Mom Fashion: A Complete Style Guide

Mom Fashion: A Complete Style Guide

It’s not news that being a mom is a full-time job, but what takes many mothers by surprise is how little time they have for their appearance in between dealing with all the demands that come with being a parent.

Looking good is often kicked off the priority list by activities like feeding time, and comfort and durability become the number one shopping criteria. This is why the “mom look” gets a bad reputation for being associated with dull, casual outfits. But mom style doesn’t have to be drab. You can still be stylish in outfits that suit your lifestyle and feel good. With that in mind, we’ve put together some style help for moms.

What is Mom Fashion

In a perfect world, every mom would be able to dress up in fancy clothes every day. Unfortunately, wearing all-white or short dresses is just not practical for someone with a baby. Mom fashion has its advantages: stretchy waistbands and high-rider jeans are extremely comfortable to wear, while tops that can handle harsh stain removal save one a lot of money.

Breastfeeding and running after toddlers are some of the things moms think about when shopping. Thus, loose clothing, solid colors, and wash-and-wear take up most of the wardrobe. Luckily, some mom style 2020 trends like mom jeans are now a fashion statement worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of these fashion trends. 

Latest Fashion Trends for Mom

Some of the more popular mom outfits 2020 trends are: 

Lounge Wear 

Just like athleisure, loungewear allows you to stay comfortable while still being in style. Loungewear includes layering of sweaters and sweatshirts, which can look frumpy if not done right. Well-fitting, bright pastel colors and edgy features like off-shoulder tops make a big difference. 

Mom Jeans

These high waisted, straight leg, relaxed fitting jeans are essential to any mother’s denim department. A slang term for high-waisted women’s jeans that were originally fashionable in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mom Jeans come in a “now” cut that is both comfortable and chic. 

Joggers and Wide Leg Pants

Whether you’re feeling the tailored look or like the palazzo style, wide leg pants are great for creating classy mom outfits. On the other hand, you can take your streetwear style up a notch in joggers with details like belt-loops, extra pockets, and playful prints. 

Moto Jacket

A moto jacket is a fashion staple that never goes out of style. It’s the perfect outerwear piece because it can be worn over almost anything and make the outfit look fashionable. Toss one over a dress, loungewear, or a basic tee, and your mom clothes style is elevated. 


Ankle boots and booties are one of the most versatile items for mommy styles. From casual, lace-up booties to edgy leather styles, they are a great way to add a bit of fabulous to any pair of jeans, leggings, or dress.

Basics Every Mom’s Wardrobe Should Have 

These essentials help you build different styles and incorporate 2020 trends for mom outfits for each season. 

A Pair of Great Fitting Jeans

You can take on the world with the perfect pair of jeans. High-waisted jeans are in, and luckily, they are one of the most flattering styles. You also can never go wrong with a pair of dark wash jeans. 

Tees and Tanks

There’s no better item for layering than the basic tee or tank. Relaxed-style t-shirts are not only trendy, but they are also perfect for breastfeeding moms. 

A Well-Fitting Jacket

A structured blazer transforms almost any outfit to smart casual, while a biker jacket offers a fun juxtaposition of casual and edgy to your outfits. If you want something more versatile, consider the classic denim jacket or a neutral-colored trench.

A Versatile Dress

Every woman needs at least one dress that she feels amazing in. Choose a style that can be worn to events, date nights, or any other occasion you may find yourself needing to look chic and feel confident for. 

Black Leggings

Leggings can be worn with tunics, long sweaters, oversized blouses—the list goes on! Dressed up or down, a pair of black leggings in a quality material is likely to be your favorite everyday item. 

Trendy Flats

Ballet flats never go out of style, and every mom should have at least one go-to pair. Opt for nude colors for their versatility, or go for a print like leopard to jazz up your outfit.

WFH Looks For Mom

The Sweater Dress

Comfortable and chic, a skater sweater dress will give you head to toe comfort without resorting to a sweatsuit.

The Mom Jeans + Block Color Shirt 

This mom uniform is the most classic and functional of all outfits. The trick is to find the right pair of jeans that you can be comfortable and confident wearing all day. Paired with a basic colored tee (stick to darker colors to avoid stains), this outfit gives you some 90s-inspired vintage style.

Wide Legs Pants and a Cute Tee

Mix and match structured and casual for a laid-back yet put-together look. Wide leg pants are simple but elegant and make the perfect neutral platform to explore with different cuts, colors, and patterns of shirts you love.


A drapey cardigan can be worn over all your favorite tees and leggings, or layered over a cami and dark denim for a dressier but endlessly comfy outfit. 

Best Clothing Stores for Moms 

All the style tips in the world are useless if you don’t know where to find the pieces you need for your ideal wardrobe. Not to mention that moms hardly have any time to browse the store racks properly, or scroll through the endless options when online shopping. Because these stores stock great mom fashion options, it’s easy to find items that complement the comfy but chic look you’re going for.

  1. H&M carries the latest trends alongside closet staples. It’s a great store for basics and super cute items that are great for mom-life and looking stylish. 
  2. Nordstrom is the perfect place to find those wardrobe basics that are timeless and well-made for moms.
  3. Modcloth carries multiple styles of dresses, from casual to classy and dressy. 
  4. Target offers great looks at a great price, perfect for every mom who is on a budget. 
  5. Hermoza offers moms the option to be stylish yet functional during those family holidays.

Look Good Always 

Hopefully, this guide on how to dress like a mom who is stylish yet comfortable gives you the motivation to look good and feel good always. If you're shopping for the perfect swimsuit to compliment your mom style, look no further. Browse Hermoza’s catalog to find the perfect post baby bathing suit or slimming swimsuits today.
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