Swimsuit Material

Swimsuit Material

Since we came on the swimsuit and resort wear scene, our goal has been to help women redefine their expectations, and that includes swimsuit material – what it is, what it can do, and how it makes you feel.  The best fabric for swimwear is the fabric that meets you where you are and helps you love the skin you are in. There is no single, OSFA swimwear material that is the best material for bathing suits because you are as unique as your wardrobe. What works for one Hermoza might work for you, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to.

Hermoza knows you love an alternative and choice is everything when it comes to doing what works for you. The best swimsuit material is the fabric that can keep up with you, no matter the activity or occasion. Effortless and chic, your iconic status is best supported by the best swimsuit material that offers you heirloom-quality construction and complete coverage and protection.

And it all comes down to the fabric. We’ve spent countless hours to ensure our swimsuit material remains the cornerstone of our design and construction processes. with our Hermozas in mind. You and your lifestyle are our inspiration. From lazy Sundays next to the pool to a day hike in the mountains, to an outdoor dine-in for the first time in months, we’ve got you covered!


What Are Swimsuits Made Of?

Your swimwear can be neoprene, polyester, nylon, or spandex and the results will be similar – you’ll have a durable, sun and oil resistant, UV protective, quick-drying, stretchable swimsuit. The difference in all your options boils down to who you are, what you need, and how you feel. So, even if you are wondering, "what are bathing suits made of?" you've got the answers, but it's more than that, isn't it?

Your swimsuit material needs to be that dependable BFF you can always turn to, season after season. And we've found that a carefully, mindfully, meticulously conceived idea can mean everything to you if you've been searching for swimwear you can be happy wearing. 

For us, we found the greatest joy in our blended eco nylon because it feels like a stellar second skin, it’s a cinch to hand wash and spot clean, and its life wear is lengthened by its abilities to breathe and stretch. Whether you need UV swimwear for performance and competition or slimming swimsuits for lounging and lazing about, your swimsuit material should show up and keep up with you and your life.  

We want your vacation packing to be easier. We’d like to help you minimize your investment in fast fashion. We hope our collections help you reexamine and reimagine how your closet can show up for you. All of this is made possible when you investigate swimwear material – how it’s sourced, the length of its life wear, and the impact it makes on your comfort and confidence. When you’re taking the time to make an investment in you, it’s worth the extra care and attention.


Can You Swim in Polyester?

Polyester for swimming is a no-brainer for many reasons. It’s strong and dependable, so it holds color and is resistant to chlorine. It dries quickly and offers solid UV protection. It stretches and cleans easily, making it the go-to for women everywhere for the past several decades.

The issue with polyester is that it is hardly luxurious. It takes time to break in and often lacks the comfortability that other fabrics provide. The best material for bathing suits is a textile that quickly absorbs moisture, stretches comfortably, is resistant to chlorine and can endure hours of sun exposure. Our first-choice fabric that checks all the boxes is super luxe, incredibly chic, and perfectly paired with conscious construction to give you the bathing suit of your dreams.


Best Fabric for Swimwear

Nylon is an absolute game-changer when it comes to being the best swimsuit material. It gives us the technology and capacity to be innovative and original in our concept and design processes. Being part of the slow fashion industry, nylon enables us to make conscious decisions during the construction stages so you can rest easy knowing your swimwear material was thoughtfully and sustainably sourced. Econylon is more than just reimagined and repurposed waste – it is a promise to our planet to think differently, to be more responsible, and to take more informed approaches to make purchases and choices.

When combined with spandex, nylon levels up to be just another piece of cloth hanging in your closet. The best fabric for swimwear should help you stay effortlessly chic while also keeping you covered and protected. Nylon and spandex are the dynamic duo behind the fabulous shapewear within our swimsuits. Having the benefit of four-way stretch in heirloom-quality imported Italian fabric, you’ll realize how much of a concession your off-the-rack, department store pieces have been for you.

Our nylon/spandex blend is the best swimsuit material because it is equal parts flattering and functional, inspiring you to find a phenomenal fit that is well-suited for you. This textile is ideal for active Hermozas or for the Hermoza who could use some rest. Even if you’ve heard that polyester is good for swimming, a nylon/spandex blend will maintain all-day comfort so you can live, breathe, and play confidently.


Head over to our stories and feeds on IG and Facebook to see what our Hermozas are saying about our new Santa Marta Collection that includes swim and resort wear for women made to shape, sculpt, smooth, and protect your fabulous figure. And just in time to round out the season, Hermoza Littles will keep your mini-me looking super sweet in lovely looks made from swimsuit material just like yours!

Besos, Hermoza

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