Breaking Down Different Types of Swimsuit Bottoms

Breaking Down Different Types of Swimsuit Bottoms

Types of Swimsuit Bottoms | The Hermoza
We're breaking down all the types of swimsuit bottoms you need to know when looking for you next suit!
Breaking Down Different Types of Swimsuit Bottoms



Hermoza is pleased to support women in finding fashionable and functional alternatives to minimize the stress and concern over packing and preparing for beach season. When determining the fit for separates that are well-suited to your shape, consider these options:


Classic Bikini

There is a reason this standard has remained present across the decades. Available as the most versatile fit for most body types, this is the style most women use as their baseline when selecting a two-piece over a one-piece style. The challenge however, becomes a matter of protection when keeping your skin covered from harmful UV rays. In addition, the classic bikini serves up a minimal silhouette that might not suit women with fuller figures or women celebrating their post-partum bodies. The goal is to feel good and comfortable, but baring it all might not be the best way to make that happen. Women appreciate support of all kinds, but a classic bikini style is more tailored to showcasing natural shape without the expectation of enhancement or refinement. Typically available in adjustable or string options, the classic bikini can be chic and flattering for women with a certain shape.


Serving Up Some Cheek

The most popular trend this season is having your derrière almost entirely visible and soaking up all the rays. Also known as a "Brazilian style/cut," women have gravitated to this type of V-shaped bottom because it is purported to make your rear look rounder and firmer. The challenge here is protecting the amount of exposed skin and ensuring everything else stays covered throughout your day. If your range of mobility is limited, if you aren't bothered by restriction and limitations, or your activities are fairly low-key, this might be a great option for you.



Not really our cup of tea, but apparently a moderate favorite of women worldwide. While it showcases all that your mama gave you, it leaves next to nothing to the imagination and puts your skin at risk for damage and imperfections. While it may seem exciting to get that full summer glow, the fact is with skincare is that you must be consistent and vigilant. Are you interested in reapplying sunscreen constantly and everywhere for the entire day just so you can enjoy the throwback 80s and 90s styles of your sexy, barely-there bikini?


Boy Short

The most practical style on the list, the boy swim shorts are really designed for a no-frills approach to swimming and soaking up the sun. While functional and accessible, this style is not entirely fashion-forward. Ideal for the active female, this style will allow you the freedom of movement to support training or performance. It is appealing for its full coverage, but the straight cut of the men's briefs style will do little to highlight the shape of your frame or help you celebrate your femininity. While this is the best style for movement and freedom, fit can become an issue as they are typically available with a loose, gaping fit that is more multipurpose than flashy.




This vintage throwback seriously has us inspired for some beach blanket bonfires. Modeled after the styles of graceful and ethereal muses like Lee Radziwill, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly, high-waisted swimsuit bottoms are the epitome of elevated fashion. Cut and styled to highlight the natural silhouette of the female form, the high-waisted bottom offers full coverage without restriction. It is ideal for women of every age and is well-suited for most occasions and almost every activity. 



Flexible as a beach to brunch option, the high-waisted separate pairs well with a maxi skirt, denim cut offs, or a pair of jeans to make packing for a day out a complete cinch. Available in a low or high cut on the legs, this style is perfect for women of every body type as it highlights a woman's natural shape without placing undue pressure on her having the perfect beach body or an unrealistic celebrity shape.



Hermoza's modest tankinis and two-piece swimsuits can help you elevate your expectations of swim and resort wear and can help you love the skin you are in. Our Grace two-piece offers the structure and support of our Sculpt Collection without limiting or restricting your movement. Available in a fully lined suit that offers full coverage without making you appear matronly, this swimsuit is tailored to suit the jet set fashionista who is ready to make a statement. Compressive, with a shelf built-in bra for additional support, the Grace is also perfect as a complement to your casual or evening wardrobes under a light blazer or denim jacket. Finally, we are here for dynamic women’s swimwear that serves up all the looks without requiring you to bare it all. 



Our Halle high-waisted bikini bottom is an Hermoza exclusive. Fully lined, offered with full coverage, and available from our Shape Collection (in black and our exclusive Domus Aurea print), the Halle is a marvel to behold. Compressive enough to smooth without limiting or restricting you from having all the fun in all the moments, the Halle is ideal for the Hermoza who is ready to step out and to stand out. Accented with a fun and flirty adjustable belt, this separate is versatile and dynamic and will support you in stylizing it to your heart's content. For those of you have a trim or active frame, this swimsuit is also available in navy blue from our Movement Collection which enables you indulge in a luxurious fabric that feels like a second skin without unnecessary support or structure.


Bottom line, Hermozas, explore every type of swimwear bottom to determine which style is best-suited for your body type. Nothing says class like dignified coverage and a chic fit. Trends come and go, but sophistication is timeless. Women of every walk of life search for distinction and respectability. Fleeting, fast fashion will never get them there. The bottom line is that you need to feel fabulous in the style of swimwear you choose to spotlight your gorgeous frame. Make your selection based on your values and your shape instead of following trends. Consider the activities you aim to enjoy while in your suit. Will your selection limit or hinder you while you attempt to enjoy your time out and about? Hermoza's goal is to make swim and resort wear that aids you in feeling free and having fun. Your swimsuit should as well.



Again, Hermozas, take a look at "all the types." Your swim and resort wear should flatter your figure, not distract or detract. And just because a style comes in your size, does not mean it is suitable or complementary for your shape. Our belief is that high-waisted or full coverage separates offer the best balance for discerning women who are seeking flattering swimwear to serve their best interests of fashionable fit and protection. We have designed several high-waisted separates to ensure you will spend more time making memories than checking the placement of your seams or adjusting your coverage. Let us know what helped you make the right choice for you this season. Join the conversation on social media using #thehermoza and #wellsuited.


Read more about our Caroline and Tiffany high-waisted separates here.


Besos, Hermoza 

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I’m so happy I found you! I’m not in the market for a swimsuit just yet, but I’m already looking because I’ve always had such a hard time finding a suit that actually covered my buttcheeks. I don’t mind showing some cleavage or belly, but I don’t think that I should be required to show my butt in order to swim. Finding an appropriate suit has become even more difficult after having three children, because now I need additional bust support. Thank you so much for making suits that allow me to be as covered as I want to be. I can’t wait to try one!


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