The Cover Up Dress That Reveals Everything

The Cover Up Dress That Reveals Everything

The Cover Up Dress That Reveals Everything

It’s time to set the record straight: the cover up dress is not designed to help women hide anything. While every woman has an area of her body that is not her absolute fave, we would hate for you to believe (before the Summer season even starts) that you would look best if your body and shape were not at all visible. Hermoza is an inclusive brand established on the premise that women desire to embody elegance. They seek a dignified, timeless sophistication. As a swim and resort wear brand, we have sought to provide women with options, not limitations or restrictions.


Hermoza’s aim has always been to engage women in exploring and cultivating an authentic confidence that serves them in reclaiming their space and self. Our Hermozas are women of substance and we find it a tremendous honor to support them in elevating their expectations and selecting heirloom-quality pieces for their summer, resort, or office wardrobes. We have constructed distinctive, versatile pieces that complementour swim and resort wear collections. Every item is meant to be captivating on its own orpaired with other products to complete the look as the occasion requires.


The cover up dresses we have designed are classic and chic and created to enable you to love the skin you are in. Our resort wear for women supports you in maximizing and appreciating your femininity instead of searching for ways to minimize it.


For starters, take our Betty Shirt Dress Cover Up. This gorgeous option comes in black or white and makes it an absolute cinch to go from poolside to tableside dinner reservation in no time flat. With delicate ruffled sleeves, she’s billowy without looking matronly. She’s polished yet minimal without looking restrictive or too casual. Imagine throwing her on for a breezy afternoon on the shore while watching the kids play in the surf. Or, could you imagine her with a gorgeous pair of wedges and a statement necklace and bangles when meeting friends at the club for dinner and drinks? The Betty Shirt Dress is 100% rayon and is available in sizes XS/S and M/L. Part of our Resort Wear Collection and now available for pre-order.


Our pieces defy boundaries. With Hermoza, you’ll never be constrained by trends or functionality. Each of our pieces are adaptable to suit the expectations of your dynamic lifestyle. We aim to provide you with a greater sense of balance and harmony in your wardrobe. Imagine selecting only pieces that replenish and renew your spirit – pieces that revive your appreciation for your figure and transform your style with passion. Your swim and resort wear (along with every other item in your closet) should evoke feelings in you when you select them. This is where Hermoza comes in.


Our Long Sarong Cover Up is one of my favorite pieces for the fact that it is grab-and-go wearable in a multitude of different ways. Initially, most people see this piece as a covering for their lower torso, but with innovative styling, our customers have already revitalized their Spring wardrobes. Social media has been flooded with Hermozas wearing their sarongs as neck scarves, shoulder wraps, hair coverings, you name it! Available now in our gorgeous navy blue and a variety of exclusive graphic prints, our long sarong falls to the knee and provides nearly opaque coverage. The beautiful swim fabric that is nylon-blended makes your sarong quick-to-dry and simple to pack.


Our Short Sarong Cover Up is the perfect accessory for your Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter wardrobes. Again, this piece enables Hermozas to explore the endless possibilities available in styling with this piece. Also available in navy blue and our exclusive graphic prints, the short sarong adds dramatic, vibrant flair that revitalizes your swim, beach, and resort experiences. The benefits of selecting a radiant piece like the short sarong cover up are limitless. When you use it as a head band or dazzling wrap around your boring hair ties, it adds both youthful and vintage vibes to your outfit. When used as a playful and flirty neck scarf, the short sarong cover up adds a pop under a tailored button up worn with fitted trousers to the office. This piece is available now in a single size option.


So, Hermozas, are you ready to redefine what it means to wear a cover up? Refuse to limit or restrict your femininity and elevate your expectations. The items in your wardrobe should be exquisite to match the depth and beauty of your spirit. Show us how you revitalize your closets in fresh, fun ways that showcase and curate your confidence.


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Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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