The Shape Collection

The Shape Collection

Shape that Captivates

You’ll never always need it all. We live in a world that supports us in havingit all, but to be honest, all of itis just unnecessary. What we need, as Hermoza women is to know and feel our intrinsic value. We are women of heart, of mind, of strength, of spirit, of faith, and of humor. We are clear that our value is our own – not dictated from any source outside of our own powerful selves. If we were to live distinctive lives, unbound by the social conventions and trends that surround us, we might see everything that really matters.


Unplugging from the impact and influence of distractions, we finally see more of the world around us. We can breathe and see with a clarity that is typically missing from our daily lives. When we exist in this space of few restrictions, we can move and live with comfort and confidence.


This is the vision of Hermoza’s Shape Collection -- a captivating line of swimwear that isn’t restrictive, but still maintains and provides comfortable support. While our Sculpt Collection refines and polishes a woman’s figure and the Movement Collection offers a complete liberation akin to a second skin, the Shape Collection creates its own niche in the market.

What is so unique about Shape?

Our shaping swimwear is:

  1. Middle ground of Sculpt and Movement
  2. Compressive Fit
  3. Smooths your Curves
  4. Polished

Committed to enabling women to exude the timeless elegance and sophistication they naturally possess, the suits in the Shape Collection are thoughtfully designed and well-crafted. Easily the suit that becomes your go-to, season after season, these Hermoza suits will not only travel with you everywhere but will be suitable everywhere.


Your confidence has never been supported by such accessible fashion. At Hermoza, women are never asked to sacrifice style or comfort. The fact that both elements exist in the suits of the Shape Collection further proves that the time has arrived for making smarter, more refined choices that are well-suited to you and your life.


Go ahead, Hermoza woman. Get obsessive about our Shape Collection. We won’t judge.



Marisa and Tiffany  

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