We've Heard You. We're Listening.

We've Heard You. We're Listening.

We’ve Heard You. We’re Listening. 


Our Hermozas mean the world to us. You’ve been on this incredible journey with the brand as we’ve thrown ourselves into a market that could serve women better. You saw our vision and jumped onboard because you were ready for something new and different.  


Being a direct-to consumer brand was our intention from the start. We want to get to know our Hermozas on a personal level. We want to connect directly with you to meet your needs and expectations. We want to ensure your happiness with our line without a middleman moderating the conversation. 


Somebody Told Us


In the past six months, we have personally spoken with every Hermoza who returned our swim and resort wear. Offering free shipping on returns always is just a beginning for us. We want to hear about your experience so we can make changes to suit your vision of what Hermoza could be for you. 


We saw your feedback as an opportunity to grow our brand, line, and business to something better and great! Our goal was to serve your best interests – to be a line of distinct, chic, practical swim and resort wear that meets you where you are so you can love the skin you are in. We’ve done that, but not for all women.  



Let’s Look At The Bright Side 


We aren’t mad though! You were open and honest with us and we couldn’t be more grateful. You showed us how to adapt and how to offer a better fit for you. That’s exactly what we hoped we’d be able to achieve with you as we got to know your stories. THANK YOU for giving us a chance to get to know you.  


Hermoza is nothing without the women who adore it (or don’t). Without seeing and hearing about who you are and where you are going, our brand doesn’t work. Our mothers (the OG Hermozas) taught us how to be humble and how to create solutions, so we honor them when we take your notes to heart to make adjustments. 



All These Things That We Have Done 

  • Your most resounding request was to have access to extended sizes. Coming in November, our swim and resort wear will be available in sizes 2 through 18!  
  • You said you wanted a higher cut on the leg, so the new line will offer choices! Our Hermozas will see options offering moderate, high, and super high cuts for fashionable, functional comfort. 
  • Our Hermozas said swimsuits in the Movement Collection had fabric that was just too thin, so we’ve gone back to the drawing board. We found material that still gives you freedom and comfort that is effortless, but in a fabric that is thicker and less clingy when wet. 
  • Some of you said our shelf bra presented issues for you and our removable cups moved too much if you used them at all. We made the most of it to bring you the best of both worlds! Our swimwear will soon have cups that are sewn into the bodice to provide you with stronger, more appealing support. 
  • You said our straps were too long. We redesigned most of our looks to include adjustable straps so you can create the polished silhouette you’re looking for. 
  • Some of you have gorgeous figures with longer torsos. Our new designs have you in mind and offer you tasteful, luxurious coverage. Our swimwear will rest exactly where its meant to be on your midsection without any discomfort.  


Change Your Mind 


When our new looks finally launch, we are certain you will be pleased. BUT, if you aren’t, we hope to hear from you. We will always be fine tuning these visions and dreams for the brand. We are always ready to take it all back to the design and construction stages to ensure we are crafting and reimagining what works and looks best on our Hermozas. It’s never beneath us or beyond us to try things differently because it’s what you’ve committed to doing with us! 



Believe Us 


Hermoza is ready to reinterpret our initial vision to be more inclusive of all needs and expectations. This new chapter for the brand is fresh, renewed, and exciting! We can’t wait for you to see and feel the difference!  


So, what do you think, Hermozas? Is there anything we are missing? When you tried our swim and resort wear, was there anything we could have done differently or better? Join the conversation in the comments section below or on social media with #hermozawomen and #wellsuited. 


Besos, Hermoza 

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Hello, I was wondering when you will have the rash guard you mentioned would be coming out in November 2019?

Thank you

Alicia Moisa-Duran

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