Bathing Suits that Cover Thighs

Bathing Suits that Cover Thighs

We have a few bathing suits that cover thighs if that is really what you are looking for, but can we talk first?

I think you and I are on the same page when it comes to feeling a certain type of way about bodies in general. They take work, they are picky and sometimes sensitive and always like to be the center of attention. But, isn’t that okay? Don’t we stand a strong, beautiful Hermoza who appreciates the skin she’s in?



Hermoza has never been invested in teaching women to hide themselves. Searching for dignified coverage from modest swimwear and protecting yourself from harmful rays in UV swimwear is not the same as wearing layers because you aren’t comfortable or confident being outdoors.



Our collections are full of options that might work if you are looking for slimming swimsuits to hide your tummy and thighs, but that’s not all they were designed to achieve. Our swimsuits and resort wear are a celebration of timeless elegance. We are not interested in shaming women for their size or shape. We are entirely committed to highlighting and enhancing a woman’s iconic style. What that looks like for her is her choice, but we are showing up daily to ensure she has alternatives in case she is ready for something fresh, forward, flattering, and fashionable.

'Swimsuits for big thighs' give the impression that you either have to bear it all or cover it up to be beautiful. We spend 60+ hours on each suit to find the delicate balance between the two to enable you to embrace a classier silhouette that elevates your standards for thigh covering swimwear.

As a direct-to-consumer company, we have been fortunate enough to speak with our Hermozas who have wanted more from our brand. Last season, we were excited to share with you all the adjustments we’ve made to our collections, one of which was a higher cut on the leg. This feature reduces the boxy effect of the classic cut, making sure legs aren’t restricted from any activity or movement. Instead of wearing swimsuits that cover thighs, why not give them some fresh air and sun? We could all use a lot of both right now.



If you are looking for the best swimsuits for big thighs, you teeter dangerously close to embracing the misconception that the rest of your body doesn’t have a say or isn’t showing up to your fitting. We all might feel sensitive to showing or sizing for certain parts of our bodies but understanding how swimwear fabrics work for you will minimize some of the stress.

The swimsuits in our collections are designed and constructed with ultra-luxe imported Italian fabrics that have the most decadent 4-way stretch. With stunning full coverage, you get the best of all worlds – your silhouette stays smooth, your swimsuit stays in place, and your comfort and confidence go through the roof.



I think what I am saying is that companies who purport to design and construct thigh-minimizing swimsuits aren’t seeing you they way we see you. Our collections are centered around your iconic lifestyles, your needs and expectations as mothers, daughters, aunties, wives, or boss Hermozas with places to go and people to see. We design swimwear that helps you redefine what a one-piece swimsuit looks like in your life, regardless of how it used to be worn.

You are more than the sum of your parts and are certainly more valuable than how society perceives one part of you. Stop searching for “bathing suits for big thighs” because you are so much more than that to us. Let us show you.




You might be so focused on finding bathing suits that cover thighs that you forget to highlight the features you have that bring you joy. What about your strong shoulders, your graceful neckline, your small bust, your large bust, your thick waist, your lean torso? What about all the features your beautiful body possesses that should be celebrated with a sophisticated wardrobe that serves you season after season? Don’t get so hung up on stuffing yourself into a corner that makes you small. You were born radiant, Hermoza. Let that light shine!


Best Swimsuits for Big Thighs (Just kidding – they’re perfect on everyone)



My favorite one-piece swimsuit for any Hermoza is our Katie. She’s the playful yet refined friend who is game for anything. Her effortless elegance puts you immediately at ease and welcomes you to practice self-love with a second skin sculpt that’s the stuff dreams are made of. This swimsuit is so completely stunning, I have worn it under sweatpants and still got compliments. The whole ensemble set standards for the rest of the summer, TBH, so I’ll likely only ever wear it this way again. And so will my friends.



The Katie is a breathtaking single-shoulder one-piece swimsuit that serves up some serious Latin-inspired style. It will change the way you see a single-strap feature as its heirloom-quality construction ensures full coverage that stays in place. And with comfortable shapewear and a shelf bra built right in, you are certain to feel secure and satisfied with swimwear designed to fit and flatter your whole body, not just to hide your thighs. This swimsuit is available in classic black + white, gorgeous tangerine + aqua, or in our brand-new green papaya, or our exclusive Las Palmas print.



Cutest thing ever – our Little Kate is now available from our Hermoza Littles Collection so you can go Mommy + Me or twinsies with that special little cutie in your life. Imagine how good that will feel to know she feels beautiful when she celebrates her femininity, just like you. Practicing body positivity together is really what it’s all about.

We love an active, strong Hermoza. A girl who signs up and shows up for every challenge, who takes life by the reigns and rules supreme. Internalizing issues and compartmentalizing your features serves literally no one. Focusing more on your health and wellness, maintaining a supportive community who wants to see you meet your goals, and committing to living with a healthy self-image enables you to stop searching for thigh minimizing swimsuits to hide your body. When you put it all into perspective, it seems as if there are more meaningful priorities you could set for yourself that supports and nurtures your body, mind, and spirit all at once.



Speaking of spirit, our Cecilia is ideal for Hermozas who are here for thigh minimizing swimwear but stay for this fit and youthful silhouette. With a fully functional, but totally flattering adjustable bow at the mid-back, this classic maillot style with a built-in shelf bra is timelessly well-suited to any body type. Keep things simple to make the most of your natural figure without restricting yourself with unreasonable beauty standards. The Cecilia loves your shape as it is, with a soft as silk hand feel that is just smooth and polished. This one-piece swimsuit is available in our 1-year anniversary La Rumba print, and in navy blue, fuchsia, yellow, black, and in our exclusive Morning Star, Sword Lily, Las Palmas, and Bardot Stripe prints.



But, wait! There’s more! Our best-seller is sold out in many colors and prints, and for good reason! Loved by Oprah and designed with a side-sweeping tie belt, our Genevieve is a long, lean high-necked halter swimsuit that offers soft and subtle support for some serious statuesque realness.



Universally flattering for its crisp, clean lines, this gorgeous one-piece bathing suit is doubly impressive as a swimming bodysuit that swiftly styles from the beach to bistro in seconds flat. This one-piece swimsuit is available in navy blue, aqua, Morning Star, green papaya, Las Palmas, fuchsia, and in black as well as in sizes 2 to 18.


Still Looking for ‘Swimsuits for Cellulite Thighs’?

We know shifting your self-perception is complicated, especially if you only see your body as a source of problems and challenges you must overcome. The body positivity movement has long aimed to support women in seeing themselves accurately, even separating from judgments based on their physical forms. If you rely on an industry to tell you what to wear because of a conflict your body is presenting, imagine what you’ll be influenced to purchase.



If you are interested in searching for more than just “bathing suits that cover thighs,” you might see yourself as the absolute icon we know you to be. Don’t just take our word for it. Read what other Hermozas have said on social media with #thehermoza, #hermozaswim, and #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza



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