Comfortable Swimsuits

Comfortable Swimsuits

It’s hard not to be full of yourself when you’re feeling it. That’s how I’ve felt in Hermoza the past few years. I have off-the-rack swimsuits that I wear in a pinch, but I spend so much of my time tucking, pulling, adjusting, and resituating two-piece separates that are my size, but don’t do much for my shape. With Hermoza swimwear, I forget I am wearing a bathing suit and just feel outright comfortable. Seriously, I spend afternoons to evenings wearing the same one-piece that is equal parts unique swimsuit and distinctive wardrobe staple.

And that’s exactly what we hoped for when we started the brand. We were tired of searching for modest swimwear that was still flattering and functional. It baffled us that we couldn’t find what we were looking for at an affordable price and that was also age-appropriate. We didn’t want to bear it all, but we didn’t want to be seen in dated swimwear that unnecessarily aged us. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine being as fortunate as we have been. Our swimsuits and resort wear for women have confirmed for us that there’s power in the details, that it is possible to have a bright future reinventing what isn’t working for us.

Our comfortable swimsuits are a glorious infusion of all the features of body shaping bathing suits without being oppressively restrictive. During the design and construction processes, we awakened to the distinctive possibilities in consciously sourced imported Italian fabrics. It’s our favorite part of working together with our women-owned and lead team – the things that matter most to us, matter most to the majority of the Hermozas involved in the 60+ hours we invest in making each swimsuit. Inspiring each other to cultivate collections that offer the renewed freedom of technologically and scientifically improved textiles helps us remain better informed of the cutting edges of the fashion industry. And so we’ve made thoughtfully crafted swim and resort wear the story of our lives so we can better meet your needs and expectations.

When we started Hermoza, we were ready for more and different and we knew you were too. It’s no secret that comfort is one of our top priorities because we do not believe you should sacrifice anything to maintain confidence in your first-choice swimwear. You have extraordinary standards and that should extend to the comfortable bathing suits you choose to fill your closets and line your luggage. Wanting sleek, smooth, luxurious swimwear is a common thread amongst all our Hermozas because we live to celebrate our femininity when and as often as we can. Being an iconic Hermoza is more than just wearing heirloom-quality pieces, it’s about the renewed and refined spirit we are privileged to cultivate in each other.

Owning the most comfortable swimwear starts with knowing what works (and doesn’t) for you. If your initial thought is to hide your skin or shape, we should talk, unless you are protecting your skin, which is totally different. The most gratifying highlight of our work is to show women how to exteriorize and elevate their authentic selves. Your alluring optimism is what draws the world to you, so why not curate a personal summer style that speaks for itself? Comfy bathing suits can be transformative and our vision for our newest collection is that you’ll find decadent and luminous swimsuits and resort wear that put your mind at ease while also speaking to your passionate and powerful poise (in and out of the water).

This revelation resonates with us because we spent years hoping that comfortable one-piece swimsuits could highlight and enhance our love for the skin we are in. With our fresh and modern takes on vintage styles, we kept all the opulent trends favorited by those fearless females from the silver screen. By opting for designs that were equally tantalizing and timeless, our line has become reflective of the class and delicacy of a vibrant Hermoza who knows she is enough. That’s you – a vibrant Hermoza who maintains her stellar icon status, empowering other Hermozas to embrace classic silhouettes that speak to the strength of your stories, both online and IRL.

Take this ‘Gram-worthy one-piece swimsuit. Our Genevieve is one of our most comfortable swimsuits because it was originally conceived with you in mind. With coverage that contours, this high-neck swimsuit is paradise for the Hermoza is more interested in flattening the curve than flattening her tummy. It’s breathtaking yet has that grounded vibe you can count on to rest lightly on your skin for a divine fit that is just heavenly. The style relies on thoughtful construction, features, and embellishments that let you breathe and enhances your natural frame instead of squeezing it into places it doesn’t need to go. Our Hermozas are considerate and present and deserve to wear comfortable swimsuits like the Genevieve that serve up those vacation vibes while happy at home. Additionally, it’s been loved by Oprah for being a style opp you don’t want to miss out on.

Say hello to your new post-Summer uniform with the Leonor, another of our comfortable bathing suits that doubles down easily as a sensational strapless bodysuit (optional halter included). Reimagined in our exclusive Las Islas global print, the Leonor is a stunning option for the Hermoza who is interested in being supremely supported and able to maintain all her magical moves. With a playful, but completely functional crisscross feature on the midback, the Leonor serves up contentment with a chic fit and a luxurious hand feel.


You aren’t the only Hermoza on our minds in the design studio. Our Katie is one of our comfortable one-piece swimsuits that twins well with our brand new Little Kate from our Hermoza Littles Collection. Because every mini you needs comfortable bathing suit bottoms that let her run, jump, play, and dance in style, our Little Kate is designed and constructed from the same processes as our Kate one-piece swimsuit for women. There’s no skimping on style or spirit where your little is concerned!


While we are all for taking swimwear design and construction to the next level, we know comfortable swimsuits start with your truth and maximizing it in quality pieces that are well-suited for your frame. Comfortable bathing suits help you make your personal style your platform. When you find your dream swimsuit, you’ll be the first person to start influencing others to see what they’ve been missing by relying on off-the-rack bargains that barely last the season. Sure, they are perfect for right now, but who wants to wear unreliable fast fashion?

The most comfortable swimwear enables you to feel the pivotal mobility and faith in transseasonal transcendence. Seriously, we can’t wait for you to say that spending all day and most of the evening in one of our pieces has changed your life because it has all of ours. I mean, you should’ve seen the looks and heard the compliments we got when we started wearing our slimming swimsuits as swimming bodysuits. Being relatable and creative is about taking chances and owning them and we know that Hermoza works because you’ve jumped on board with us. And so, we’ve stopped settling for anything less than comfy bathing suits because we know we can and should do better.


Besos, Hermoza

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