Are One-piece Bathing Suits in Style? | The Hermoza

Are One-piece Bathing Suits in Style? | The Hermoza

Are One-piece Bathing Suits in Style? | The Hermoza
Are one-piece bathing suits in style?
We're breaking down all the reasons we love to rock a one-piece. 
Are One-piece Bathing Suits in Style? Spoiler Alert, Yes!

I'll be the first person to admit that I used to have zero faith in the fashionability of a one-piece. I felt they were only what "women of a certain age" wore and I had no intention of fast-tracking my aging process. I wholeheartedly believe in timeless elegance and I do not subscribe to every trend, but I wasn't sure how much my experience has confirmed that one-piece suits could actually be in style.


We've told you Hermoza's origin story before, about how disappointed we were that stylish, functional, well-crafted swimwear was not more affordable and accessible -- about how we created Hermoza women’s swimwear to support women in selecting flattering pieces for their year-round wardrobes that were effortlessly versatile and heirloom-quality. It never occurred to us how much creating the change we desperately wanted to see in the industry would also shift our perspectives on fast-fashion swimsuit trends that were creating harmful perceptions of beauty for our customers. 


Jumping in the deep end of this industry meant that we had to be brave and bold enough to stand firm in the belief that women were ready for alternatives to cheap, skimpy swimwear that did nothing to serve their character. We wanted to make dignified coverage available to women of all walks of life -- mothers, daughters, wives, sisters -- strong women who are confident and capable to make their own decisions without settling and making sacrifices for fit and function. 



Once we dipped into the design and development process, it became clear our vision was going to help us make a cannonball-type leap into having to make so many other choices. Our search and plan for dignified coverage became concerned with the best fabrics and styles to suit our intentions. We couldn't just say we would offer full-coverage with a side of sleek chicness -- we would have to deliver. The minute we experienced the Italian novelty fabric in our Movement Collection, we knew we were on to something. This material feels like a second skin as it lays without restriction on your frame. Delicate, silky, and divine, you will be shocked and amazed that this is also fabric that offers the luxury of UPF 50+.


Some of our favorites in our Movement Collection are proof that one-piece swimsuits are in style indeed. Modern, yet vintage-inspired, our Marisa is everything you need to rock a one-piece with confidence. Created with prints and styles exclusive to Hermoza, the Marisa is ideal for the woman who is ready for something different. So much more than a standard one-piece, the Marisa is made with wider shoulder straps to showcase a classic and flattering silhouette. This suit has become one of our favorites because it is a dynamic addition to any wardrobe. Our fun and flirty Sword Lily print is vibrant and perfect for the Hermoza who is ready celebrate is style. Created to transition easily as a stunning bodysuit under a pair of tailored shorts, the Marisa is a knockout in striped black & white, red, black, and white. Fully lined with full coverage all around, the Marisa serves up an excellent balance in this fresh take on a refined classic.


For many Hermozas who aren't interested in wearing a swimsuit one-piece, fear over seeming dowdy dictates their gravitation to barely there swimwear. With our women’s bathing suits, we can offer a fabulous fit that sacrifices nothing, never requiring you to settle. Meticulously crafted, our one-pieces stay put on your body without causing you to constantly reposition while enjoying time out and about. Our Anna one-piece swimsuit is the perfect reason for redefining your taste in swimwear. Another gorgeous adaptation on a classic style and adorned with hoop accents on the shoulders and a captivating low back, this well-crafted suit enhances, supports, and flatters a woman’s natural shape. It's clean lines and polished, Grecian-inspired style offer Hermozas everywhere flawless coverage without restriction. One of the best reasons for loving this suit is the selection and versatility we are fortunate enough to offer. While our Movement Collection is graceful and elegant, our Shape Collection is ideal for women who need a bit more support to smooth out their shape. We knew our Anna would be a hit and we are pleased to make it available in yellow and blue in Movement as well as in a lovely basil green and in our exclusive Domus Aurea floral print from the Shape Collection. 


We still get excited to explore #thehermoza on Instagram where we get to see all of our gorgeous Hermozas living their best lives in our one-piece swimsuits. We are here for a sublime woman who knows how to style a suit that enhances her best features. And while they are beautiful in our two-piece bikinis as well, our Hermozas know how to rock a one-piece. Some of our favorite one-piece combos include denim cutoffs, a graceful sarong, or with a classic wide-brimmed sun hat and some oversized sunnies. 


Hermoza makes it easy to believe in the future of dignified coverage. When our collections support you in building confidence in the skin you are in, and when you can select fit, function, AND fashion with comfort, anything is possible. So, Hermoza, to answer your question -- YES, one-pieces are in fashion for our lovely ladies who are searching for swimwear that is unique, inspired, and elegant. Show us your one-piece swimwear love on social media using #thehermoza #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza 

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