“The Teaching of Kindness Is On Her Tongue”

This weekend, as we celebrated our mothers, I am sure many of the same thoughts ran through each of our minds. This woman who is capable of so much, accomplished so much, and with so little. I caught myself in utter amazement that my own mother was able to weather the storms of womanhood when times were so different. Many of our moms showed us how to create our own opportunities in a world that never gives anything away for free. They taught us the significance and value in a life well-lived. Above all, they showed us how to be resourceful and to use our voices to create change in this world.


My own mom teaches me so much about what it means to be a woman of worth. This brand and everything it stands for stems from the values she and other women in my life have instilled in me. She teaches me how to be self-sacrificing to be of service to others. I learned from her how to work hard and to have confidence; how to pray and hope, and to never worry. She shows me what it means to know my potential and to celebrate all I have achieved. I see how she lives a moral life and how important it is to her to be a good person and to honor her faith with her example. My mother helps me see that being a woman of strength and dignity is the greatest achievement I can ever earn. I know I have made her proud.


Hermoza has become a woman after our own hearts. She is the best friend you have always wanted. She is sincere and present. She is consistent and empathetic. You can always count on her to be with you through thick and thin because she, like you, knows her value and knows she is capable and strong. A Hermoza never asks for permission to embrace her femininity. She is relatable and inspiring. She is grace and refinement and a woman my mother would be proud to know.


Our company’s presence fills a long-vacant niche in the swim and resort wear industries. Women are seeing and feeling their inherent beauty in ways that make us so proud of what we do and of what we have created. Seeing how confident and comfortable they feel in our products makes us realize that our moms were right – hard work and commitment pay off. When we see them on social media or when we hear their feedback or when we see them at events in Hermoza, it is unavoidable: we fall in love with their smiles, their laughter, and their complete joy as they relax in pieces that elevate, meet, and exceed their expectations.

We aren’t being arrogant; we just can’t argue with what we are seeing Hermoza do for women because it has been such a long time coming. Women have the right and responsibility to embrace their strength and sophistication. It is time they start maintaining a life that showcases their grace and tenacity. Hermoza is grateful to be a part of their journeys.


So, here’s to moms everywhere -- our list of our top fave pieces for the women in our lives who make the world brighter and more beautiful just by being in it.

  1. The Asha long dress cover up is everything any woman could ever wish for. It is a versatile piece that helps you realize that covering up should never be about hiding anything. While the Asha is simple and delicate, it is sophisticated and polished. We see our Hermoza wearing this piece after a massage at the spa or as she is lounging or reading pool side. The cross-back tie detailing is exquisite and sweet and is the perfect flattering accessory for our stunning Cecilia one-piece. Imagine how gorgeous our Hermoza would look with a vibrant pop of aqua, fuchsia, or our exclusive vibrant Sword Lilly graphic print underneath the classic black of this cover up. The Asha is now available!
  1. Our long sarong cover ups are some of the most versatile pieces in our collection. Available in a variety of colors and exclusive prints, they possess limitless potential for stylizing within your year-round wardrobe. Tied traditionally around the waist, this sarong falls to the knee and offers comfortable, classic coverage. However (are you ready for this??), with the ends tied at the front (rather than at the hip), you can create a tailored pencil skirt style for your sarong that offers effortless transition from the beach to the shopping district. As a hair wrap, our long sarong can highlight your tousled beachy tresses, making an entire day at the shore an absolute breeze.
  1. We are loving and embracing the super fun trend of acetate hoops. Designers everywhere are taking this simple yet stylish accessory for a spin and we couldn’t be more excited. Lucky for us, as a direct-to-consumer company, we can offer you quality earrings, sunnies, hats, and sandals at a fraction of the price jewelry and department stores are charging. Our favorite pair that will genuinely go with anything is the playful retro acetate hoops that are a fun blend of blues, pink, and yellow. Well-suited to complementing a sundress in the afternoon, or a flowy blouse and tailored slacks in the evening, our Hermoza will look flirty yet classy in these gems.
  1. Our Luciana one-piece is an absolute showstopper. Our most anticipated piece coming soon in our next collection (and one of our fit model Kerry’s faves), this swimsuit is constructed to turn heads without being gratuitous. With a classic body and style, the Luciana offers up flawless, bold feminine power. Available in classic black or a strong black and white graphic print, this suit is ideal for the woman who desires a distinctive suit that is on trend. The cut out on the back and the fun straps on the shoulder and at the mid-back make this piece perfect for active women interested in enjoying a day spent at the beach or poolside. As part of our Movement Collection, the Luciana gives you peace of mind when it comes to coverage that is liberating. If you have 99 problems as a woman, your swim and resort wear shouldn’t be any of them.


Thinking of our Hermozas in these pieces gives us great hope for the future. In a world where women embrace their femininity and elevate their expectations, things that no longer serve us are easily changed and replaced. The values with which we were raised helped us see that modern taste and sophistication are best served with classic style and silhouettes. Hermoza swim and resort wear offers heirloom-quality products at affordable prices. Invest in yourself this year, lovely. You are worth it.


Thanks to the moms everywhere who show us the importance of being kind to ourselves as we navigate the ebbs and flows of our lives as women. And, sweet friend, if you are missing your mom this year, please know she would have loved to see the woman you have become. She is proud of your big heart and warm spirit. She is with you and is blessed by the life you are living.


Our moms taught us the power of a group of women who can do good in this world. We made it our mission to offer you some of that power and strength in return. We are certain our products will help you achieve the look you’ve been going for. We’d love to hear from you. What lessons have your mothers taught you? How did you become the woman you are today? Who are the influencers in your life who have impacted how you see yourself? Leave us a comment below or on social media using #thehermoza #hermozawoman #wellsuited #beautyisinthedetails


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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