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Sculpting & Slimming Swimwear Collection

Swimwear designed to offer support and structure that complements the natural shape of your body, these swimsuits are lustrous and soft yet compressive and durable.

Slimming Swimsuits: Flattering Fits and Clever Designs 

If the thought of heading to the beach or pool this summer fills you with dread, you’re not alone. No matter your size or shape, finding a swimsuit that makes you look and feel terrific isn’t always easy. 

The good news is that the right slimming swimwear for your body type can bring out the most flattering side of your figure. By using tricks of the trade like sculpting shapewear, a contoured smoothing fit, and chic design techniques that accentuate your strong points, you’ll get an instant confidence boost!

What are Slimming Swimsuits?  

There are a wide variety of one- or two-piece slimming bathing suits that compliment your curves by using subtle techniques to create an ultra-streamlined silhouette:

  • Flattering design. The right design can enhance your figure while drawing attention away from trouble spots with techniques like diagonal cuts or prints, ruching or ruffles, color blocking, and embellishments like belts or accent stitching. 
  • Control shapewear. Support bathing suits integrate compression panels or elasticized fabric to gently smooth the waistline and hips, creating an attractive natural outline.

The Best Women’s Slimming Swimsuits 

Find the perfect style and fit for your figure with Hermoza’s curated collection of women’s slimming bathing suits that combine on-trend styles with comfortable support and structure. Our most popular slimming swimsuits will help you put your best foot forward this summer:  

Slimming One-Piece Swimsuits

Gayle One Piece

A central ruched panel disguises your tummy while the contoured side seams accentuate your natural shape to create a pretty silhouette. The bow-tie back can be adjusted to support your bust line, and the vintage-cut bottom offers confidence-boosting coverage.

Barbara One Piece

The classic tank with a scooped neckline in the front and back is a stand-out for almost any body type. Plus, ours uses sculpting shapewear fabric to offer extra support and smooth out your midsection and hips. Contrasting shoulder bows also draw the eye up and away from your waistline to elongate your shape. 

Bridget One Piece

With a high neckline and vertical contouring seams, this one-piece goes the extra mile to add length and shape to your torso. The structured nip at the waist and pretty cap sleeves accentuate an hourglass outline, and the low back scoop highlights your silhouette from behind.

Patty One Piece

The high halter neckline with vertical ruching is an elegant attention grabber. It also balances out the proportions of a triangle-shaped body with a simple contoured bottom that includes shapewear tummy support.

Gloria One Piece

For even more eye-catching details on top, this chic design pairs a diagonal off-one-shoulder ruched neckline with an understated shapewear bottom to create balanced volume and curves.

Slimming Tankinis

Grace Tankini 

Vertical statement stitching offers corset-like support, and the striking square neckline makes this Hollywood-inspired tankini top the star. The high-waisted bottom features hidden smoothing shapewear to define the tummy and hips.

Amber One Piece

The bright color blocking between the halter-style top and black shapewear bottom creates a trim faux-tankini effect. This sporty one-piece also cleverly minimizes the tummy and hips and instead focuses attention on your upper body.   

Andriana One Piece

Another tankini “wannabe,” this sophisticated one-piece uses attention-grabbing contrasting corset seams along the torso. Simultaneously, the high-waisted shapewear bottom works overtime to smooth and control the tummy and hips.

What to Look for in Slimming Swimsuits: Style Tips for Every Body Type

For the most flattering fit and satisfying slimming effect, choose a swimsuit that is right for your unique shape. Here are the best slimming bathing suits based on different body types.

Round (Apple) Body Shapes

If you have a round midsection, the best slimming one-piece swimsuit or tankini will combine structured contouring or corset-like seams to create a nip at the waist with shapewear fabric for supportive tummy control. Design tricks include ruching along the waistline or a side-tie sash to distract attention from your trouble spot.    

Triangle (Pear) Body Shapes

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, balance out your proportions with a swimsuit that draws the eye up and creates extra volume and curves along the bust and neckline. Opt for a style with ruffled or diagonal off-the-shoulder necklines, bold color blocking, or bows or other embellishments up top paired with solid, dark colors on the bottom. 

Inverted Triangle (Carrot) Body Shapes

With your broad shoulders and generous bust outshining your narrow hips, you need extra support up top but not extra attention. Choose a bathing suit with a plain, structured top but fun embellishments down below: side ties, flounced or wrap skirts, and eye-catching bright prints are perfect. 

How to Feel Confident & Comfortable in Slimming Swimsuits

A slimming swimsuit that perfectly matches your unique body shape will accentuate your natural silhouette while providing comfortable support and structure where you need it.  This can help you look and feel your fabulous best for an entire day at the beach or a quick dip in the pool.

Finding the Right Slimming Swimsuit 

Choosing the ideal bathing suit for the slimming effect you want is easy at Hermoza! Browse our selection of shaping and contouring designs today to select the one-piece or tankini created specifically for your body type.