, you name it). Most of us have taken the tried and true warm water, mild soap, and toothbrush route for removing stains in our clothes, but for heirloom-quality swimwear, this is a massive don’t! Take better care of your favorite Hermoza swim and resort wear because, LBH, no one expects your novelty or post-consumer recycled Hermoza fabrics to just get thrown in the washing machine (ick).


Get It, Girl

  1. Remove excess liquids and oils by blotting the stain with a paper towel. Don’t rub.
  2. To protect from discoloration, test 1-2 drops of mild detergent on an easily concealable section of your suit before treating an entire stain.
  3. Use a moistened paper towel and 2-3 drops of detergent to blot the stain again. If you must, lightly rub in a circular motion to work out the stain.
  4. Soak your suit in cool water for thirty minutes.
  5. Gently rinse in cool running water, paying close attention to the offensive spot.
  6. If the spot is still present, consider using a small paste made of baking soda and vinegar to repeat steps 1-5.
  7. Squeeze out your suit. Do not wring. You could also roll your suit in a towel, pressing it to remove excess water.
  8. Lay your suit flat away from direct sunlight. Do not place in a dryer.
  9. Make sure your swimsuit is completely dry before putting it away in a drawer or packing it in luggage.
  10. Give your suit at least a day to rest before wearing in the sun or water. Alternating suits ensures extended wearability and shape retention.


We’ve selected several fabrics to meet the needs of our Hermozas and to provide distinction for each of our collections. These high-tech fabrics aren’t your run-of-the-mill nylon.

Read more about our exclusive, imported Italian fabrics.


Our swimsuits from the beach double as bodysuits to the office while our sarongs become headwraps and scarves. With our wardrobe seeing this much versatile action, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to keep our fabrics fresh, vibrant, shapely, and just like new.


While we pride our choice of durable fabrics, the last thing we want our Hermozas doing is putting our swimsuits and sarongs to the test. Just because our they will last several seasons in a salty sea doesn’t mean you should wear them down to the threads or forget to take great care of them.


Bougie is Bad

I always take my best outfits to the cleaners. I want them well-laundered by someone who understands quality fabrics. And, let’s be real, it makes adulting feel sublime when someone else can help you look your best. I keep my favorites in rotation and I never fail to have a new batch ready to go out for the next week. Feeling this luxurious has its limitations though and is actually a detriment to some of the pieces in my wardrobe that are too delicate. Harsh chemicals are often used in dry cleaning, so my bathing suit never gets sent out. I always take care of it at home to ensure the fabrics aren’t over-processed. 


Keep a Lid on It

Resist the urge, Hermoza -- don’t you dare throw that gorgeous one-piece or those sensational separates into the spin cycle. While some sites and guides suggest a light setting on your machine to give your swimwear a quick rinse, the agitation alone could do your suit a disservice. Our recommendations are for hand wash only, without using chemically based spot-treatments or pre-soak solutions.


We know you are sure to encounter some real life while wearing your fantastic swimwear, so we aren’t suggesting you stand away from everything like a mannequin to avoid ice cream, wine, sand, saltwater, etc. Enjoy your time and space. Live. It. Up. Know that most anything can be corrected with simple solutions found around the house if need be. Treat the spot as quickly as you are able. The last thing on your mind should be laundry. Focus on the fun.


Do you have any special tips or tricks for removing stains? What has worked for you? Share with others in the comments section below or on social media using #thehermoza and #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza

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