How Long Does A Swimsuit Last?

How Long Does A Swimsuit Last?

When it comes to being covered from sunrise to sunset, you need swim and resort wear that is well-suited for your style, your shape, and your life. We’re breaking down everything you need to know to ensure your closet stays stocked with the best the swim and resort wear industry has to offer.


  • With attentive care, you should be able to wear your swimsuit for multiple swim seasons. You can feel the difference between quality textiles and cheap, synthetic blends, so explore your options. The adage, “You get what you pay for” is especially accurate when it comes to swimsuits.
  • Your swimsuit should be free of snags and the fabric should not stretch beyond its intended shape (causing the fabric to warp or look see-through).
  • The elastic and shapewear of your bathing suit should be where it was designed to be and should still keep you well-supported. Quality lining (included in every Hermoza bathing suit) will ensure appealing, appropriate coverage every time.
  •  Some fabrics that are chlorine-resistant will also make your swimsuit last longer, allowing you to wear the bathing suit in the pool much longer than one with regular fabric.



  • Your swimsuit should enhance your natural shape and should make maintaining confidence an effortless process. Even if your shape has changed, your style doesn’t have to. Hermoza is inspired by timeless sophistication. Everything from our fabric to our designs, to the colors we choose are selected to help women embrace their femininity. This never goes out of fashion. Ever.
  • If you are only interested in keeping up with this summer’s trends, that’s how long your swimsuit will last. Unfortunately, fast fashion is a bigger issue than many people realize. Most off-the-rack brands construct their pieces using inexpensive fabrics that aren’t designed to last beyond a single season which means last year’s swimsuit will end up in the landfill (because no one wants hand-me-down swimwear). None of us want to invest in part time, temporary, right now fashion. We can hardly expect anything from companies that invest next to nothing in quality, durable, timeless sophistication.




Determining the shelf life of swimsuits is a tricky business especially when you might be used to settling. Most women buy off the rack year in and year out because they want to highlight features that might be better polished after seasons of training or might be addressing new areas of concern after several months postpartum.

  • Whether you are an active woman used to competing, a devoted mom always on the move, or a motivated female living her best boss life, you should always feel comfortable skipping the stress of replacing swimsuits in your wardrobe that don't serve you. The bathing suit you wear should support your needs over a long period of time. 
  • Every swimsuit in Hermoza’s three distinctive collections gives you the best fit for every occasion. They are luxurious on the outside and powerful on the inside, helping you live your best life every day. The most perfect gift you can give yourself is the benefit of well-suited fashion. Use our fit guides for choosing the best bathing suit for your shape to ensure it becomes the tried and true piece in your wardrobe that has you jumping for joy to hit the beach.
  • Hermoza utilizes three distinctive collections to meet the needs of women who might need more movement, sculpting or shaping swimwear. When your life changes, Hermoza will be there for you with a different style, fit, print, or color to meet you where you are.


Let’s be real– if you choose Hermoza, there is little confusion as to when to replace your bathing suit – just saying. Heirloom-quality construction, timeless designs, meticulously selected Italian imported novelty and ecofriendly fabrics – what more could you ask for in your wardrobe year in and year out? Stop reverting to buying a new swimsuit every year and invest in a bathing suit that supports your needs for a long time.



So, hermozas, do you have any go-to standards in your swim and resort wear wardrobe? What pieces can you count on time and again? Join the conversation in the comments section below or on social media using #thehermoza #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza

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