Medium - Hermoza Swimwear

Medium - Hermoza Swimwear

Hermoza Swimwear

May 15, 2019 · 3 min read

Spring and summer are two of my favorite seasons because of the new life, hope, and warmth that come with it! I also love having beach days and time by the pool. I start looking around for a new suit. I always struggle to find that classic swimsuit that’s sophisticated, well-crafted and makes me feel super confident in my body. Much like finding that perfect pair of jeans or shade of lipstick, finding that perfect swimsuit has its own unique set of challenges.

This year marked the launch of Hermoza, an incredible, woman-owned swimwear company. Hermoza is a luxury, resort swimwear line that features classic swimwear, in timeless silhouettes with high-quality materials designed to meet the needs of the modern woman. Hermoza is the brainchild of Tiffany Rivers, whose husband is a quarterback in the NFL and her friend and San Diego State graduate Marisa De Lecce.

In vain the two women, each in their 30s, had sought swimwear that met their standards: chic yet not overly revealing, elegant yet durable. Something between ill-fitting, conservative bathing suits and barely-there bikinis. Based on these fruitless encounters the women set off and created this new line.

Blending Rivers’ Southern roots with De Lecce’s Latin background, the pair created a Spanish-and-Southern-inspired brand that is on a mission to provide heirloom quality construction at a reasonable price, making their suits accessible to any woman who desires elegance and function in their swimwear.

The Hermoza woman embodies an effortless luxury, she is confident in her beauty, timeless in her aesthetic, and she desires pieces that embody those values. The Hermoza woman is not afraid to be feminine or elegant. Instead, she is radiant, full of life, and full of beauty.

Hermoza is a classic Spanish and southern-inspired brand that fits feminine charm to swim and resort wear. Prints typify Latin influence with vibrant colors, bold designs, and chic, sophisticated elegance.

In reviewing Hermoza’s lookbook, studying the brand, and the samples, I was absolutely blown away by what De Lecce and Rivers have created. The beautiful prints and modest cuts had me at hello, but it was the craftsmanship of their suits and their commitment to making “supportive” swimwear that really sold me. Prioritizing both sophistication and support is of absolute importance to me in any suit I decide to purchase.

The genius of this resort swimwear line is their three fit collections: Shape, Movement, and Sculpt.

Each fit collection relies on a different type of fabrication and construction to achieve a particular fit in that suit.

The Eleanor

If you are someone who is looking for a swimsuit that provides a shapewear effect to slim and smooth, you may want to consider suits in the Shape collection. In fact, give the Eleanor a try. This is my favorite suit in the entire line, not just because of the gorgeous print and asymmetrical neckline, but the thick, shapewear-like feel of the fabric with its soft (removable cups) made me feel super supported.

The Marisa

You may want to choose a suit from their Movement line, like the Marisa, for example. Suits in the Movement collection like the Marisa are made with a luxurious, lightweight fabric that feels pretty much like a second skin. The Marisa also offers more of a sporty aesthetic: it has a boy cut leg that provides complete seat coverage, without seeming matronly.

The Genevieve

If you prefer a suit that has that same lightweight feel but in a more feminine silhouette, try the Genevieve! The Sculpt collection offers suits that accentuate your natural shape with a soft yet compressive and durable fabric. I had the pleasure of trying the Gayle in red, and its timeless shape and design reminded me of those vintage swimsuits from the fifties we all love.

The different fabrics used in each suit were so thoughtfully chosen; it showed me that Hermoza deeply understands the diversity of women’s bodies and their specific lifestyle needs. Most swimwear brands use the same fabrics across the line, relying only on different colors and patterns for variety.

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