Honor Those Who Create Beautiful Things

Honor Those Who Create Beautiful Things

Honor Those Who Create Beautiful Things


Around the office and design studio, we have all come to feel that Hermoza is our best girlfriend. She’s dependable and flexible and is always up for anything. None of us see Hermoza as just a swim and resort wear brand; it has become a lifestyle for us, one where we elevate expectations, where we celebrate femininity, and where we aim to embody elegance.


Working for and providing heirloom-quality products for more discerning women means we hold ourselves to higher standards to ensure our customers have faith in our vision and purpose. We set out to establish a presence in the fashion community that offers peace of mind and products that are dignified and accessible.


Based on the feedback we have received from the West Coast, East Coast, and everywhere in between, our swim and resort wear is applause-worthy, but tell us something we don’t already know! Hearing women say “FINALLY!” and “ABOUT TIME!” has been such a great achievement for us because we know women everywhere are ready for alternatives that do not require them to sacrifice fit for fashion.


The Hermoza we honor with this brand is a woman who is capable, bold, attentive, loving, active, assertive, and sophisticated. She never settles, always seeks her own opportunities, and is a woman, above everything else.  She is globally conscious, committed to her community, and continuously puts family first. Her decisions are her own and she creates a life of purpose with humility and grace.


Speaking of Grace, one of the muses who helped us start it all is Grace Kelly, also known as Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco. The Meghan Markle of our mother’s generation, Princess Grace established herself as an well-sought after actress who was every director’s dream. Stately before she ever wore a crown, this gorgeous woman was everything Hermoza strives to be: effortless, graceful, strong, intelligent, purposeful, and legendary.


The daughter of an Olympic award-winning medalist, Grace inherited the drive and focus of her father. Humble and shy, sweet and sensitive, she welcomed the simplicity of vacations on the shore with her family. They were close and it was in this time at the beach on the coast that she had the time of her life. Her sister Lizanne recalled Grace’s love for the ocean and the sea where she developed an appreciation for the freedom and space the water and sand provided.


Grace grew to be a determined, imaginative young woman dedicated to serving others and raising awareness for social causes. When she was 18, she sought the best version of herself and moved to New York to pursue a career in acting. She started working as a model so she could provide for herself without relying on others for support. It is this inspiring self-sufficiency that led Hermoza to design the swim and resort wear in its most recent collections.


Princess Grace’s captivating presence developed the minute she set foot on a runway, or later, the stage and screen. She was gentle and demure without being naïve. Her voice was musical and rhythmic and enchanting. She committed to growing and developing her craft to ensure she was taken seriously. Her discipline earned her the notice of studios and directors in Hollywood. She played opposite Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, and Cary Grant, holding her own with a fierce passion that was intuitive, authentic, and relatable.


She was a vision of femininity that combined chic elegance and tradition. She was one of America’s leading ladies until 1956 when she met and married Prince Rainier III. Her dignity and character quickly gained her the love and respect of her people. She was direct, warm, and open and quickly a treasure in her own right. She remained stylish, sincere, and composed.


How could you not desire to completely emulate a Hermoza like Princess Grace. In seeing her on our vision boards, we can’t help but imagine what she would have looked like in something from our collections. More than “just an American actress,” Grace became an icon. Her picturesque profile while wearing her Helen Rose custom gown always renders us speechless. In this piece, she is the epitome of class and sophistication. In designing swim and resort wear for women, we at Hermoza aim to create silhouettes that enhance the polish and refinement that is inherent for every woman.



We see our American Princess in something polished and refined. Take our Charlotte one-piece swimsuit, for example. Available in a cool, Oltremare Blue or our exclusive Guadalupe Sunrise or Stella Maris prints, this suit is everything we love about Grace Kelly. Just as classic and elegant, this one-piece will have you fitting right in on the French Riviera. Available from our Shape Collection, the Charlotte provides freedom of movement and a modern, feminine fit. This suit is ideal for women who like to remain active during an afternoon at the beach with the kiddos. Additionally, the Charlotte is perfect for women who desire a smoothing effect for their natural figures. With a regular cut on the legs and full chest and bottom coverage, the Charlotte is well-suited for women of distinction like Grace Kelly.


So, what do you think, Hermoza? How do you channel your inner-monarch? Which women for you demonstrate grace, strength, and humility? Join the conversation in the comments section below or on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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